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Chapter 1366 – Frenzied Blow Fist

A group of people wearing black robes made their way down from the sky.

Swish, swish, swish …

They were all standing beside Long Fei.

All of their expressions were ice-cold as they looked at the surrounding black-clothed oracle with murderous gazes.

At this moment …

If there was any more music to play, it would definitely ignite the explosion.

Long Fei coldly said one word, “Kill!”

The eight Xiao Clan members immediately moved, turning into a ball of red light and das.h.i.+ng forward. The weasel’s illusion, Dietra’s art of exploding, the scorpion’s puppet, the Ghost Dragonet …

At this moment.

The damage output exploded!

The black clad oracle s were all completely dumbfounded. How could Long Fei summon so many people that he had never seen before?


The energy that flowed around their bodies was not the aura of the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth. Instead, it was a strange power that had never been felt before.

Too deadly!

For a moment, those black-clothed oracle s were stupefied.

“Who are they?”

“Lord, the power of these people is too strange.”

“What’s the situation?”

“My lord …”

They didn’t understand it, and neither did their long-headed, saber-looking man. He had never seen or felt such a strange power from any of these blood cloud black robed men.

Their power came from Chakra. How could they understand that?

However …

The man with the long blade was very clear that everything was centered around Long Fei. As long as he could defeat Long Fei, everything would come to an end.

The longblade in the sky moved, a blade slashed at Xiang Longfei, and said in a deep voice: “You will never be able to leave it. As long as you die, all these things will disappear.”

The corner of Long Fei’s mouth curved up slightly, and he laughed sinisterly: “I die?”

“That will depend on whether or not your strength is strong enough.”

As soon as he finished.

The man with the long blade in the air slashed across Xiang Longfei’s head, “Die!”

Too fierce.

In the distance, Nangong Yan’s face changed. The old man beside him said: “Master, are we not going to intervene?”

Nangong Yan said: “If he can’t even block this attack, then he is not the person Master Evil G.o.d wants, and I don’t need to waste anymore time on him.”

The old man said in a low voice, “But his cultivation level is only Star level 4.”

Nangong Yan replied, “He’s already at the fifth level of the Star rank. After killing eight Black Cloaked oracle s yesterday, he broke through.”

The old man trembled and said, “Even if he’s at the fifth level of the Star level, he’s not a match for this elder Chang Dao. If we don’t attack …”

Let alone the fact that his cultivation was not his opponent, even the powerhouse was not his opponent. This old man with the long blade’s cultivation was at least at the same level as the powerhouse s, and the key was that the power he cultivated was different from the power the regular warriors trained in. The average warrior trained the energy of heaven and earth, and the power he cultivated was G.o.d Power!

The disparity in strength was too great. In the beginning two moves, Long Fei was completely disadvantaged, but now, elder Chang Dao was even more so exploding with his full strength. This blade would definitely take Long Fei’s life.

Nangong Yan was very clear about this in his heart.

However …

He had a feeling that Long Fei would not die, and he had a powerful trump card. He definitely would not die so easily.

She even thought that the elder Chang Dao would die.

Taking a step back, even if Long Fei lost, and died, it wouldn’t have any effect on her.

Because the people partic.i.p.ating in the first stage of the examination simply didn’t have the qualifications to enter the eyes of the Evil G.o.d.

Thus …

Nangong Yan watched on coldly from the start, not intending to help Long Fei. This was the test of the tower question of G.o.d, but it was also the test of the Evil G.o.d against Long Fei!

“Long Fei, you won’t let me down, will you?”

Nangong Yan looked at the motionless Long Fei, and said with a low voice as his eyes slightly narrowed.

Seeing that Long Fei did not move, the man with the long blade immediately laughed: “Brat, see Hades.”

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The incomparably powerful saber strike chopped down.


Flames shot up into the sky.

The lava exploded.

Lava erupted and fell onto the ground. The surrounding area began to burn. The last wave of lava was like a huge boulder thrown into the lava.


The long saber was slowly swallowed up by the lava.



The magma bubbled and a scorching heat rose crazily from the magma.

The long-bladed man’s face changed, “What is this?”

“You …”

“You … “What kind of person are you exactly, and what sort of divine abilities and techniques did you cultivate?” With the slash of the blade, half of Long Fei’s head was chopped off.


Half of the things that fell down was lava, and Long Fei’s body was slowly bubbling, it was extremely likely.

Long Fei grinned: “Are you afraid?”

“And something you’re more afraid of.”

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Long Fei grabbed his long blade, his body fiercely rus.h.i.+ng forward, directly rus.h.i.+ng forward, his flame fist ignited crazily, his fist striking out explosively.

The fist landed on elder Chang Dao’s chest, and pierced through it.


“System Notification: Activating Paralysis attribute!”


Long Fei stared blankly for a moment, and then laughed excitedly: “While you’re sick, I’ll take your life!”

“Magma Explosion Fist!”

The moment elder Chang Dao was paralyzed, Long Fei’s fists, like a shower of fiery meteors, began to violently strike out, bombarding circles at elder Chang Dao’s chest. “Bang, bang, bang …”

Flames flew in all directions.

The surrounding trees began to burn.

The old man with the long blade had his HP rapidly decreasing, Long Fei shouted: “Didn’t you say you want me to die? “Come on, kill me!”

“Boom, boom, boom …”

Every punch was filled with the anger of a Red Dog, and the strength of the magmatic fruit was exerted to the extreme.

It was a complete mess!

The old man could barely defend himself in the beginning, but it would be completely unbearable at the end, and Long Fei’s fist did not even have a sliver of a gap, not giving him the slightest chance to react.

If he did it, he would die!

As long as you still have HP left, Long Fei will not let go even if he used all his strength. Otherwise, he will die.

The surrounding oracle s continuously charged forward.

But before they could rush up, they were killed by the weasels.

Nangong Yan’s eyes trembled, his fists clenched tightly under his sleeves as he said faintly: “You really still have another move. Long Fei, you are even more unfathomable than before.”

That elder also had a face full of shock as he said, “Such powerful strength. He can actually transform his body into magma. Just this type of divine ability is enough to enter the Evil G.o.d Pavilion.”

“Lord, you did not see wrongly.”

“This Long Fei is really strong, her talent and potential are the strongest out of all I have ever seen, of course, other than you.” The old man said.

Nangong Yan smiled slightly: “Now, do you think Master Evil G.o.d will agree?”

The elder immediately said, “I will explain everything that has happened here to Lord Evil G.o.d. Your Excellency will definitely be very satisfied.”

In the past, he was worried that Long Fei didn’t have the qualifications to enter the Evil G.o.d Pavilion, but now, he was worried that Long Fei wouldn’t even bother to enter the Evil G.o.d Pavilion.

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“Explode for me!”


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