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Chapter 1128 – He Is Still Alive

G.o.d’s martial continent.

Everything returned to calm.

G.o.d’s general’s body disappeared into thin air, and the G.o.d’s suffering force that was wreaking havoc in the sky disappeared.

If it wasn’t a pile of ruins, it would seem as if nothing had happened.

The entire world turned silent.

Everyone looked at the Dragon Coffin.

Standing in place, he did not dare to move, did not even dare to think, did not even dare to think about the consequences, and did not dare to think whether or not Long Fei was still inside.

For a full ten minutes.

There were no sounds from the Dragon Coffin s, and song qianqian and the others did not move either.


Xiao Bai couldn’t help but walk forward step by step as if he was facing a great enemy. He carefully approached the Dragon Coffin and lightly called out, “Boss!”

There was no response from the Dragon Coffin.

Xiao Bai’s voice rose a little, “Boss!”

There was still no response from the Dragon Coffin.

Xiao Bai’s body was trembling as he looked at the people behind him. He gathered his courage and gently pushed the Dragon Coffin away.

At this moment.

Everyone held their breath, clenched their fists, and silently prayed.


The instant Xiao Bai’s claws touched the Dragon Coffin.

“Hualala …”

The Dragon Coffin turned into powder, and with a light bang, it completely collapsed.

Han Ba’s gaze tensed up, and he softly uttered a question, “Eh?”

The rest of them ran over as if they had gone mad, and shouted, “Long Fei, Long Fei, Long Fei ….”

As if he had done something wrong, Xiao Bai laid on the ground, his claws continuously piled up the powder the Dragon Coffin had dropped onto the ground, and said with a trembling voice: “It’s not like that, it’s not like that, it must be my hallucination, Boss will be fine, Boss will definitely be fine … …”

He seemed to have gone crazy.

They kept talking, shouting, and shouting.

A disciple of the Long Family.

Dragon Ancestor in the sky.

song qianqian and the others.

The Giant Demons and the others all rushed forward.

The Dragon Coffin quickly turned into powder. There was nothing inside other than a pile of powder.

A cool breeze blew past.

The powder scattered along with the wind, causing song qianqian and the other girls to become even more crazy, they frantically grabbed onto it, “It won’t, it won’t, it won’t … …”

His tears were about to run out.

They could not accept such a scene.

Liu Luoxi’s body went limp, and he immediately fainted.

The leopard girl was stunned on the spot. Her face was pale and she could not say a single word.

Yun’er cried loudly as she tried to sense the surroundings and use the blood vein to check the surroundings. He could not sense a single bit of Long Fei’s aura and it had completely disappeared.

Long Fei’s future was blank, there was nothing at all.

It was as if there was no one in this world.

If it did not exist, it meant that he was already dead!

Yun’er cried.

Everyone was crying.


“No reason!”

“Even if the main artifact encountered the power of the main artifact, it would not be blasted apart. If it were to be blasted to pieces, then it would not be a main artifact anymore.”

Han Ba did not move.

He had been thinking about this all along.

And then …

Han Ba landed lightly and carefully examined the Dragon Coffin powder. After a few seconds of silence, a glint suddenly flashed in his eyes, as the corner of his mouth hooked up and he laughed out loud, “Hahaha … “Good boy, you truly surprised me, hahaha …”

“It’s not simple!”

“It’s not simple!”

“Using the power of heaven to resist heavenly tribulation, he’s really fierce!”

“Cough, cough!”

Han Ba coughed lightly and said: “Don’t cry anymore, you silly girl. Your boss, your man is not dead yet, don’t worry.”

As soon as his voice fell.

The surrounding voices suddenly became silent.

Xiao Bai immediately asked: “Master, then where did my boss go?”

Han Ba replied: “I don’t know about that, I only know that he isn’t dead yet. As for where he went, I’m not sure.”


The corner of Han Ba’s mouth revealed an excited smile, and said: “Now I have something to play around with. After being baptized by the Great Perfection’s heavenly tribulation, how strong will he become?”

“Hahaha… “This is something I really look forward to.”

“However… Smelly brat, you actually took away the main artifact, you clearly promised to leave it with me. ” Han Ba said.

When he spoke, he was smiling.

He didn’t even know when the tears had appeared in the corners of his eyes.

Han Ba looked into the sky and muttered: “Boy, it’s good that you’re alive.

“Heh heh …”

And then …

The aura of strength from Han Ba’s body moved, and said faintly, “No matter where you are, your final destination is still the divinity.”

“Long Fei!”

“I will wait for you in ancient holy battlefield!”

“Together, we will break this world’s structure, trample the heavens beneath our feet, hahaha …”

Han Ba’s voice sunk as she shouted, “If you want to find him, there is only one way, to become stronger!”

“He is no longer in the G.o.d’s martial continent.”

“If you want to find him, then train with all your might and break through the shackles of the G.o.d’s martial continent.”

“Next up, I’ll stay here for three years. I’ll pa.s.s on some special powers to you. The amount you can learn will depend on yourselves.”

… ….

In another place.


Inside the sky patrol s.h.i.+p’s Deity’s Lake.

Yan Huang ancestor’s body was completed.

A middle-aged man walked out of the divine pond, and said with a slight smile: “Long Fei, I’ll see you at Chaos Realm!”

His body moved.

The Yan Huang ancestor tore through the sky.

His primordial spirit belonged to the Chaos Realm, so it was not restricted by the laws of the G.o.d’s martial continent and directly flew into the air and disappeared.

… ….

“Your son is still alive.”

“Now, you can hand over your soul in peace.”

death s.p.a.ce.

Long Zhanting’s heart relaxed slightly.

And then …

Long Zhanting asked: “Last question, if you can answer, I will immediately hand over my soul.”

Death did not seem to be annoyed. “Go ahead and ask.”

Long Zhanting asked: “Where did my wife go?”

The G.o.d of Death pondered for a moment and said, “This question … I’m sorry, I can’t answer that! “

Long Zhanting was startled.

This question was already very clear, and being unable to answer it was the best answer. She had gone to a plane of higher level than the divinity.

Long Zhanting said: “Then can you tell me where Eight King Kong is?”

The G.o.d of Death smiled and replied, “They are on the road to rebirth.”

“Don’t worry!”

“All of their strengths have been enhanced. Their appearance hasn’t changed at all. If your son were to see them, he would definitely recognize them.”

“What I’m afraid of now is … They don’t know your son. “

“Hahaha …”

“Can you hand over your soul now?”

Death was a little excited.

Long Zhanting faintly said: “Sure!”

And then …

Long Zhanting’s consciousness moved.

At this time.

Death G.o.d’s eyes flashed with a bright light, revealing an extremely greedy gaze, instantly devouring Long Zhanting’s soul, but … In this instant.

Death’s eyes suddenly changed.

“Long Zhanting… “You!”

“You …”


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