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Chapter 1976 – Deathly Poison

Seventeenth win in a row!

The system sounded out. Long Fei did not care about the experience of the Poison Corpse.

The key was the system’s reward.


“Congratulations to player ‘Long Fei’ for obtaining seventeen consecutive victories. The reward is’ G.o.d’s Poison 10/10 ‘.”

“Deathly Poison?”

“What the h.e.l.l is this?”

Long Fei was a little confused.

He then opened up the system to see how familiar it was.

Item: Poison of the dead

Grade: Divine Level

Description: The G.o.d’s poison will turn into a Divine level zombie, controlled by players.

Description 2: The success rate of the G.o.d’s poison is 100%, only ten times!

… ….


“A higher grade version of the zombie’s poison. Once infected, it will become the zombie’s poison, so it’s called the zombie’s poison?” Long Fei was stunned, he was slightly excited in his heart.

“Ten chances, will it be ten zombie G.o.ds?”

“Heh heh …” “Interesting!”

“The system’s reward is getting more and more generous, and it’s also getting more and more whimsical.” Long Fei accepted the G.o.d’s steel and swept his gaze across it. He then looked at w.a.n.g Zhong and said with disdain, “Is this your w.a.n.g Family’s Poison Corpse? “If they can’t even withstand one blow, is there anyone stronger?”

Not enough.

Long Fei hoped to challenge his opponent even more.

Because …

The stronger the opponent, the more generous the reward.

This was what Long Fei wanted.

The entire audience was shocked, and it became especially quiet.

The poison emitted from the Poison Corpse was completely useless against Long Fei, his arms ignited with flames as well, evaporating all the poison in the Boundary’s cage.

Too fierce.

The purple-clothed girl laughed excitedly, “Uncle Nether, I already said he would win, am I seeing things?”

nether slave stared at him silently for a long time.

He was thinking about something.

What exactly was the G.o.d’s steel in Long Fei’s hands?

Why did he use a slay?

nether slave muttered: “I have never seen that kind of weapon before, it shouldn’t be a weapon, it should just be an unforged piece of metal, but why is it so powerful?”


“This kid is not simple.”

The purple-clothed girl said with great approval, “Of course. How could the person I choose be simple?”

She thought that Long Fei was someone who was able to concoct the Nine Steps Yang Reversion Pill, so how could it be simple?

The nether slave said: “Miss, I’m not talking about that, but the piece of black iron that he just took out, that piece of metal is not simple at all, even holy artifact s cannot achieve the same effect as that piece of slay, furthermore …”

nether slave swept his gaze across them and said in a low voice: “Many people noticed.”

G.o.d’s steel.

The hardest piece of steel from the Steel Armor Beast’s body.

It did not belong to this world.

It had never appeared in this world before.

The ordinary audience did not mind that Long Fei had used one of the slay’s undefeatable Poison Corpse s, but a bright light flashed in the eyes of the people in the private rooms.

“What’s that?”

“Immediately send someone to investigate.”

… ….

“What a strong piece of fine steel. I’ve never seen it before. This is the material used to make peerless divine weapons.”

“Go and find out.”

… ….

“Helmsman, what is that?”

“I have never seen it before, the Poison Corpse’s defense is not just normal. That thing is like a radish, could it be that the Devil Island has such a treasure?”

The center of G.o.d’s rudder’s brows tightened as he muttered, “It seems like he has a lot of secrets on him.”

“Has the chief steward come back yet?”

An elder shook his head, “Not yet, but it should be soon.”

He was still waiting for the rudder to give the order.

He would not act rashly until he had been ordered to do so by the rudder.

… ….

Many people noticed Long Fei’s G.o.d’s steel.

of the night king valley.

There were also a few other major powers that were secretly paying attention to this matter.

Regarding all of these, Long Fei was completely unaware.

“We won!”

“Sir, you’re too awesome, hehe …” The twins’ tears were still rolling in their eyes. In the blink of an eye, Long Fei had won, and they cried tears of joy.

“Lord, why don’t we forget about it today?”

“The Poison Corpse just now was only the lowest level. If we continue fighting, I’m worried …”

It was too dangerous.

This caused the two of them to feel fear and trepidation.

She didn’t want to see Long Fei enter that state of life and death again.

Long Fei asked: “How many ten million G.o.d Stones are left?”

“There’s still a lot more to go.” The twins lowered their heads.

Although he had always been winning, with the decline in Long Fei’s payout, he was still quite a distance away from ten million divine stones.

Long Fei did not hesitate, and directly said: “Then let’s continue.”

Even if it wasn’t a divine stone, Long Fei would continue.

Because …

The reward from the system was too great for him to extricate himself from.


Long Fei continued to ring the bell for the challenge. Looking at w.a.n.g Zhong in the distance, he said, “If your w.a.n.g Family still has any monsters, send them out for me. I’ll send them to the west together.”

“Come on!”

w.a.n.g Zhong’s forehead tightened as he tightly clenched his fists. He was exceptionally angry as he shouted, “Long Fei, don’t be too arrogant.”

Long Fei laughed: “I am arrogant, what are you saying?”

“Cluck, cluck, cluck …”

w.a.n.g Zhong gritted his teeth as they rumbled loudly. Smoke rose from the top of his head. A low level Poison Corpse would require decades of nurturing. It would consume a great deal of energy, but … To be killed instantly by Long Fei without harming him in the slightest was not a small loss to the w.a.n.g Family.

However …

w.a.n.g Zhong’s eyes turned sinister as he shouted, “Let’s see how much more you can still act so arrogantly!”

At this moment.

A purple-cloaked man stood beside the challenge clock.

“Purple Robe Poison Corpse?”

“High leveled Poison Corpse?”


As the bell rang, the referee immediately said, “Someone is challenging number 1414, do you accept?”

Long Fei smiled slightly, and said: “I will accept it, of course I will accept it. How can I not accept someone who has come to die?”

“Gifting EXP and rewards. There’s no way I wouldn’t accept it.”

He was looking forward to a stronger opponent.

Long Fei explained a few things to the twins and then strode into the Boundary’s cage. “Hurry up, I still dare to live in this world.”

Long Fei was very arrogant.

Quite wild.

Poison Corpse could be said to be an existence that everyone in city of martial arts feared.

However, Long Fei looked down on him.

The w.a.n.g family was not in a good mood.

Many people were extremely displeased with his arrogance.

The purple-clothed girl said softly, “Uncle Nether, who do you think will win?”

The nether slave thought for a moment, shook his head, and said: “The defense, strength, and speed of the purple robe Poison Corpse, are all things that the Poison Corpse can’t compare to just now. Refining this kind of Poison Corpse would take nearly a hundred years, it can be said that refining this kind of Poison Corpse would cost millions of divine stones.”

“The w.a.n.g family wants him to die.”

The purple-clothed girl’s eyes flashed, and said with some anger: “Seems like the w.a.n.g family does not respect my night king valley at all.”

At the same time.

Even the purple-clothed girl was a little lonely. Had the night king valley fallen to the point where they didn’t even put a small family in their eyes?

The purple-clothed girl was very angry.

nether slave did not speak anymore, and instead stared fixedly at Long Fei who was inside the Boundary, “Do you still know how to use that thing?”


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