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Chapter 2423 – Sky Fire

Long Fei wiped away his sweat and said: “The hinterland? Could it be that we’re still at the edges of the road after walking for two days? “

Uncle Fu said, “The Savage Desert is vast and boundless. At the beginning, we were only at the edge of the desert, but now we are going to enter its center.”

Transformers asked, “Isn’t this place too hot? The temperature here is several times hotter than outside.”

Uncle Fu said, “Legend has it that it’s the punishment from the heavens. Millions of years ago, a heavenly fire appeared here, and the flames fell from the sky and burned for a hundred thousand years, turning this place into a fiery desert. No matter if it’s humans or beasts, neither of them can survive here, this is the punishment from the heavens.”

“Err …”

“Why does it sound like Old Lord Taishang’s Alchemy furnace was overturned by Sun monkey and was set ablaze?” Long Fei muttered, and then asked: “Then why does the heavens punish us here?”

“It can’t be for no reason, right?”

“We’ll see.”

“Both humans and beasts are unable to survive in this place, how many years has your sand moon tribe been living here? Aren’t those desert giant scorpion all still alive and well? ” Long Fei asked.

Uncle Fu was at a loss for words. He didn’t know how to respond.

girl with veil said, “There is a special function of our sand moon tribe’s body, which is to absorb water from the sand.”


Long Fei glanced at girl with veil and said, “Do you take me as a three year old child? Absorb water from the sand? Just in the sand? “You absorb one for me to see.”

“If you can absorb water, why do you drink so much from me?”

“We don’t have enough water now.”

He didn’t believe it at all.

If they could absorb the water, would they still need to drink it?

This group of people were just a group of swindlers, completely here to swindle Long Fei.

girl with veil’s expression was somewhat downcast as he said, “Not now.”

“Playing with me?” Long Fei was very angry.

He didn’t want to listen to the girl with veil’s explanation, so he walked down the hill as fast as he could, wanting to finish the mission earlier.

girl with veil looked afar, and his fists couldn’t help but tighten.

Uncle Fu whispered: “Princess, let’s go.”

At this moment …




A series of explosions suddenly sounded out, the sand layer was moving crazily, before anyone could react, the sand under girl with veil’s feet was already moving crazily.

It directly formed a funnel-like vortex.

The girl had no time to react at all as she sunk in instantly.

Long Fei’s face tightened.

Both of Transformers’s fists exploded as he said in a deep voice, “F * ck, you only know how to do sneak attacks!”

It came too fast.

In addition, without any sort of alertness, neither Transformers nor Kai Linna could sense the dangerous aura below the layer of sand. Actually … It wasn’t because their cultivation wasn’t high enough.

It was because of the characteristics of the desert giant scorpion.

Once they had concealed themselves, they were like lifeless objects, motionlessly moving in the sand. Let alone the s of the Emperor Zhen Wu’s realm, even they would not be able to sense their existence.

Everyone was caught off guard by his sudden appearance.

Seeing the youth fall in, Uncle Fu immediately cried out, “Princess!”

Transformers threw himself at him, but. The speed at which the ground was caving in was simply too fast.

“Holy sh * t!”

Long Fei cursed angrily, and thought: “There must be something wrong with this woman.”

At this moment.

Long Fei moved, releasing a strong burst of Quintessential Essence, releasing his strongest power at the ninth level of the Spirit Refinement realm. He grabbed the Ju Que Broken Sword and injected his Quintessential Essence.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter “Boom!”

He suddenly swung his arm.

The Ju Que Broken Sword flew straight up into the sky, then heavily plummeted down.

It pierced down almost right into girl with veil’s face.


Previous Chapter Next Chapter “Boom!”

A series of painful screams came from the sand. Dark green liquid surged out from the sand, and a thick mountain of sand churned a few times.

And then …

There was no more activity.

It was also at this time.

The system sounded out.


“Congratulations to player ‘Long Fei’ for killing ‘desert giant scorpion’ for obtaining 50,000 experience, 5000 points for true qi, and 1 point for Arrogant G.o.d Energy Value!”

One slash killed!

Ju Que Broken Sword was the Ocean King’s weapon.

The Magic Weapon in the Universal Realm.

Killing this kind of demon beast was enough, it was just that … To activate the Ju Que Sword’s power, he needed a huge amount of primeval essence, and Long Fei’s opportunity to use up all of it just now was almost used up.

Fortunately, the zombie inner core could heal indefinitely, or else the true qi value would be gone.

girl with veil crawled up from the deep pit, still shaken. Looking at the distant Long Fei, his heart shook greatly, as he killed a huge scorpion with one sword strike. This man was very strong.

She had initially thought that Long Fei was relying on the protection of the Transformers.

Not at all.

And this dagger …

She had never seen it before.

In addition, the power of this sword was just too great. It was so powerful that it was her first time seeing it.


This sword was a broken sword. If it could be repaired, then its might would be even more ferocious.

Long Fei kept the idea.

The Ju Que Sword returned to its sheath.

Long Fei was also somewhat depressed in his heart, “Sigh … If I had known that the Underworld Fire could instantly kill the Ocean King, I wouldn’t have broken this sword. “

“If it’s a complete Ju Que Sword, the power will definitely be even more acute.”

What a pity!

The girl quickly calmed down and said respectfully to Long Fei: “Thank you.”

This time it was sincere.

Long Fei waved his hand and said: “There’s no need to thank me. I will definitely do as I’ve promised you. “Now I have a question, you must answer it truthfully.”

“If you dare to lie to me, I swear that I will immediately leave you behind.”

girl with veil’s eyebrows tightened, and said: “Go ahead and ask.”

Long Fei asked: Why did the desert giant scorpion specially deal with you? “Don’t tell me it’s a coincidence. I want to hear the truth.”

It couldn’t be a coincidence.

There must be a secret about her.

Uncle Fu’s expression tightened as he gently shook his head at girl with veil.

girl with veil was not moved and said indifferently: “Because I have something that they want.”


“desert giant scorpion?” Long Fei asked.

girl with veil said: No, desert giant scorpion is just a puppet created by her. She is a devil created by our sand moon tribe, and it is also why she would punish our sand moon tribe, causing the Heaven Flames to descend and turn our sand moon tribe into a flaming dead desert.

“Devil?” Long Fei became interested, and thought: “This should be a big BOSS right?”

Long Fei asked: “Then what exactly do you have on you?”

Uncle Fu shook his head again.

Long Fei quietly waited. If she did not say anything, Long Fei would not bother to care.

That was his s.e.x.

girl with veil hesitated for a moment. Then, she took out a black iron box that was filled with runes. The moment she took it out …

The rune on the metal box flashed with a trace of fire.

It was as if he had been activated.

At the same time … All sorts of explosions resounded from the depths of the desert, like the roars of ten thousand beasts.

Long Fei asked: “What is this?”

girl with veil said: “Sky Fire!”


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