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Chapter 1091 now it’s your turn

Long Zhanting had said it before.

There must be a reason behind letting him bring the disciples of the Long Family into the Dragon Domain.


Not just the Long Family disciples, Long Fei wanted to bring all his friends, brothers, and women into the Dragon Domain.

“Grandfather, all of you hurry over. You’ll be here soon.”

After Long Fei finished his sentence, he stared at the face of song qiancheng who deserved a beating and said: “I will explode today, you have the same surname as me.”

song qiancheng laughed coldly, “Long Fei, if I don’t beat you down and make you kneel in front of me today, I will change my surname to yours.”

His cultivation wasn’t low.

During this year, when he was cultivating in outer s.p.a.ce palace, his cultivation had advanced by leaps and bounds.

It could be said that even a ninth level flying immortal powerhouse was no match for him.

Long Fei?

He didn’t care that the Flying Immortal was not even a first rank.

Long Sanfeng did not hesitate, and shouted loudly, “Long Family disciples, listen to me, follow me!”

Long Sanfeng quickly rushed towards the direction of the Imperial Palace’s black hole.

The Long Family disciples followed closely behind.

Jojo, the leopard girl and the others wanted to say something to Long Fei, but they could only endure their words and quickly followed Long Sanfeng towards the palace.

In their hearts, they were all slightly worried, and prayed: “Long Fei, you must be safe.”

Seeing the disciples of the Long Family rus.h.i.+ng towards the black hole, Gu Tongtian frowned, and thought: It seems like Long Fei has a plan for the Open Dragon Domain.

And then …

Gu Tongtian immediately gave the order and said: “Chase after him!”

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh …

A group of Flying Fairy Stronger Man chased after him.


In that instant, Long Fei’s aura spread out to the sky, “Boom, boom, boom!”

Bang … One after another, the Flying Fairy Stronger Man s were blocked, the corners of their mouths raised, as they stared at Gu Tongtian who was in the air and sneered: “You want to pa.s.s by here? Unless you can step over my dead body. “

Dozens of Flying Fairy Stronger Man were blocked by Long Fei.

Gu Tongtian’s eyes turned sinister as he laughed coldly: “You want to step over your dead body?”

“Heh heh …”

“Long Fei, your pathetic life still has some uses. We won’t kill you, but … A broken hand, a broken leg or something like that should not affect your Open Dragon Domain, right? ” Gu Tongtian said with a look of contempt.

had been crushed by Long Fei last year.

This year was different.

The entire G.o.d’s martial continent was here, Long Fei was fighting with the entire G.o.d’s martial continent.

He did not have the strength to do so!


Gu Tongtian was very clear in his heart that compared to last year, he had become much stronger, a lot, to the point where he was not afraid of anyone.

As soon as he finished.

Gu Tongtian squinted, and said coldly: “Do it!”

Previous Chapter Next Chapter “Boom!”

Without waiting for Gu Tongtian to finish speaking, Long Fei’s figure suddenly thrusted forward. The power of chaos was activated and the Super Saiyan mode was activated.

He then chopped down with his palm at a Flying Fairy Stronger Man.


With a huge sound, a few hundred million points of damage floated above the powerhouse’s head.

Instant kill!


“Congratulations to player ‘Long Fei’ …”

The system beep rang.

Long Fei did not stop, he turned his body and hugged his fists, and before the Flying Fairy Stronger Man could react, he jumped up heavily and punched towards the head of a Flying Fairy Stronger Man.


His Sea of Consciousness ruptured and his mind was destroyed.

Another instant kill.


The system sounded out yet again.

“f.u.c.k, who else?”

“Is the Flying Fairy Land awesome?”

“Amazing, right?”

“What they said, let laozi be smug again.” Long Fei roared. With the fusion of Chaotic Force and his super strength, what difference did it make if his HP reached a few hundred million?

Just like before!

Gu Tongtian’s eyes turned sinister, and laughed coldly: “Seems like your cultivation has improved a bit this past year, but you’re still not that strong. “So what if it’s just this little bit of progress?”

“Long Fei, you’re too weak.”

“Hahaha …”

“Let’s attack together!”

Just as Gu Tongtian was speaking, a surge of energy struck down like a thunderbolt.

“Light Array!”


Rays of light suddenly fell, forming a powerful net of energy, trapping all the energy in Long Fei’s body.

A dozen or so Flying Fairy Land powerhouse s instantly attacked.

This was a formation of a higher grade than the Divine Light Array.

There was only one way to break this type of array — crush it!


Long Fei clenched the beam of light with both of his hands, as dense energy continuously surged out, “Seal my strength? Gu Tongtian, you think you are qualified? “

“Level 10 Unparalleled, open it for me!”


With his strength lowered, all the G.o.d Power in his arms erupted and directly broke apart the two beams of light. Long Fei’s right hand clenched, and the dragon salyer dropped down.

He turned around and slashed.

“killing G.o.d chop!”

Chaotic Force surged, and the dark energy blade of the dragon salyer chopped down with a strong devouring force.


The light array shattered.

Long Fei took a step forward, grabbing one of the Flying Fairy Stronger Man s, he punched him.

After being sent flying.

Once the dragon salyer was kept, they summoned the pan gu axe. With a ‘swoosh’ sound, a drop of black blood essence floated above the bodies of the powerhouse s.

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Previous Chapter Next Chapter “Boom!”

Continuously attacking, in a short half a minute, Flying Fairy Stronger Man who had charged up had five drops of black blood essence hanging from his body.

Inflicts bleed damage.

Blood was falling rapidly above their heads.


It also triggered a powerful attack at this moment.

Nox Za.s.s’s guillotine!

Long Fei moved, he leaped up high, and slashed at one of the Flying Fairy Stronger Man s, “Kacha!”


With its head cut off, its body was split in half, and after a miserable scream came a system beep.

After dying, the skill’s cooldown was restored.


Without saying anything further, he leapt up and slashed again!

“Ahh …”

The system beeped once again.

Once again leaping up, the pan gu axe slashed down ferociously.




It was just like the rhythm of a battle. With the axe in hand, a head flew off and a system announcement rang out. The skill had finished its cooldown.

Another axe strike followed.


He began to soar in the air with amazing rhythm.

In ten seconds, ten Flying Fairy Stronger Man s were killed. The Experience Points prompt reached 99.99% and all one had to do was kill one of them to level up.

Then he could break through the Flying Fairy Land.

At this time.

One minute pa.s.sed, and only one minute remained.

green dragon ancestor, Black Dragon Ancestor, Sea Dragon King and the others were extremely nervous, but they did not rush Long Fei.

Instead, he waited quietly.

Long Fei checked his experience slot and smiled slightly. He stared at Dark Domain Lord song qiancheng who was not far away and said: “song qiancheng, it’s your turn now.”

“Bring it on!”

“Let me blow you up.”

As soon as he finished.

Long Fei rushed forward.

The corners of song qiancheng’s eyes turned cold, and the h.e.l.l’s Wheel in the air started to move as well. “Brat, die!”


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