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### Chapter 17 – Highest Grade Medicine Powder

Once again, he was humiliated.

Long Fei really wanted to find a hole to hide in, but … He became even more unconvinced in his heart, “I, Long Fei, want to accomplish something that no one can stop.”


The third time, he still failed.

Fourth time, failure.

Fifth time, failure!

… ….


Long Fei did not continue. Instead, he opened the system to check the attributes of the Alchemy technique and started to ponder.

Cultivation Method: Alchemy Technique

Grade: First-grade Yellow Rank (The better the grade, the higher the success rate and the higher the quality of the pill.)

proficiency: 9/100

… ….


Long Fei suddenly realized, “Hahaha… I know, I finally know. “

“What I need is not success, but the proficiency. As long as I raise the proficiency level up, I will be able to level up. The higher the level, the higher the success rate.”

What he needed to do now was to level up proficiency.

It was just like a cultivation technique. The higher the level of a cultivation technique, the greater its damage!

This was the same principle.


Long Fei’s little universe began to erupt. It did not use all of the materials and Alchemy, but specifically used a stalk of spirit gra.s.s to refine pills.

“Then I shall use a hundred, a thousand, or even ten thousand failures to acc.u.mulate the levels of my Alchemy.”


“Refinement failed, proficiency + 1”


“Refinement failed, proficiency + 1”


“Refinement failed, proficiency + 1”

… ….

The notification sound of failure continuously resounded in his mind.

“A failure is a success is his mother. If he fails, then so be it.” Long Fei threw caution to the wind, every time he would use a stalk of Spirit Gra.s.s to level up his Alchemy, reducing his losses to the minimum.

jojo was a little confused.

Because …

Long Fei was too crazy, as though he had been bewitched, he continued to refine and fail.


“proficiency + 1”

Every time his Alchemy consumed one point of true breath, this point of consumption was still something he could bear.

From day to night, Long Fei did not eat at all. He took off the big iron pot and there was nowhere for him to cook.

… ….

“What did you say?”

“Long Fei is at the Alchemy? Hahaha… Just a broken waste of p.u.b.es like him wants to use Alchemy? ” Long Zhanwu could not help but laugh out loud.

After Long Fei returned home, he sent people to monitor them.

Long Fei went to get the High Rank Healing Pills, to buy the Spirit Gra.s.s on the streets, he was completely aware of this.

“Tell me, how is his pill forging progress?” Long Zhanwu asked.

Then the guard said: “From what I can see, young master Long Fei doesn’t have any innate Alchemy, he blew up the pill furnace the first time, and used the poisonous gas the second time. He almost fainted himself because of it, and what followed after are endless failures, failures, and failures.

He could not understand!

He really didn’t understand it.

Even someone without Alchemy Inherent skill wouldn’t be defeated like this.

Long Zhanwu laughed even harder, “Long Fei, I thought you had changed into something different. I didn’t expect you to be that useless trash who can’t even support a wall.”

It was even more difficult for a Alchemy Master than it was for a martial arts training.

Becoming a Alchemy Master was even harder than ascending the heavens.

Long Zhanye could not help but laugh as well: “Big Brother, what exactly does Long Fei want to do?”

“No matter what he does, he won’t live long.” Long Zhanwu laughed sinisterly, “There is still one more month until the family a.s.sessment, at that time …”

“Long Fei, this is your last month, cherish it well.” Long Zhanwu muttered to himself.

Long Zhanye was slightly taken aback, then said: “Big Brother, you can’t be thinking …”

Long Zhanwu said: “That’s right, I want to get rid of him in the clan examination.”

“In the clan’s test, life and death are determined, and with Long Fei’s current cultivation, he will definitely die inside.” Long Zhanye said.

said: “I don’t have time, the Acting Clan Chief Long Zhanhai is about to come out of seclusion in one and a half months. I have to get rid of Long Fei before he comes out, that way I can use all of my strength to deal with him.”

“The Long family should be in my hands. If it wasn’t for Grand Elder’s bias, why would it be Long Zhanhai’s turn to take control of the Long family?”


Long Zhanwu was extremely unconvinced.

… ….


“Refinement failed, proficiency + 1”

Late at night.

Long Fei was still unceasingly cultivating his Alchemy techniques and had not rested at all. As long as his Alchemy techniques finished cooling down, he would immediately release them.


“Alchemy technique upgraded, current level is Level 1!”

“It leveled up!”

Long Fei was secretly excited, he checked the attribute of the first level of Alchemy technique and muttered: “Level is not enough yet, let’s go again!”

And then …

He threw himself into the embrace of ‘Success His Mother’ and sprinted forward with all his might.





Always failing.

Early morning.


“The Alchemy technique has been upgraded to rank 2!”

“Huff …”

After cultivating with all his might for an entire day and night, Long Fei finally managed to raise his Alchemy to the second level.

Looking at the remaining herbs, he still had five apiece.

Long Fei’s heart calmed down and his expression became serious, “Level two Alchemy Technique, a night of failed experience, I can be considered to have started training.”

“Alchemy has truly begun below.”

And then …

Long Fei started to ignite the fire, the Spirit Gra.s.s was like a metal pot, “The orchid root is of the yin attribute, after being placed in, the attribute of the metal chain flower will become stronger, and then placed in …”

Long Fei was not idle after a day and night of failure.

After failing a few hundred times, he had thoroughly understood the properties of these spiritual herbs. Now, he could say that no one knew the properties of these spiritual herbs better than him. Alchemy was not only about controlling the temperature of the fire, it was also about being able to clearly understand the attributes of the spirit herbs and the ratio of the spirit pellets.

The fire was ignited.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter “Boom!”


“Congratulations to player ‘Long Fei’ for successfully refining it.”


“Congratulations to player ‘Long Fei’ for refining the Highest Grade Medicine Powder, you have obtained 100 experience, 100 true breath and 20 points as your reward.”

“Hahaha… Highest Grade Medicine Powder? ” Long Fei immediately checked it.

Pills were also divided into good and bad quality.

It was divided into 10 to 100% quality, and the highest quality pill was at least level 8.

Pill: Healing Pill

Grade: Grade 1 Yellow Pills (Exquisite)

true breath: 50 points

Qi and blood: 100 points


Long Fei shouted excitedly, he turned and looked, and realised that jojo had fallen asleep while leaning on the doorframe, his peaceful appearance, was truly lovable.

Long Fei gave a slight smile and said softly: “jojo, this young master has succeeded, hehe …”

“I’ll refine more first.”

“Pills are too important to me. To be able to replenish my true breath, my p.u.b.es is broken, and I am unable to comprehend or absorb the true breath. If I use up all my acc.u.mulated true breath, I will be unable to replenish them, and the pills will be able to make up for this weakness.” The more he discovered the effects of the medicinal pellet on him, the more he was shocked.

The remaining four parts were all successful.

Two top-grade healing pills and three high-grade healing pills.

Long Fei left a set of Highest Grade Medicine Powder s for jojo and then headed towards the street, “d.a.m.n it, I will use pills to smash your face today!”


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