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Chapter 1455 is very strong, very big, I like it!

Sleeping Beauty was a very special existence. Every time she woke up, she would have to deal with something.

The reason he woke up this time was because …

She could smell the faint aura of a divine spark.

Semi-G.o.d Monster!

Only, she woke up a little slowly. When she said those words, it covered the sky and the sun, an incomparably huge demon beast body suddenly stood up, and stared blankly at Long Fei who was like an ant on the ground.

His eyes were filled with disdain.

At the same time.

It was still in a berserk state, and the aura emitted from its entire body was even more intense, as if it wanted to pinch Long Fei until he exploded.


Long Fei looked up and his body involuntarily trembled.

Not afraid!

He was excited!

Long Fei muttered: “How big the f * ck is this demon beast?

“So excited.”

The demon beast’s body was like a mountain, its appearance was like a giant Buddha, all of its fur were like needles, and its aura was extremely wild, making it hard to approach.

If Long Fei did not have the Asura body and the Yang G.o.d’s Authentic Artifact’s power aura, he would not be able to withstand the pressure from this beast king question of G.o.d.

In an instant.

Long Fei thought crazily, “I have to think of a way to kill it.”

“Explode it?”

The sleeping beauty was stunned for a moment before she said lightly, “I feel like you are not blowing it up, but running away.”

Long Fei said: “Escape? Why, aren’t you omnipotent? You just have to come out and take it out. Why do you have to run away? “

The Sleeping Beauty did not speak.

Long Fei said: “What method do you have, hurry up and say it, I can’t wait.”

He really wanted to instantly say that he had overturned the beast king question of G.o.d in front of him. The feeling of it staring at him like that was extremely unpleasant.

The Sleeping Beauty said, “Master, I said it already.”

Long Fei asked: What method did you say? How come I didn’t know? “

The Sleeping Beauty said, “Run!”


Long Fei was shocked, and said: “This is your way?”

The Sleeping Beauty said: “That’s right, if you don’t run now, you won’t have a chance to run. You can’t even take on the Semi-G.o.d Monster, as for me who can do anything … Hehehehe… I’m not a match for them either! “

Long Fei:…

He wanted the Sleeping Beauty to explode once more, but she …


“When a woman reaches a critical moment, she becomes unreliable.”

“Escape?” Long Fei coldly snorted, “This is not my, Long Fei’s, style!”

And then …

With a move of the Holy Source in his mind, the Heaven Decimating Sword began to burn. With a step forward, he leapt into the air at an incredible speed and roared, “Escaping? I, Long Fei, do not have this word in my dictionary! “

The sword chopped down.


A crisp sound rang out.

It wasn’t loud, like the sound of a soap bubble bursting.

The Heaven Decimating Sword in Long Fei’s hands, combined with the Light Speed Sword, was extremely powerful. However, when it struck the body of a beast king question of G.o.d …

Even the defensive air s.h.i.+eld on his body could not break it.

In other words.

Before even touching the hairs on his body, it was already blocked by the air s.h.i.+eld formed from a strong invisible force. And in just that slight moment, Long Fei’s attack was completely crushed, the attack was just like a fart.

The demon beast was so strong that it made people’s hair stand.

Long Fei looked extremely confused, and muttered: “Little sister, where are you escaping to?”

They weren’t even on the same level.

It couldn’t be shaken at all!

It was too difficult!

When the sword slashed down, although it was not Long Fei’s strongest point of strength, even if it was his strongest point of strength, it would still not be able to break through his defense.

The sleeping beauty quipped, “Didn’t you not mention the word ‘escape’ in your dictionary?”

Long Fei:…

The Sleeping Beauty said, “Flee deeper into the forest. This fellow still has half of his rage left. During this period of time, you have no chance at all. You must avoid him.”

“So that’s how it is!”

“Like I said, you, an all-powerful girl, must have an idea.” Long Fei heaved a sigh of relief.

The Sleeping Beauty said, “Because you just wasted half a minute and you attacked it, it became even angrier. Now … … “Now…”

“It’s going to attack! It’s going to attack! Quickly, quickly, quickly run!”

As he spoke, it was as if he was also running away from Long Fei’s s.p.a.ce Ring.

The air suddenly twitched.

The air seemed to explode and dissipate.

The beast king question of G.o.d extended both of its arms into the air, hugging and furious!

Then, it chopped down heavily.

Just two arms alone was a kilometer long, how big was this gigantic beast’s body?




Layers after layers of s.p.a.ce was destroyed, heavily smas.h.i.+ng at Long Fei, releasing all of his strength, as if Long Fei was his arch enemy.

“Holy sh * t!”

“Is there a need for this?”

Long Fei’s gaze tensed up, seeing the black ma.s.s of a heavenly meteor falling from the sky, Long Fei’s chrysanthemum tightened, and without caring about anything else, she ran out of the room like a madman.

“Too strong. Too strong.” Too powerful.

“I like it, hahaha …”

Long Fei ran and was excited at the same time.


When the beast king question of G.o.d attack landed, the entire mountain range trembled like a huge earthquake. The mountain landslide and the earth split open as countless of demon beast crawled on the ground from the shock, not daring to even move an inch.


And because of this, it gave those disciples a chance to take the exam.


“It’s not moving! Seize the chance, everyone attack!”

… ….

“Hahaha… “A good chance.”

“This vibration came at just the right time.”

“Don’t worry about it too much, let’s finish off this beast question of G.o.d first.”

… ….

Outside the Secret World.

Secret World’s mouth trembled and twisted, as if he could not take it anymore.

Zhao Kong’s eyes flashed as he laughed coldly, “It’s starting, hahaha … The SemiG.o.d beast king question of G.o.d is about to attack. “

“Kid, let’s see where you can run to this time.”

Secret World was dead.

It was not particularly large.


As long as you do not have the beast question of G.o.d’s skull mark, you will not be able to open the Secret World’s exit, and can only wait for death inside.

This move…

Vicious and ruthless!

Zhao Kong was extremely pleased in his heart, “Semi-G.o.d Monster, even the Second Elder, that kind of super powerhouse, is not his match. He’s a giant beast that the tower question of G.o.d nurtured for three thousand years, it’s your honor to die by its hands, hahaha …”

“Long Fei, the situation must be very intense.”

“The gigantic beast will definitely rip you apart, right?”

“This scene really makes one excited.”

All sorts of scenes appeared in Zhao Kong’s mind, all of them depicting how Long Fei’s body had been torn apart by the beast king question of G.o.d.

Recalling the promise Cai Tiannan gave him, the smile on Zhao Kong’s face became even more pleased and excited, “Tomorrow, my position will be promoted another level.”

“Hahaha …”

… ….

At this moment.

Inside the Secret World.

“Can you slow down a bit?”

“Brother, brother, big brother, give me a chance.”

Long Fei continued to run wildly!


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