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Chapter 2427 – Ghost Emperor

At the very beginning, Long Fei had immediately cultivated using the ‘Corrupt Ghost Claw’.

He had also succeeded in his training.

It was just that …

No matter how Long Fei tried, he just could not release it.

Because of the Universal Realm’s cultivation technique, Long Fei’s current level was simply not high enough.


When he had released it just now and absorbed a large amount of power of nether, the power within his body had instantly become stronger.

Even though Long Fei entered the imprint s.p.a.ce using the idea, however… He was sure that there was a powerful power of nether in his body, but he didn’t know why the power of nether would be absorbed so quickly.

He was confused.

However …

This did not hinder his excitement.

“proficiency + 100, you’ve overpowered my bro!” Long Fei immediately opened up the system to check on the proficiency in his’ Rotten Ghost Claw ‘. After reading it, his expression instantly changed as if he was impotent.

“F * ck!”

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, why don’t you just die?”

“One rank one proficiency requires two one hundred thousand points?”

“What the heck is this cultivation technique?” G.o.d Tier Cultivation Technique wouldn’t be so hard to cultivate? “

After the appearance of the proficiency, the attribute of flying cultivation technique also appeared.

Cultivation Method: Corrupt Ghost Claw (Ghost Emperor Legacy)


proficiency: 100 points.

Description: Decayed Ghost Claw is the inheritance of the Ghost Emperor, it has the ability to devour and absorb all powers.

Description 2: Upon reaching Level 1, you can release a Level 1 Ghost Emperor to fight!

Seeing that, Long Fei’s eyes became serious, he stared at the four words’ Level One Ghost Emperor ‘with a lifeless look in his eyes, “Oh wow, Level One Ghost Emperor?”

“What level is this?”

“Ghost Emperor?”

“powerhouse of the hegemon level of the Universal Realm s?”



Long Fei immediately shut down the system, and once again released Corrupt Ghost Hand.


“System Notification: proficiency + 100 points!”

It was strange.

In the Ming Clan’s imprint s.p.a.ce, Long Fei could only cultivate this Rotten Ghost Hand. What was even more shocking was that this set of method had no cooldown time in this s.p.a.ce.

In other words, Long Fei could release countless of moves in a row.

“Ming Clan Mark.”

“Could it be that the Ghost Emperor is also a descendant of the Ming Clan?”

“Can’t be?”

“Didn’t Yi Yourong say that most of the Ming Clan s died? Why would the G.o.d’s tribe tolerate an overlord like the Ghost Emperor staying in the Universal Realm? ” Long Fei was suspicious, but forgot about it in the next second.

What Ghost Emperor.

What Ming Clan, what G.o.d’s tribe, Long Fei did not want to think too much into such a mess, who cares about their relationship. What he wanted to do now was to train his’ Corrupt Ghost Claw ‘to the first level!

Level one Ghost Emperor!

Even if it wasn’t strong, it would at least give Long Fei a bit more power.

Would the Ghost Emperor not be strong?



“System Notification: proficiency + 100 points!”



“System Notification: proficiency + 100 points!”

… ….

For an entire night, Long Fei did not stop in the s.p.a.ce imprint.

proficiency’s skill levelled up crazily.

At the same time.

Long Fei was also crazily absorbing the power of nether, just that… Even after an entire night had pa.s.sed, his body still did not contain any remnants of power of nether.

All of them had been swallowed by the Spring of Life.


The serious injuries caused by the Spring of Life were almost healed.

Regarding these, Long Fei did not care. What he wanted was not the power of nether, even if his entire body was filled with this power, he did not know how to release it.

What he wanted was the proficiency!

The sky turned white in the east.

Not long later.

The fiery red sun slowly rose into the sky. The sun in the desert was not gentle at all. As soon as it appeared, the temperature rapidly rose and the desert seemed to be on fire again.

The scorching heat was crazily eroding.

Long Fei’s mouth was dry, and was about to peel off.

He didn’t care.


“System Notification: proficiency + 100 points!”


“Congratulations to the player ‘Long Fei’ for cultivating the skill ‘Corrupt Ghost Claw’ to level up. Currently, level one, the next level requires eight hundred thousand proficiency!”

Seeing that long string of numbers, Long Fei felt dizzy.

Hearing the sound of skills levelling up, Long Fei instantly came out of the s.p.a.ce. He stayed in place for one more second, to the point where he felt that he would puke if he used it once.

That kind of boring training was too uncomfortable.

It was a kind of torture.

“Huff …”

Long Fei took a deep breath and looked at the Rotten Ghost Hand in the System Skill Bar. He was now able to summon a Level 1 Ghost Emperor, but it was just that … He didn’t know if he could release it from the Ming Clan’s s.p.a.ce.

He didn’t dare to try.

He was worried that the cooldown time would be very long.

“Hiss, hiss …”

“Hiss, hiss …”

The ear-piercing hissing sound of a poisonous snake continuously rang beside Long Fei’s ears. Long Fei retracted his idea and opened his eyes to look.

“Holy sh * t!”

A large field.

They surrounded Long Fei as if he was their mother and Long Fei was their father.

“This …”

“Isn’t this too much?”

They could be seen all over the valley, which made their scalps tingle.

Alien queen was still sp.a.w.ning.

Only, his expression was much dimmer than last night. This was because the energy of the grandmist crystal was nearly exhausted.

Long Fei stood still.

All the Alien Demons raised their heads and looked at him.

Long Fei clenched both his fists, he was extremely excited, “With just these, I can sweep across the entire continent, and this mere Savage Desert, your father will not be able to do anything!”


Long Fei moved and said straightforwardly: “Children, listen to my orders.”

“Target, right in front, 20km away!”


“Let them experience what it means to destroy everything. Let them experience what it means to launch a sneak attack!” Long Fei was in high spirits, extremely bold and powerful.

Because everything in front of him was too awesome.

The tens of thousands of Alien Demons were like demons that had been released from h.e.l.l. With Long Fei’s order, they rushed out crazily.

It was like a black cloud sweeping across the ground.

Long Fei glanced at Kai Linna, but he did not see any trace of her. She might have gone to investigate, so Long Fei did not have time to care so he quickly rushed out.

“Kong Kim, you have to live for me.”

“You touched my brother and hurt my woman. Today, even if you are the King of h.e.l.l, I will still kill you!” Long Fei quickly rushed forward like a bolt of lightning.




The ground shook and sand rolled.

A few minutes later.

Long Fei stood at a high place and looked at a deep canyon. The two sides of the canyon were filled with various kinds of caves and in the center of the canyon, there was a gigantic altar.

Floating in the air above the altar.

Sensing the appearance of the Alien Demons, a head popped out of the caves.

One of them!

The head of a Golden giant peeked out from the biggest cave. Long Fei’s eyes turned sinister, “From the Ma Le Gou!”

Long Fei’s heart was instantly enraged, “I’ve finally found you.”

The Alien demons surrounding the two sides of the canyon became even more ferocious along with the fury that was thirty thousand meters deep in Long Fei’s heart.

Long Fei took out his Ju Que Broken Sword, and shouted loudly: “Kill!”

“Kill them all!”

— —

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