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Chapter 2542 – Drying Down

Finally, someone who could fight?

Long Fei laughed!

The corners of his mouth curled up in a contemptuous sneer.

tang renjie looked at Long Fei, his heart still throbbing with fear: “Boss, you won’t even beat him to the ground, will you?”

“Are you crazy?”

“He’s a Mahayana Realm cultivator, and when he was young, he was ranked amongst the top hundred super geniuses in Sky Sect of Ling Clan.” tang renjie was secretly speechless.

With Xiong Tianxiong’s talent, all the blood vein were Divine level.

He became famous in the capital when he was young.

Since then, he had followed the Zhao Family.

With the cultivation resources of the Zhao Family, his strength had increased by leaps and bounds. Although he was now eighty years old, there were not many people who could step into the Mahayana Realm before they were a hundred years old.

The might of a bear king was not just for show.

Long Fei said indifferently: “No!”

tang renjie asked curiously: “What do you mean no?”

Long Fei said: “I didn’t want to beat him to the ground.”

tang renjie’s heart relaxed, and he muttered: “Why do I feel like there’s something wrong with those words.”

Not waiting for him to finish.

Long Fei laughed: “I am preparing to kill him!”

tang renjie’s gaze tightened, and his heart turned sinister. When he looked at Long Fei, he realized that Long Fei had already disappeared… His heart immediately sank. “What the h.e.l.l, isn’t this too arrogant?”

“I can’t stand it any longer.”

“Boss, that’s the Bear King, the super powerhouse of the Mahayana Realm, I think we should still …”

“It’s over!”

“It’s over!”

“It’s all over.” tang renjie moaned repeatedly, but at the same time, his body also sank slightly, both his hands almost touching the ground, “No matter what, he saved me, and I, tang renjie, recognize this boss, I must save him even if I have to risk my life.”

“Holy sh * t!”

“What the h.e.l.l am I doing? I just had to acknowledge such a madman as my boss.” Only he himself knew the pain in his heart, and he was completely on guard.

He wasn’t very strong.

However …

He was fast, and. His nose was sensitive, sensitive to the point that he could dodge some special attacks.

“Tengu Mode!”

tang renjie was ready.

“This person is truly crazy, he actually dared to go up against us. That’s a bear king, ah.”

“Hahaha… Just watch and see. That kid will soon die. “

“It’s a gamble, I bet that kid won’t be able to block one of them.”

“Instant kill!”

“Just him, a country b.u.mpkin, is more capable than a bear king? The Bear King is a powerhouse of the Mahayana Realm. “

“To be able to stay by the crown prince’s side for so many years, his cultivation must be extremely powerful.”

… ….

Everyone mocked Long Fei for overestimating his abilities.

The Bear King was just too strong.

How strong could a wild brat from Long Fei’s village be?

He would be killed in one hit.


At this moment, the two powers clashed and produced a violent clashing sound. At the same time, the phantom of the bear king in the sky also suddenly vanished.

Long Fei took two steps back.

At the same time, Xiong Tianxiong was sent flying.


He hit the ground hard, causing it to crack.

Sky Sect of Ling Clan swayed slightly.

Everyone’s eyes were about to pop out of their sockets. “What, what, what’s going on?”

His brain couldn’t react in time.

Wasn’t it supposed to be Long Fei being smashed to the ground? Why did the bear fall to the ground?

Once tang renjie put away his sky dog mode, he looked at Long Fei in a daze, lightly shaking his head, and muttered: “I’m practically a f.u.c.king genius, hahaha …”

“I’m too wise.”

“I am a genius. I actually managed to recognize such an awesome boss, hahaha …”

“So what if it’s a bear king?”

“Dry Fly!”

“Hahaha… “Boss, you’re not pretending. You’re really awesome.” tang renjie was the first to become excited, immediately running to Long Fei’s side to kiss a.s.s.

Those people who ridiculed Long Fei for overestimating his abilities were in so much pain that they were unable to breathe as if they had been slapped in the face with a belt.

It was too hard.

It was as if they had all eaten flies.


“This is impossible!”

“How is that possible?”

“It must be an illusion. How could this earth leopard send a bear king flying with just one move?”

“Oh my G.o.d, where did this guy come from?”

… ….

At this moment.

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With a dull thud, the bear slapped itself hard, and its body bounced up from the ground. Blood dripped from the corner of its mouth, and fury burned in its eyes. It felt as though it had gone insane.

Staring straight at Long Fei, he said solemnly: “You dog, I want you dead!”

After being sent flying with a single move, his entire being was in a bad state.

He had lost so much face that he had never experienced such a thing in his life.

If he did not kill Long Fei, it would not vent the hatred in his heart!


An earthen yellow aura burst forth.

In this instant, the aura of his power abruptly changed.

It became even thicker.

“Imperial Qi!”

tang renjie quickly replied: “Boss, why not just withdraw when you’re done with it? Let’s leave.”

Emperor’s Qi.

The Qi of the royal clan’s dragon fountain.

Only the people of the Zhao Family or the guests of the Zhao Family could cultivate such an aura. The Emperor’s Qi contained an extremely strong power.

Just as he was released, Long Fei sensed it.

Tightening the s.p.a.ce between his brows, Long Fei silently said in his heart: “It’s twice as strong as the aura just now!”


Long Fei gently smiled and said: “This is more like it.”


“Give me your life!”


The bear king moved, “Roar …”

The sound of a Violent Bear’s roar exploded in the air.

The people on the first level instantly felt unbearable pain as they were crushed. Both of their hands held their ears as their entire bodies trembled. There were even some females who let out miserable shrieks. “Aoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo …”

The sound waves were like waves that disturbed his mind.

tang renjie also revealed a pained expression, and said: “Boss …”

Not waiting for him to finish.

Long Fei’s gaze tensed up, his left arm moved, “Weng!”

The heavenly fire burned.

The arm was like a qilin’s.


His entire arm was ignited in flames. Long Fei laughed sinisterly: “You want me to die? Then let’s see who dies first! “

Previous Chapter Next Chapter “Boom!”

The flame moved.

All he saw was a fireball charge towards him.

At the same time.

The power of Ninth-level Mahayana’s realm was completely released.

Both of the Bear King’s fists struck out, as a shadow of a Violent Bear appeared around his body. A ball of flame appeared in his pupils, and as it got closer and closer, the Bear King roared in anger once again as he lowered both of his fists.

“Creak, creak…”

“Creak …”

The sound of s.p.a.ce shattering was emitted around his body.

Both fists exploded!

It struck heavily towards the ball of flame.

Heaven Flame’s agglomeration.

It turned into a giant flaming fist.

It was a direct confrontation with the Bear King.

The punch landed heavily on the bear.




A loud explosion sounded as the bear was sent flying. It fell from the sky, and then, with a ‘peng’ sound, it crashed to the ground.

It crashed to the ground.

Blood spurted out from the wound, leaving only a small wound on his head.

While he was sick, he had to take his life!

Long Fei walked forward and faintly smiled, saying, “You will die first? “Heh heh …”

And then …

The punch landed!

The system sounded out!



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