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Chapter 248 – 10,000 Points, scared to the point of p.i.s.sing!

Once he finished, the entire audience was in an uproar as they all looked towards Long Fei.

Come out at this time?

Wasn’t this a provocation?

Isn’t this courting death?

Just as Zhao Yitian finished speaking, Long Fei suddenly appeared. This made him extremely unhappy, and his eyes darkened slightly as Zhao Yitian stared at Long Fei and asked: “Who are you?”

Long Fei didn’t even bother with him. Looking at the statistical Senior Brother, he said, “Can I announce my results?”

The statistical disciple looked at Guan Zhen.

Guan Zhen recovered his expression and said: “According to the order of registration …”

Not waiting for him to finish.

Zhao Yitian directly went up, laughed coldly, and said: “Don’t follow the order of bulls.h.i.t, just let him go first. I want to see how many demon beast he can take out.”

“Arrogant in front of me? It’s more like seeking death. ” Zhao Yitian looked at Long Fei with disdain, he did not put this kind of person in his eyes at all.

What he had said just now was only to those people of the Zhou clan.

Amongst all the disciples who were taking the exam, only the people from the Zhou family were a little bit of a threat to him. As for the others, he did not put them in his eyes at all.

Long Fei glanced at Zhao Yitian and said, “My lines have all been s.n.a.t.c.hed by you.”

Zhao Yitian said in disdain: “What did you say?”

Long Fei shrugged his shoulders: “It’s nothing, I have a bad habit of doing things, I just can’t stand people acting tough in front of me. Normally, when I encounter these kinds of things, I would just slap them.”

Zhao Yitian glared and shouted: “You are f * * king courting death.”

Long Fei didn’t pay any attention to him and said: “I only killed one demon beast.”

As soon as he finished.

Zhao Yitian immediately laughed out loud, “Hahaha… A demon beast? A demon beast wants to compare with me? “

“A demon beast?”

“d.a.m.n, how many demon beast do I think he has?”

“Isn’t this person taking the examination at the back?”

“Isn’t he a fool?”

“Is he a tease? He wants to compete with Seventh Prince? “

“It’s so d.a.m.n funny.”

“Hahaha …”

… ….

Many people of martial-arts arena laughed.

In their eyes, Long Fei was just a big fool, how could he be compared to the Seventh Prince?

“Idiot, you want to compare a demon beast with the Seventh Prince? Could it be that the demon beast you hunted was a five level monster? “

“It might be the Level Six Demon Beast.”

“Him? Level Six Demon Beast, hahaha … “

The crowd laughed again.

Long Fei stuck a hand into the spatial wooden tablet, fished around, but was unable to find anything after fumbling around for a long time.

Zhao Yitian was grinning from ear to ear, “Is the demon beast too young to find it on the spatial wooden tablet?”

“Hahaha …”

“Arrogant in front of me? If I say it, I’ll be courting death! “

Guan Zhen also said slightly: “This is not a good place to joke, hurry up and go down.”

“No way!”

Zhao Yitian said: “If he can’t even bring out a single demon beast today, then he is toying with me and the Xuan Yue sect. For someone like him …”

“According to the law, cut off the tongue!”

How dare you act so arrogantly in front of him?

If he did not give some color to him, then he would not be Zhao Yitian!

At this time.

Not far away, Yi Yourong also slowly walked a few steps forward.

Long Fei’s eyes opened, and sweat poured down his body like rain, his entire body was completely drenched, following that, all the veins on his body began to bulge, as he roared out loudly, “Open your eyes wide and look carefully.”


His right arm suddenly thickened as he exerted his strength.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter “Boom!”

The gigantic colorful lizard head was taken out from the s.p.a.ce Ring.

Although it was only a head, the domineering aura of the great seven-rating monster and beasts was still there. The head that was lifted up into the air by Long Fei was like a huge body that suddenly trembled, it was too terrifying!


A loud sound echoed out.

It crashed onto the ground right beside the Seventh Prince.

At this moment.

The Seventh Prince’s face suddenly turned as pale as a thin sheet of paper. His entire body trembled without stop, and he even forgot to retreat.


His crotch began to drip.

If the last time he was scared to the point of peeing, then this time it was a mental suppression, his mind felt as if it had been shattered and he was scared to death.

This was not a normal life threatening situation.

It was quite frightening, as if his groin had shrunk and he was scared out of his wits.

Other than Zhao Yitian, many of those who had mocked him earlier were so scared that they wanted to prostrate on the ground.

Guan Zhen’s eyes turned sinister.

Yi Changfeng’s expression also secretly changed.

“Good heavens!” Yue Wanshan said excitedly.


There was not a single sound in the entire arena, as they were all squashed dead by the great seven-rating monster and beasts’s head.


Too overbearing.

Without doing anything, the moment he attacked, he was like a great seven-rating monster and beasts, tyrannically exploding on the surface.

Long Fei’s mouth formed a smile, his gaze swept across the entire hall, “Keep laughing, keep laughing for me!”

“Acting cool?”

“I will not allow anyone to act tough in front of me!” Long Fei said in disdain, he stared at Zhao Yitian and asked: “Is this seven-rating monster and beasts enough?”

“Elder, how many points does the great seven-rating monster and beasts have?”

Guan Zhen’s voice trembled a little as he said, “One, one, ten thousand points.”

It was also at this time.

Yi Changfeng’s body moved, and instantly landed beside Zhao Yitian. He stared at Long Fei and bellowed: “Where did you pick up this great seven-rating monster and beasts’s head?”

Seventh prince’s eyes turned sinister and his expression recovered a little. He said: “You’re right, where did you pick up that great seven-rating monster and beasts’s head?”

“Kid, you cheated.”

“cheating in the exam grounds, cutting off both hands according to the law!”

“Someone, come!”

“Cut off both his hands.” Zhao Yitian was extremely angry in his heart. He was so scared that he peed his pants, he had to take this opportunity back.


A dozen servants quickly ran over and surrounded Long Fei.

At this moment.

Xiao Die immediately rushed forward, “I want to see who dares to touch A Long!”

The big man also rushed forward.

thin monkey hesitated for a moment before also rushing out. The young couple also rushed up.

They surrounded Long Fei in the middle.

Zhao Yitian sneered, and said: “There’s even help? “It just so happens that I can do it on the spot.”

Yue Wanshan said softly, “This is the Xuan Yue sect, it’s not up to you to make decisions here.”

The law of Zhao Guo was the law of Zhao Guo, it could not stop the Xuan Yue sect!

Long Fei was not afraid at all and laughed blandly. He looked at Yi Changfeng and said: “Speak of the monster head I picked up, then I would like to ask, where did you pick up all these heads?”

Zhao Yitian shouted, “I killed them all myself, I am at the eighth stage of the Refinement Realm, killing these low levelled demon beast is easy, what is your cultivation level? Who do you think you are? “

“You think you can kill great seven-rating monster and beasts?”

“Who would believe that?”

Long Fei coldly laughed: “Being able to kill four-rating monster and beasts at the eighth level of the Refinement Realm, then according to your calculations, isn’t it normal for my Escalate Blood 2 Stage to be able to kill great seven-rating monster and beasts?”

As soon as he finished.

The entire arena was shocked.

Xiao Die also fiercely turned his head to look at Long Fei, and asked. “You, Escalate Blood 2 Stage?”


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