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Chapter 2560 – Dark Dragon Flames

Everyone was in a bad mood when they returned.

He felt extremely depressed.

When they found out that Yi Yourong was kneeling at the Supreme Harmony Hall for a few hours, seventeenth son of devil became even more sullen.

They were here to protect Long Fei.


Their Junior Brother’s woman is going to marry someone else tomorrow, this is smacking Magic Tribe’s face.

He would never be able to swallow his anger.

The seventeen of them instantly flew out.

Three minutes after they left the manor.

The palace.

“They immediately left the Duke Palaces to look for Long Fei. It seems like they’re preparing to do something.”

In the Immortal Martial Hall.

Zhao Wuji retracted his aura slightly and said, “Don’t bother about them.”

“They won’t be able to bounce much, but after this period of time … I will uproot Magic Tribe and see how they continue to be arrogant. “

The injuries on Zhao Wuji’s body had mostly healed.


“How is Zhou Yaozong?”

One of the personal guards immediately said, “The general hasn’t given us an answer yet. I guess it’s because our price wasn’t high enough.”


“A mere Zhou Yaozong dares to do this? Did he think he could control everything with a million troops? “Laughable. In the eyes of the True Martial Emperor, a million strong army is nothing more than a bunch of ants.” Zhao Wuji was filled with disdain.

The Zhou family had the most military power in Zhao Guo.


The army was very powerful in the eyes of mortals.

But in the eyes of the Zhen Wu realm, and in the eyes of the True Martial Emperor … The army was just a few more ants, so it was not a threat at all.

Just like the wei family back then.

So what if it was a million strong army?

It was destroyed by the powerhouse of G.o.d’s tribe in one move.

There was a use for it!

The guard said, “Your Majesty, Yi Yourong is still kneeling.”

Zhao Wuji sneered, “Let her continue kneeling. What she did today caused Hai’er to lose all face. How can we let her go so easily?”

The guard nodded and said, “Yes.”

Zhao Wuji asked again, “Where is Hai’er?”

The guard said, “He was called into the royal bloodline secret room by the Great Ancestor. He should be preparing for the G.o.d’s sect gathering tomorrow.”

“Huff …”

Zhao Wuji exhaled lightly, “Being called in at this time, that father’s cultivation level … It should be to break through the limits of the True Martial Emperor right? “

“Heh heh …”

“Now the Hai’er is stable!”

The G.o.d’s sect gathering this time was no small matter.

The person sky envoy chose was the one who was ranked first in G.o.d’s sect gathering, so this spot must definitely be Zhao Haotian, and it must also be Zhao Haotian’s.

Even though there was only one night left.

However …

When he entered the Emperor Meridian secret room, Zhao Wuji had already guessed that G.o.d’s sect gathering would definitely shake the world tomorrow.

… ….

In the royal bloodline secret room.

Zhao Haotian was naked.


An old man with white hair was also completely naked …

In the secret room.

The power of darkness emerged from the dragon, enveloping the two like a black cloud.

Zhao Haotian’s entire body was absorbing the black aura.

Immense power began to move under his skin.

On a huge Soaring Dragon pillar.

The dragon seemed to be alive as it sat cross-legged on the dragon pillar, moving around. Its eyes flashed with a sharp draconic light, and its entire aura was like a real dragon’s.


The black aura that was revealed was somewhat out of place for a real dragon.

A man stood at the entrance of the secret room. He wore a faint smile on his face and said, “Dark Dragon Flame, this is the power of the Long Family. You all have to burn eight lifetimes worth of incense to obtain this cultivation resource.”

“Heh heh …”

He laughed sinisterly, then his voice disappeared.

Zhao Haotian’s brows were tightly locked together, and his heart unceasingly roared, as he roared angrily …

It was as if he had gone insane.

At the same time.

Long Fei’s figure flashed across his mind, “Brat, come tomorrow if you have the guts. See how I’ll make you beg for mercy by making you kneel in front of me.”

“Hahaha …”

… ….

In another place.

The city walls that rose into the clouds.

Long Fei stood at the top of the city wall and looked at the endless Dark Crack.

He could not find a way!

The Secret World in the scroll could not enter.

The otherworldly invitation scroll had not been activated yet, so even if it had, he still wouldn’t have the time to go now.

In the entire Imperial City, there were no strange killings.

Without killing monsters, there would be no experience, and without experience, one would be unable to level up. This was the biggest weakness of the game system, and also the matter that Long Fei was most troubled about right now.



“What should I do?” Long Fei asked himself repeatedly in his heart. He only had one night, with over four billion experience, he had no other choice …


Another huge python of lightning flashed from the Dark Crack.

It was abnormally intense.

Furthermore… The energy flowing within the Dark Crack was incomparably violent.

With the heavy rain, Long Fei was completely drenched.

He couldn’t think of a way.

The System searched again and again, but… There was no way to find it.

Suddenly not being able to get Zhen Wu realm, he was nothing!

If he could not overturn the Zhao Family, Yi Yourong would still marry Zhao Haotian.

Even if he couldn’t kill the old granny, he wouldn’t be able to protect Yi Yourong.

“If I can’t even protect the woman I love, then what’s the point of staying with her?” Long Fei faced the sky and roared, “Ah? What’s the point of messing around? “



Lightning flashed one after another.

The torrential rain poured down.

On top of Long Fei’s head, there was a pair of gigantic wings shielding him from the heavy rain.

Kai Linna’s eyes were also filled with tears. She didn’t know how to comfort Long Fei, so she could only accompany him like this.


Another bolt of lightning that was even fiercer than the previous ones flashed out from the Dark Crack. Long Fei was also extremely furious, as bolts of lightning flashed past him as if mocking him, “Looking at your father’s downfall, you feel great, don’t you?”


Previous Chapter Next Chapter “Boom!”

Using all his strength, he summoned the Ju Que Broken Sword out with one hand.

The Heaven Flame moved!

Previous Chapter Next Chapter “Boom!”

The flames burned wildly.

The flaming sword qi was even more glaring in front of the Dark Crack.

Rushing up to the sky!

He crazily charged!

After rushing for an unknown amount of time, Long Fei’s figure turned into a small flame, and he heavily slashed at the Dark Crack.

The value of the true qi flowed.

A furious slash!

The flaming sword qi was like a ten thousand meter long Magic Strap as it fiercely slashed down.

It exploded in the Dark Crack.

Long Fei slashed down with berserk fury once again.

“Ahh …”

“Ahh …”

His entire person seemed to have gone crazy, venting out like crazy.

“Are you joking with me?”

“Are you feeling good?”

“So what if it’s lightning?”

“You’ve already been hacked apart by someone. You still have the qualifications to laugh at me?” Long Fei roared.

He was venting his anger to his heart’s content.




The air was constantly exploding.

However… Compared to the Dark Crack, Long Fei seemed too insignificant.

Long Fei slashed down again.

The Skyfire Sword Qi rose tens of thousands of meters and slashed down heavily.


A flash of lightning came out from the Dark Crack and coincidentally clashed with the sky fire sword Qi. A huge amount of power surged out unrestrainedly.

He could feel a powerful force colliding against him.


felt that the lightning in the Dark Crack was a power that was released by a human or demon beast.

“F * ck!”

“Could it be that there is another world outside of Dark Crack?”

At this moment.

The system suddenly sounded out.



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