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Chapter 401: Wasn’t This Extortion?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When the audience and her fans saw this, they calmed down. Just as they were thinking about whether they should use this proof to show off to someone, they saw the third post.

[Onlooker Yanyan: Regarding the fact that there have been many people coming to our shop to cause trouble recently, please let us give a summarized explanation. Firstly, a week ago, a middle-aged lady came to our shop at around 4:30 pm and claimed that she had eaten a medicinal cuisine in our shop at noon. She had a stomachache and suspected that our food was not clean. She requested compensation and apology.]

[Those who have watched my livestream should know that my store has a personal ident.i.ty pre-order system. After arriving at the store, we have confirmed that the reservation number corresponds to the person’s ident.i.ty. The staff in my store requested the other party to show us the order information and receipt, but the other party refused to cooperate. Since we were helpless, my store staff could only call the police. Then, we used the information system that the police responded with and realized that we did not receive this lady customer that afternoon.]

Accompanying this clarification was the real-time video of the woman who came to find trouble with the police and was later taken away by the police, as well as the evidence that the police later produced.

Su Yayan’s words were reasonable and irrefutable. Even though some people believed that Su Yayan’s words could be fabricated, most still chose to believe her.

[The next three days, which is about four days ago, a man came to my restaurant. On the way, he claimed that he found c.o.c.kroaches in my restaurant’s food. We then checked the surveillance camera and found that he planted the c.o.c.kroaches himself.]

The best evidence was the surveillance video that scared the man away that day.

Seeing this video, the keyboard warriors who were still itching for action fell silent. This was definitely a stupid teammate!

[Lastly, it was the middle-aged man who claimed that my family’s medicinal cuisine caused someone’s death three days ago. After the incident, we found out his ident.i.ty and confirmed that he had visited our store twice.]

Many keyboard warriors who were about to give up saw their eyes light up, and hope rose in their hearts.

However, Su Yayan’s explanation completely destroyed their hopes.

[According to him, it was his mother. An old lady in her seventies had unfortunately pa.s.sed away after eating the medicinal cuisine in our restaurant. There are two fatal points to this accusation. Firstly, before this, I have repeatedly emphasized that we do not accept orders for the customers who come to my restaurant. I will only make personalized medicinal cuisine for you. This medicinal cuisine is suitable for your body. You can only eat it yourself and not others. Otherwise, bear the consequences yourself.]

[This point has been highlighted in my previous post, as well as the things I need to take note of outside the restaurant, as well as the promotional flyers inside the restaurant. However, this customer took away his meal for his family to eat. This makes me very suspicious of his motive.]

[Because of this, we accompanied the police to the hospital where this gentleman’s mother died and retrieved the treatment report of the deceased. The report clearly showed that the patient’s liver had a serious illness, and she had been informed of the critical condition a month ago. The doctor estimated that her organs would gradually fail in the next half a month until she died.]

Many people gasped when they saw this. This was an old lady who had been notified of her death a long time ago. Now that she was dead, she had to find a restaurant to take responsibility.. Wasn’t this… extortion?!


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