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Chapter 1114 – Unparalleled

“Ever since I met Big Brother Long Fei, I have not used the Prophet blood vein to look into the future.


At this point, Yun’er couldn’t hold it in any longer.

She wanted to know what would happen in the future.

She wanted to know how Long Fei was doing now.

The power within the prophetic blood vein started to surge as her pupils suddenly enlarged. Her body sank and fell onto the ground paralyzed, as if she had received some kind of powerful impact.

“Big Brother Long Fei… “No way!”

His face was extremely pale, and his entire body was trembling. His lips began to tremble as he said, “No, no, no …”

He kept chanting.

It was as if he was frightened by a powerful force.

His eyes glazed over.

song qianqian hugged Yun’er, gently patting her back: “It’s fine, it’s fine, everything’s fine, everything’s fine.”

From the look on Yun’er’s face just now, their hearts had sunk.

Needless to say, they knew that Yun’er had seen something terrifying.

At this moment.

Jojo clenched his fists and walked out.

“Sister Jojo, where are you going?”

The leopard girl asked.

Jojo glanced at the dark sky outside and muttered, “I won’t allow anyone to harm Young Master.”

After which, he walked out.

The leopard girl’s eyes were filled with wildness as she followed Jojo out, and said: “I definitely won’t let anyone hurt my husband.”

The three Liu Luoxi sisters walked out, “We will definitely not let anyone hurt Long Fei.”

“Stinking hooligans can only be bullied by us, we can’t bully anyone else.”

The power of the Vermillion Bird on Linglong’s body moved, and said: “Senior Brother Long Fei, I want to protect you.”

Man Tuoluo, Xiao Ying walked out.

song qianqian pulled Yun’er up, and said: “Yun’er, you’re right here.”

With a move of the Lunar Divine Sword in her hand, she also charged out.

Within the Dragon Palace.

The expressions of the remaining people were downcast. They were all trembling from the crushing pressure of the dragon clan’s calamity. They couldn’t withstand such a powerful force.


Xiao Bai roared, and said with a heavy tone: “Are we not even equal to a woman?”

“What are you afraid of!”

“If worst comes to worst, I’ll die!”

Xiao Bai broke through the suppression of his mind caused by the calamity and instantly became irritable, his body instantly transforming into an incomparably large fierce wolf.

His body released the might of a divine beast.

Bing Huo looked at the Dragon Soul Pool. He really wanted to jump in and become stronger.

However …

Right now, the Dragon Soul Pool was thirsty and devoid of anything.

This was his hope.

“Since I am destined to not be able to become the high and mighty Dragon G.o.d and am destined to be unable to take shortcuts, then I will walk forward step by step. One day, I will roam the Wild Universe.” As one side of the ice and fire was scarlet red while the other side was ice Xuna Bai, they both spread their wings and flew out.


Dao Ba and the others also threw caution to the wind.

He walked out with large strides.

In an instant, everyone in the Dragon Hall left.

Facing Gu Tongtian, they had never been afraid, because Gu Tongtian was only a single person. Even if he wasn’t an opponent, as long as they could find his weakness, they would still be able to defeat him.

But now they weren’t facing people.

It was the tribulation of the Dragon clan!

What catastrophe?

They did not know that the fear of the unknown was stronger than any fear.


The phoenix blood vein in Jojo’s body moved, and a seven-colored light overflowed. As it moved its body, it looked like it had turned into a phoenix fairy, flying above the Dragon Palace.

Raising his head to look at the deep whirlpool of clouds, he said heavily, “Come at me. If you have any powerful energy, then charge at me.”

She was a different person.

His eyes were filled with determination.

Jojo secretly thought: “Young Master, I won’t let anyone hurt you, I definitely won’t, Jojo swears.”


The sky darkened as a powerful force bombarded down from within the vortex.

as though it was a punishment for the words Jojo had just said.

The power on Jojo’s body surged, forming into a strong Phoenix power, as it collided against the power.

At this moment.

The leopard girl’s javelin moved and shot out.

The exquisite rosefinch blood vessel.

song qianqian’s strength as a woman of the nine heavens.

The strength of the three Liu Luoxi sisters.

Everyone gathered their power into a single point, heavily blocking the attack.



The two forces collided, and the sky seemed as though it was going to explode at any moment. It was incomparably intense.

The entire Dragon Domain was trembling.

Rays of energy shot out from the sky, covering millions of kilometers. It was as if the sky was about to split open.

Everyone in the entire G.o.d’s martial continent was looking up at the sky.

A three year old child, a hundred year old man, a warrior, and a powerhouse. They were all looking up at the sky, their hearts trembling as they simultaneously prayed.

No one could withstand such power.

If a wave of force struck down, the entire G.o.d’s martial continent would be penetrated, and the entire plane would be destroyed. All of them would die!

Faced with the power of this tribulation, humans seemed incomparably small and insignificant.

Too small.

“Has it begun?”

“Has the storm begun?”

Long Fei used all of his strength and rushed over like lightning. Looking at the energy exploding in the distance, his heart started to worry.

“Don’t do anything stupid!”

“Ahh …”

“Hurry up!”

“Level 10!”


Long Fei fought with his life on the line.

However, the distance between immortal domain and himself was unknown, even if he used all his strength to get there, he would still need time. It was not something that could be reached in the blink of an eye.

… ….

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Jojo was flung out, causing the people behind her to all fly backwards, retreating quickly.

Xiao Bai took a step forward, and the strong Wolf G.o.d’s body moved.

Roaring into the sky.

The huge force lowered itself and said to the sky, “Come!”

“The spear of the Wolf G.o.d!”

A huge wolf shadow appeared in the sky and stabbed down with a huge and thick spear. Not even waiting for the spear to fall, even the shadow of the Wolf G.o.d was crushed.

Xiao Bai spat out a mouthful of blood and retreated.

As soon as the Ice and Fire Wings opened, they shot up to the sky, “Ice and Fire Nine Heavens!”



When ice and fire interweaved, each layer was more powerful than the previous one.

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Within the vortex, a stream of energy bombarded down. An even stronger power of fire and ice crushed down. In front of it, the power of ice and fire was like that of an ant.


The flames and ice were sent flying.


Everyone was unwilling to accept this outcome.

He once again released all his power and once again charged up.


In less than half a second, he was sent flying once again.


They did not even know the source of their power, so what was the golden light in these vortexes?

I don’t know!

What exactly is this destructive power?

I don’t know!

He couldn’t stop it at all.

Yun’er stood at the side and cried loudly, “Big Sister Jojo, you can’t go all out. If you go on, you’ll all die, so don’t go all out anymore.”


When Jojo heard the word “dead”, her eyes suddenly moved.

In that instant.

The Phoenix power on Jojo’s body turned into flames, flew into the sky with a single step, and charged into the vortex of the clouds …


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