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The system had merged together, and along the way, all of Long Fei’s paths were filled with killing intent!

Kill those who deserve to be killed.

To slaughter an levelled up demon beast.

After he entered the Illusory Realm, where millions of corpses were buried and blood flowed like rivers, Long Fei suddenly realized that his way was the way to kill.

Therefore, when facing this million strong army, Long Fei was very calm. His gaze turned sinister as he roared out in a heavy tone, “dragon salyer, come!”


The dragon salyer let out a hum as it landed heavily in Long Fei’s hands.


Without waiting for the huge army of a million to descend, Long Fei rushed forward, “Unparalleled level 5, open!”

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After unleashing 32 folds of elemental power, Long Fei desperately rushed forward and with a heavy leap, he decapitated one of the leaders.


“Congratulations to player ‘Long Fei’, killing thought + 1.”


Long Fei looked at the system and muttered, “You can condense Dao Heart by killing all these? Can it increase the rate at which one’s dao heart is condensed? “

“Since that’s the case, let’s kill them all.”

The refining of a Dao-heart required the acc.u.mulation of time.

It could not leap forward just like that. It would take several decades, a hundred years of acc.u.mulation to consolidate its dao heart. Only then would its condensed dao heart become even more resolute.

However …

The Three Thousand Great Daos were different.

It only existed to kill, to not stop until one was dead, to never stop killing, to never stop killing, to be able to create killing thought if there was killing. In addition, Long Fei was different from other warriors.


“Congratulations to player ‘Long Fei’, killing thought + 1.”


“Congratulations to player ‘Long Fei’, killing thought + 1.”


… ….

The system continuously sounded out, Long Fei continuously killed without a care, in his world, there was only one option.

“The aura coming from his body is so strong.”

Zang Tianye’s heart tightened slightly. Feeling the aura Long Fei released, he couldn’t help but become shocked, and among these auras, there wasn’t any Dragon’s might that could be released from the Heavenly hall of immortals.

“What kind of world is the Illusory Realm he is in now? I really want to know. “

The violet bamboo path was also known as the ‘Dao-heart path’. Anyone who entered the illusory world was different. There were people in the garden world, people in the swamp abyss, and people in the sea of flames and sabers.

Zang Tianye wanted to know what the Illusory Realm Long Fei was in was.

Other than him, many people wanted to know.

qiu wandao looked at the violent aura being released from Long Fei’s body, “What kind of Illusory Realm are you in?”

outer s.p.a.ce palace of the outer s.p.a.ce palace also asked, “What kind of dao heart world are you in?”

“You haven’t stepped out of it for such a long time, what kind of world are you facing?”

After an entire half an hour had pa.s.sed, Long Fei had yet to take a single step forward.

At this moment.

A strange scene happened. The wounds on Long Fei’s body started to appear, and blood started to gush out from the wounds.

Zang Tianye was shocked, “What’s going on?”

Man Tuoluo immediately rushed to Zang Tianye’s side and said, “Great Princ.i.p.al, how could he be injured? Wasn’t the Illusory Realm completely unrelated to the real world? “How did you get hurt and bleed?”

Chen Tianfei followed, “Great Princ.i.p.al, the general a.s.sembly won’t be in danger?”

While they were worrying, the Pan Clan people started laughing out loud.

“Hahaha… You only took half an hour to take one step, I have to admit that the people from Long Family are all trash, hahaha … “

“What Long Family? They used to be in Long Family, now they’re probably a dead dog family.”

“I was wondering how strong he was, but it turns out he’s just a weakling.”

“Look at his painful expression. Taking even a single step is so difficult. He won’t be able to pa.s.s the third stage. Trash is trash.”

The disciples of the Pan Clan began to mock him.

Fatty Chen was extremely displeased and wanted to get angry, but he was immediately glared back by Zang Tianye. His gaze swept across the place as he said slightly: “Long Fei might have walked with great difficulty, but he is much stronger than any of you, because if he dares to face us, what about you?”

He didn’t even dare to show his face, so how could he have the qualifications to mock others?

pan xuan let out a cold laugh, and said: “We don’t need to face it, because we ourselves clearly know what kind of dao heart we have condensed. We don’t need to show it to you, and you didn’t say that you couldn’t fly over during the third stage of the examination, right?”

pan xuan was not afraid of Zang Tianye.

Zang Tianye frowned and thought in his heart: “Could it be that all of Sky Separating Clan’s disciples have condensed a dao heart?”


Long Fei spat out a mouthful of blood, and a few wounds appeared on his body.

Man Tuoluo became even more anxious, and asked: “Great Princ.i.p.al, will he be alright?”

Zang Tianye shook his head lightly, and said: “I don’t know either, a situation like this has never happened before.”

He had never seen someone injured inside the Fantasy World before. At most, it would only be a mental injury, but it was never a physical injury.

He didn’t understand.

Elder pan hu did not understand, and neither did qiu wandao.

Even the supreme G.o.d did not understand.

However …

Not far away, on top of a tree, there was a veiled young girl. Her expression was one of great shock, and she was overwhelmed with shock. “Could it be that he walked the path of slaughter?”

“killing thought?”

“That’s impossible, right? It is impossible to condense such a dao. Even if it is condensed, no one will be able to walk on it with determination. In the end, it will destroy the self because it cannot withstand the destructive killing intent brought by the killing dao. ” As she watched the scars on Long Fei’s body continuously increase, she seemed to have a sense of what kind of world Long Fei was in in in the Illusory Realm.

A world of slaughter.

The reason she knew about the killing path was because Dark Domain had had a few Master Rankers walk on it, which eventually drove her crazy. The killing thought would be swallowed, and then completely explode into pieces.

Because …

Amongst the power of the 3000 great roads and countless small paths, the killing path was the most difficult to control. It was like an extreme path that would never stop once it started spinning; one had to constantly slaughter to satisfy it.

The veiled girl stared at Long Fei, “Can you endure it?”

… ….

“Bang!” “Bam!”

Long Fei kept on killing, and under his feet, the number of corpses increased from one hundred, to one thousand, and finally, they piled up into a gigantic mountain of corpses. Standing at the peak of the mountain of corpses, he roared out loudly, “Come, come with me, all of you!”

Fear nothing.

Blood was dripping from his body. Looking at the army that was charging towards him, he didn’t stop and continued to behead them.

A killing without any defense.

His body was currently injured, as was his fleshly body. If he could not persevere on, he would die here, and his fleshly body would die as well.

The Dao of Death.

There was a path of death itself.

Since he had taken the first step, Long Fei had no intention to retreat.

“Ahh …”


An hour had pa.s.sed and ten days had pa.s.sed in the Illusory Realm where Long Fei was in, yet he still hadn’t stopped. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents]

Two hours pa.s.sed.

Three hours pa.s.sed.

For an entire month, the corpses under his feet were piled up in the sky. Standing at the peak, his eyes were bloodshot and the killing aura around him was incomparably thick.

At this moment, Long Fei looked at the million killing thought s in the system and roared out, “killing thought, condense for me!”

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