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Chapter 2460 – Sky Fire G.o.d Heaven

To negotiate fair with the Demon Emperor?

Bullet rule?


Then he’ll show you what fairness is and what rules are.

This was the territory of the Magic Tribe.

He was the Demon Emperor of the Emperor Zhen Wu’s realm, he was fairness, he was a rule!

Kai Linna was enraged.

If it was possible … She really wanted to go up and ruthlessly slap the Demon Emperor a few times, but … She couldn’t!

Transformers said: “With so many of them, it should be fine for the three of us to go up together, right?”

The Demon Emperor said, “That won’t do. Only one of you can go out and fight. If you three dare to fight together, then I will instantly reduce you three by two!”

princess sand moon was also extremely anxious.

This was a test?

This was basically letting Long Fei and the other two die.

Many people in the crowd began to laugh.

It was the same with the members of the Meng Clan.

On the other hand, Meng Qian looked cold with his arms folded across his chest. His eyes were filled with disdain, towards these dozens of people, and similarly, towards Long Fei.

He was in no hurry.

Because he knew that Long Fei’s life would definitely be in his hands!

Transformers was also furious. He directly said, “If you are not the Demon Emperor and you are not in the True Martial Great Emperor’s realm, you will be beaten to death by me.”

The Demon Emperor wasn’t angry. Instead, he said with a smiling face, “What a pity. I am the Demon Emperor and I am at the boundary of the True Martial Great Emperor. Even if you can’t beat me, aren’t you angry?”

Transformers was so angry that he almost vomited blood.

However, Long Fei still maintained his calm demeanor, walked up and said: “It’s fine, I’ll take it!”

Transformers said: “Boss, there are suddenly so many people. Let me do it, I have to endure.”

Long Fei said: “No need, you can go up again after this battle.”


Long Fei let out a light breath.

He had to say it.

He was excited, but at the same time, he was also pressured. With such a large number of cultivation realms similar to him in powerhouse, attacking together would definitely be like a torrential rain as well.

If he wasn’t able to hold on … Then he would definitely die.

Long Fei slowly walked forward.

The dozens of powerhouse s also walked forward.

The Demon Emperor did not give Long Fei time to prepare, he immediately shouted, “Begin!”

As soon as he finished.

The powerhouse released their strongest skills, all of them were like a fierce wild beast rushing towards Long Fei, all sorts of strong powers bombarded down like a torrential storm.

It was exactly as Long Fei had expected.

If he couldn’t block it, he would die.

At a time like this ….

The only thing Long Fei could do was defend!


Long Fei did not have any defense, so his defense was useless!

In his world, there was no defense.

Facing the overwhelming power that came attacking him, Long Fei moved his True Essence, retracted his Ju Que Sword and retracted the power of his Sky Fire …

At this moment.

The ground beneath his feet suddenly cracked.


His hands turned into claws, veins bulged all over his body, and his forehead creased. Strips of power were released from his fingers, and then … Long Fei faced the sky and roared.

“G.o.d’s Day Burial!”

“Sha Tian … Get lost! “

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Streaks of sand burst out from the building and flew out.

On the city walls, the sand that made up the walls, the sand that was on the ground, and the sand that was in the ruins, seemed to be summoned by some sort of powerful force and constantly surged towards the sky.

It was as if a black ma.s.s had appeared above Long Fei’s head, as if a sky made up of sand had appeared.

Everyone was shocked.


They did not avoid him. Instead, they looked at Long Fei and shouted, “Kill him first!”

“Kill him!”

As long as he killed Long Fei, the cultivation technique he used would instantly crumble.

princess sand moon looked at the sky filled with sand and his heart trembled, “The power of the Sand Demon … Did he absorb the Sand Demon’s power? “

She didn’t have time to think about it now.

The G.o.d of Burial that the Sand Demon released was in the middle of the desert. There was endless sand, but… This was a city, and there wasn’t that much sand.


The power that Long Fei had released was also not enough.

It was impossible to kill these experts.

He didn’t have enough strength!

And at this time.

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Previous Chapter Next Chapter “Boom!”

When countless of attacks descended, they were all the power of the Arrogant Form State. In an instant, Long Fei was drenched in blood and his body was covered in wounds.

Heavily wounded!

His health point was declining crazily.

The Spring of Life was frantically replenishing it, but … It was still a little too late, because Long Fei had endured too many attacks, he would not be able to take it any longer.

“Not enough!”

“I still don’t have enough strength!”

“I can’t take it anymore!”

“My health point is dropping too quickly. I can only last ten seconds at most.” Long Fei’s heart became anxious, this was the first time he used the power of the G.o.d Realm Burying Art, he didn’t expect that … Because the sand was not strong enough.


He had already reached such a situation …

“I’m going all out!”

Long Fei said solemnly, “Kong Kim, Kai Linna, step back!”

His left hand moved.

Skyfire was instantly released, “Bring it on!”

“Sky Fire G.o.d Sky!”

“Buried, burnt to death!”

“Fall for me!”



The heaven and earth rumbled as the thick sand in the sky suddenly began to burn. Moreover, at that instant …

It was like the sky collapsing.

It came crashing down.

The power of the explosion in the sand.

The burning power of the heavenly fire perfectly fused with everything at this moment. Under the sand in the sky, as long as dozens of powerhouse were touched by even a little bit of it, their bodies would instantly burn up and be dragged into the sand by the powerful force.




One after another, their bodies burned crazily, exploding crazily.

Finally, it became a part of the sand.

At this moment.




The system beep flew wildly and could not stop at all.



“Lord Demon Emperor, save me!”

“Help me!”

“I’m not playing anymore. I’m quitting. I’m quitting. Don’t, don’t, kill me.”

… ….

“Huff, huff …” There was blood on the corner of Long Fei’s eyebrows. Holding onto the Ju Que Sword in his left hand, he walked over to her like a G.o.d of death in a blood prison, and said: “Dammit, are you calling for help now?”

“Why didn’t you scream when you attacked laozi?”



One sword, one slaughter at a time.

At first they were like wild beasts.


Long Fei was a butcher!

Everyone was stunned, looking at Long Fei one by one, fear rose up in their hearts. This human … It was a bit cruel.

The Demon Emperor was also ecstatic. “Hahaha …” Interesting, very interesting. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such an interesting person. “

“It’s not a simple answer!”

“I can’t believe a human with such a monster.”

“No way!”

“I have to think of a way for him to become a member of the Magic Tribe.” The Demon Emperor was a little excited, he was surprised at the power Long Fei had displayed.


He made a decision!

“Who else?”

“Do you still have the qualifications?”

Long Fei heavily roared.

At this moment.

A wave of cold and chilling aura instantly attacked him, and in almost an instant … Long Fei felt as if his body was frozen.

It was also at this time.

Meng Qian appeared in front of Long Fei, looking at the surrounding corpses with disdain, “A bunch of trash!”

Meng Qian pointed at Long Fei’s nose and coldly said, “You!”

“Die for me!”

— —

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