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Chapter 1470 – Sky King Blast Kill

His aura was sharper and his strength more powerful.

The scene of the G.o.d’s war beasts cooperating with the G.o.d’s hammer… He couldn’t stop it at all.

A hammer blow descended.

“Ahh …”

Cai Tiannan didn’t have time to react and could only yell in fear, “Ah!”

“Pa ji!”

The sound was as though a c.o.c.kroach had been trampled to death. Fresh blood spurted out, and her body turned into a pile of minced meat. It was as though the entire world had quieted down.

The four Law Enforcing Elders stopped.

The surrounding oracle retreated a few steps.

The faces of the spectators turned pale, and did not dare to look straight at Long Fei.

At this moment.

Long Fei crushed everything!

The G.o.d’s war hammer in the G.o.d’s war beasts’s hands moved, and returned to its shoulders. It coldly snorted, “You dare to be arrogant with me? You are not qualified. “

It was incomparably domineering.

Extreme arrogance!

The beast king question of G.o.d only crushed you, causing Cai Tiannan to pee his pants. On the other hand, the G.o.d’s war beasts’s killing intent was extremely strong, killing you the moment there was a single word.

Just like that!


“Congratulations to player ‘Long Fei’ for killing ‘Cai Tiannan’ for obtaining 280,000 experience, 20,000 Holy Source and 10 Energy Values.”

“Congratulations to player ‘Long Fei’ for obtaining the ancient holy artifact ‘Sky Sword Strike'”

“Congratulations to player ‘Long Fei’ for obtaining the Ancient blood vein.”

“Congratulations to player ‘Long Fei’ for obtaining …”

The system sounded out continuously.


“ancient holy artifact ‘Sky Sword’ has been absorbed!”

“Energy completed. Current energy is at the 71st level!”

The ancient holy artifact could increase the energy level up to ten levels, from the sixty-first floor to the seventy-first floor, and furthermore … Most importantly, the golden cudgel’s energy had not filled up completely.

The power of the second stage of the main artifact had yet to be unleashed.

“Seventy-first!” Long Fei was extremely excited in his heart, “What kind of power does it possess? What kind of power is the sun wukong? “

Really excited.

I’m looking forward to it!

At this time.

An elder of the Law Enforcement Hall said with a sunken voice. “Long Fei, kill an elder.

Long Fei said straightforwardly: “Stop bulls.h.i.tting and don’t stop. You all should know why he died. If you guys are not satisfied, you can also come up now.”

The G.o.d’s hammer heavily fell from the G.o.d’s war beasts’s hands to the ground.


A loud sound was heard as the G.o.d’s war beasts spoke in a deep voice: “Who is not convinced? I’ll hit him until he gives in. “

A man and a beast, their auras soaring to the heavens.

So what if it was the law enforcement hall of the tower question of G.o.d?


Just get down.

The expressions of the four elders from the Law Enforcement Hall turned sinister as they said in a low voice, “Long Fei, this is a tower question of G.o.d. You dare to be so arrogant …”

Without waiting for him to finish speaking, Long Fei interrupted him once again: “Don’t bulls.h.i.t with laozi, alright? If you want to fight, then fight. If you do not dare to fight, then call some people who dare to fight. “

“Also, go back and tell Zhan Wushuang, the 80th floor is nothing. Don’t let this daddy in, otherwise his p.o.o.p will explode every minute!”

Long Fei was not stupid.

Cai Tiannan was obviously Zhan Wushuang’s dog.


Long Fei was not afraid.

The 80th level is indeed impressive, but so what?

Who could block the energy filling of the 71st level?

The Law Enforcement Elder’s expression became even more unsightly. He glanced at the G.o.d’s war beasts beside Long Fei, and frowned: “Long Fei, you’re too arrogant.”

“If I can’t suppress you today, where is the prestige of my Law Enforcement Hall?”

Long Fei’s imposing manner directly caused them to be unable to breathe.

The Law Enforcement Hall. How exalted were they?

When had they ever been humiliated like this, and taken the examination as a disciple? This made them even more unhappy.

Long Fei laughed coldly in disdain, and said: “I am so sorry. I have been this arrogant since I was young. “Come up!”

Previous Chapter Next Chapter “Boom!”

He took a step forward.

One of the clan elders rushed forward fiercely, all the energy in his body exploding out, with a flash of golden light, he struck Xiang Longfei.

Long Fei did not move.

The G.o.d’s war beasts’s hammer moved.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter “Boom!”

It was as though he was playing golf.


The law enforcement elder was directly sent flying and turned into a ray of light in the sky. His entire body had disappeared without a trace. This power … Strong performance.

The G.o.d’s war beasts sneered: “Try touching my boss again!”

“Ahh …”

“How preposterous!”

“Long Fei, kill the oracle and the Second Elder. Now you still have to kill the Law Enforcing Elders. The Law Enforcement Elder was furious.

Long Fei was too arrogant.

Even the elders of the Law Enforcement Hall dared to make a move.

What was this called?

This was courting death!

Feng Tian and the others started laughing complacently. “This kid is sick of living, he dares to kill anyone, he’s simply lawless.”

“That’s better.”

“Young Master Feng, he will definitely answer us here today.”

“Hahaha …”

“Serves you right.”

“I’ve never seen such a rampant person. He deserves to die.”

… ….

Against the Law Enforcement Hall?

This was a true challenge to the tower question of G.o.d, and was not an ordinary matter. If Long Fei dared do such a thing, the tower question of G.o.d’s human powerhouse would definitely be angered.

This way.

Death is absolute!

Nangong Yan wanted to stop her, but she was simply too late.

Things were developing more and more quickly than she had expected.

Things were completely under control.


Another hall elder was blown away, the G.o.d’s war beasts sneered coldly: “You guys can’t even take a single blow, do you think you guys can make a move on my boss?”


Yet another Elder had been crushed.

Out of the four Law Enforcing Elders, only one was left.

Long Fei’s finger moved slightly, and said: “Continue!”

“Long Fei!”

“You’ve caused trouble.” Then, the law enforcement clan elder said solemnly.

Long Fei sneered, and said: “What’s the big matter? It’s a huge matter, but it’s not a big deal for me. Aren’t you going to kill me? “Then come.”

“You’re not coming, right?”

“G.o.d’s war beasts!”

Previous Chapter Next Chapter “Boom!”

The G.o.d’s war beasts suddenly moved, and rushed forward, the G.o.d’s war hammer in its hand suddenly hacked out, causing a series of explosions in the sky, and a series of crackling sounds from lightning overlaid the hammer.

“Boom, boom, boom …”

A hammer blow descended.

At the same time.

The sky suddenly darkened as a powerful force covered the sky. He then shouted, “You dog, stop!”


It was as though the heavens were suppressing him.

It was as if the sky was suddenly pressed down upon them. It was as if the sky had collapsed.

He couldn’t bear it.

Long Fei’s legs were trembling. He had never felt such pressure before, but… Long Fei glanced at the G.o.d’s war beasts and roared: “Kill!”

He had to do it if he didn’t want to.

If he was unhappy, he would kill!

Crushing your father?

This father is even more unhappy.

Under the pressure of a semi-divine might, he was incomparably valiant.

The person who was falling down from the sky was none other than the great clan elder of the tower question of G.o.d, Yan Tianluo!

Semi-realistic Realm!

An existence that was powerful to the point of being terrifying.

Hearing Long Fei’s voice, Yan Tianluo became even more furious, “Impudent!”

He shouted.

A bolt of lightning struck down from above Long Fei’s head in a fit of rage, and in that instant… Long Fei’s body could not bear it, “Activate Resurrection Ring.”

The tempo of being instkilled.

The health point was going crazy.

At this time, Long Fei still did not retreat, and shouted: “Kill!”


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