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Chapter 1880 – Immortal Body


The purple flames on Long Fei’s body suddenly exploded outwards.

His eyes.

His pupils had also turned into a ball of flame, and they were burning.



No one dared to look directly at him.

“Purple pupil?”

“This, this, what is this power?”

“Every part of his body is covered in purple flames. Won’t he die from these flames?”

“What is it?”

… ….

Everyone was shocked by Long Fei’s sudden change.

Jiu Tianmo sneered, and said: “So what if your strength changed again? holy general does not have any lifespan, so there is no limit to his revival. Long Fei can only get beaten up. “

What kind of existence was the holy general?

If he had doubts at the beginning, Jiu Tianmo would now believe without reservation that no one on the Demon Island was a match for the holy general.

Long Fei was naturally not either!

“Great Clan Elder is right, no matter how much Long Fei changes, with his cultivation realm right there, how strong can he be?”

“Long Fei, you are just making a useless struggle.”

“Hurry up and die!”

The strength of Long Fei’s body became very strong.

No matter how strong he was, would he be as strong as a G.o.d?

Even though the holy general created by the Destiny G.o.d wasn’t a G.o.d, he was still a super holy general created by a G.o.d. It was a piece of cake for him to crush Long Fei.

Long Fei did not speak.

Because …

At this moment, he felt a power that he had never felt before.

Powerful Heaven’s Illumination!

All of them were gathered in his eyes. The kind of violet sun burning, the surging power of Heaven’s will. Long Fei’s eyes sank as he stared at the heavily injured holy general.

In the blink of an eye.

The sky was dark.

holy general’s eyes were cold as he stared at Long Fei fearlessly.

The instant their eyes met.




holy general’s body ignited, and purple flames burned crazily. The b.l.o.o.d.y groove above his head quickly revealed the bottom of his body, but holy general did not let out a scream.

He couldn’t feel anything.

No pain.

No life.

He stood where he was and looked at Long Fei.


In less than ten seconds, his body was burnt to ashes.

The moment his health fell to zero, his body was reborn, perfectly intact.

Jiu Tianmo excitedly roared, “Hahaha… Long Fei, did you see that? Resurrection, wuhaha … holy general is unrivalled in the world. “

Just with you, Long Fei? How can he be a match for us! “

A glance was all it took to kill him.

In an instant, he was resurrected.

The power of this damage was off the charts.

This kind of power that could revive him in place was extremely powerful.

When Jiu Tianmo saw that the holy general had revived with incomparable excitement, his reverence towards the Lord of the Destiny G.o.d became even stronger.

The G.o.d of Fate controls all fates.

Only by believing in the G.o.d of destiny can one obtain an immortal body, or even eternal life!


holy general did not die, but… The purple flames on his body also did not extinguish!

This was the power of the Purple Sun Heaven Shine!




Within a few seconds, the holy general turned into ashes once again.

He fell down again.

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With a loud sound, the holy general was resurrected. Once again, it was resurrected at the same place, and the time it took for the G.o.d’s immortal bead to be revived was even faster than Long Fei’s.


“Hahaha… It has come back to life again. “

“Did you see that, the holy general has revived again.”

“Long Fei, come again!”

Jiu Tianmo started to laugh maniacally again.

Long Fei’s eyes turned sinister, his purple eyes shone with a cold light, “There is no such thing as an immortal, even a G.o.d would be the same.”

“Everyone has a lifespan limit!”

“Sovereigns are no exception. It is just a Ghost Beast created by the G.o.d of Fate. It can’t be immortal, nor can it be absolutely immortal.”

“Something must be wrong!”

The power of the Purple Sun Heaven Shine was very strong, very strong. As long as they met eyes with each other, they would be instantly burnt by the purple flames.

This purple flame would not extinguish.

Even if the holy general were to die, it would not extinguish.

Unless a strong power stopped it, it would never extinguish.

And because he was so powerful, Long Fei’s cultivation could not withstand the first level of power of the purple sun divine power.

But now.

Infinite Burn, Infinite Death.

The holy general resurrected without end.

How could this continue?

If they couldn’t kill him, what was the point in using all of their strength?


holy general was burned into ashes once again and resurrected in an instant. It was as good as ever without any changes.

Long Fei observed every detail.


He did not find any problems.

They couldn’t be killed!

They just couldn’t kill him!

Jiu Tianmo laughed out loud and said, “Long Fei, they are indestructible bodies created by Lord Destiny. No amount of power can kill them, it’s the same even if they turn into ashes.”


“Hahaha …”

Seeing Long Fei’s expression, which was not locked tight and had no solution, Jiu Tianmo could not help but laugh complacently.

… ….

“How could this be?”


“Is there really an immortal body in this world?”

“Why can’t I kill him even after killing so many times? Were they turned into ashes already? ” Lan Ya frowned. They looked at everything that was happening in the distance and were extremely puzzled.

w.a.n.g tai looked into the sky and said faintly, “Perhaps … This is probably the world controlled by G.o.d. “

Lei Jiu said: “I don’t care who controls this world. I only believe that there is no one in this world who can’t die, even the Destiny G.o.d will die. Otherwise, why would the ancient holy battlefield exist? Why is main temple afraid of losing? Because, once the ancient holy battlefield’s forces lose, they would be eliminated, and they would die. “

“There must be a problem.”

Yan Nantian said: “But what’s the problem?”

Mu Bing looked at Long Fei and muttered, “Sect Master won’t be able to hold on for long, so the purple flames on his body are burning his vitality and essence. If this goes on for too long, he’ll die!”

“What should we do?”

“What do we do now?”

He was incomparably frantic.

It was just as Mu Bing said.

Long Fei forcefully activated the purple sun divine power using his own vitality and life force as its foundation. His lifespan was rapidly decreasing, and once his lifespan ran out, he would die.

This kind of death was not something that the G.o.d’s immortal bead could revive.


Long Fei thought of all these …

“It’s not like these holy general have no longevity.”

“It’s because their main body isn’t here at all. They are just a repellent, with an indestructible lifespan and an undead body. This is the power that the Fate G.o.d created for them.”

“I got it!”

In that instant.

Long Fei suddenly understood, the idea suddenly sent a sound transmission to Yan Nantian and the others, and said: “Retreat!”

At this moment.

The other eleven holy general s seemed to know what Long Fei was thinking about, their bodies slightly moved, instantly sealing off all of Long Fei’s escape routes!

Jiu Tianmo laughed coldly: “You want to escape? There’s no way! ”


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