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Chapter 2441 – 18 Captains of Magic King

Since the mission wasn’t over yet, they naturally had to continue escorting him.

The reward of 10 million experience points was also an experience. How could Long Fei not accept it?


was grateful that the princess sand moon had helped him to repair the Great Ravine, and with the killing intent in Meng Shan and the others’ hearts, he couldn’t leave either.


He never thought that the Meng family would also have a partic.i.p.ant from the G.o.d’s sect gathering.

The G.o.d’s sect gathering that Zhao Guo held was an invitation to all the genius generals of the Zhen Wu continent.

Those who were able to partic.i.p.ate were all geniuses amongst geniuses.

Especially in the Magic Tribe territory, people who were able to be invited were even more extraordinary.

Long Fei wanted to see what kind of genius he was.

A day’s journey.

Deep in the night.

In the darkness.

“Why did you bring them?”

“Don’t forget the purpose of our trip!” An old man’s voice was low, filled with anger and dissatisfaction.

The other person was Meng Shan.

Meng Shan sneered: “Elder You, what are you so anxious about?”

The elder said solemnly, “How can I not be anxious? The Sand Demon was killed and the heavenly fire also appeared. If the princess completely controls the heavenly fire, do you think we will still have a chance? “

Meng Shan replied: “Don’t worry, they won’t be able to get to the Meng Family.”

The elder raised his eyebrows and looked at Meng Shan.

Meng Shan laughed sinisterly: “Do you think I would let a human step into Magic Tribe’s territory? With just him? “It’s not that I said, if it wasn’t for that woman, I could send her to heaven with one hand.”

“Trash human dares to fight with me?”

“I’ll play you to death!”

Meng Shan clenched his fists tightly, the killing intent in his eyes grew even stronger.

The elder let out a small breath and said, “That human youth is not simple.”

“Not simple?”

“Hahaha …” Meng Shan disdained: “Even if it’s not simple, I will still kill him, human? Humph! then you don’t have the qualifications to step into the Devil Sect’s territory. “

He hated humans to the extreme.

Adding on the words Long Fei had said, his heart became even more unsatisfied.

And then …

The elder asked, “Then what about the princess?”

Meng Shan said, “Rest a.s.sured, as long as Sky Fire and Refining Platform are with her, I will definitely give them to you. Elder You, what you promised us… “

The elder immediately said, “Don’t worry, I, You Hu, will keep my word!”

“You mean what you say?”

Meng Shan muttered, and the corner of his mouth revealed a cold smile.

… ….

In another place, beside a bonfire.

Kai Linna stood silently behind Long Fei, his eyes like an eagle’s eyes staring at his surroundings.

Long Fei looked at princess sand moon.

princess sand moon looked at the bonfire.

Just like that, the two of them remained silent.

Under the illumination of the flames, he could roughly see princess sand moon’s face. The pair of eyes under the veil had a trace of loneliness in it as they quietly stared at the bonfire without blinking.

Very smart.

After a long time.

Long Fei stretched his back and was just about to say something when princess sand moon was a step ahead of him. He looked at Long Fei and for some reason, his expression was somewhat panicked and a little worried as he said: “It’s an engagement set up by my father.”


She didn’t know why she wanted to explain, but she wanted to explain to Long Fei.

Long Fei had originally wanted to say good night and go to sleep.

He was really not interested in the princess sand moon’s engagement. A woman had to marry someone, and if she wanted to marry someone, she had to marry someone. sand moon tribe was also one of the Magic Tribe s, it was normal for him to have a marriage with a genius from a family.

Thus …

Long Fei responded softly, “Oh!”

He was truly very casual and did not have any thoughts.

However …

However, princess sand moon mistook Long Fei’s casual tone for another meaning and explained once again, “Actually, I don’t even like Meng Qian.”

“Err …” Long Fei was startled, he thought: “You don’t need to tell me whether you like it or not right?”

princess sand moon looked at the flames again and said, “But my father was worried that our sand moon tribe would be devoured by other Magic Tribe Tribes, so before he died, he made this marriage agreement.”

“He wants to protect the sand moon tribe.”

“At that time, I didn’t even know what a marriage contract was. Seeing my father in pain, I made a choice without any hesitation.” princess sand moon said lightly.

There was a hint of bitterness in his eyes.

All these years, she had always used her own strength to help the sand moon tribe survive as long as possible.

Protection from the Meng Clan?

Except this time, it had never appeared before.

As for Meng Qian?

She had never seen one before.

However …

Meng Qian was one of the eighteen sons of the Demon Emperor. From this, it could be seen how talented he was, being able to be adopted as a son by the Demon Emperor, it was clear how much the Demon Emperor valued him.


How could she love a stranger she had never met?

Long Fei said: “Since you don’t like it, then don’t marry. Since it’s a marriage contract, isn’t it just a piece of paper?”

The princess sand moon smiled bitterly: “Our Magic Tribe’s marriage contract is different from yours. Magic Tribe’s marriage contract is based on blood.

“It cannot be destroyed.”

“If you break the engagement, the Demon G.o.d will punish you.”

Long Fei was startled, “Is this an engagement, or a curse?”


“This is quite useful. At the very least, it can make people keep their promise … No, that’s not right. People have no other choice but to at least choose the person they like and live the life of the person they love, right? ” Long Fei thought of Yi Yourong.

Thinking about Yi Yourong and Zhao Haotian.

When he thought of how Yi Yourong was going to marry a eunuch, and how it was even under the pressure of her master, Long Fei’s anger surged.

There was still a month left!

G.o.d’s sect gathering was about to arrive.

And in another month, Yi Yourong would be marrying Zhao Haotian for the Zhao Family’s Dragon Bloodline Emperor’s Qi.

Thinking of all these, Long Fei became even more unhappy.


No matter how unhappy he was right now, it was useless because of his strength!

In the short span of a few months, his level had undergone earth-shattering changes. He was still not a match for the Emperor Zhen Wu’s realm.

He was still not strong enough!

Once Yi Yourong’s master made a move, Long Fei wasn’t sure if he could withstand it!

Not strong enough!

Seeing the anger in Long Fei’s eyes, princess sand moon thought that Long Fei was angry because of her and couldn’t help but look towards Long Fei and say: “This might be my life.”

She wanted to break free from the shackles of fate.

However …

Her strength was insufficient!

It wasn’t just the clan that she was going to face, but the Meng Clan as well, and even … It was the Demon Emperor!

After a long time.

They fell silent again.

Long Fei’s mind did not think about the princess sand moon, his mind was only thinking how to level up quickly. The Wilderness was about to be cleared, so he immediately entered the Magic Tribe’s territory.

The demon beast in the Wilderness could not support the experience he needed to level up anymore.

Breaking through the second stage of Arrogant Form required 1.2 billion experience.

Too much.

Moreover, it would only be a month’s time. Long Fei would not be able to slowly fight monsters like in the game and slowly level up!

He needed to be fast!

He had reached the boundary of the True Martial Emperor within almost a month, but … Where was the place to level up like this?

Could it be…

To turn over the entire Magic Tribe?


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