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Chapter 222: Team Up To See The Host

Su Yayan was not the only one who was dumbfounded. The new employees behind her were equally dumbfounded.

What kind of livestream was this? Why were there so many people asking her for help?

“Help? Save what life? Save whose life?”

[The hair loss gang begs the host to save us!]

[The period pain gang begs the host to love us again!]

[Insomnia Party seconded!]

[Host, look here. I’m trying to conceive. My husband and I really want a child of our own. Please help us…]


Su Yayan stared at the screen in shock. She blinked and asked, “What’s going on? I’ve never seen you guys so anxious before.”

[Previously, you did not disappear for such a long time. Host, you are no longer the diligent little cutie who took time to livestream for us no matter how busy you were! Tell me honestly, where did you go during this period of time? Did someone kidnap you?]

[Is there a need to ask? The host’s husband must have kidnapped her, hehehe…]

The corners of Su Yayan’s mouth twitched, and she sighed. “Not really. I’ve been too busy recently.”

[We understand, we understand. You guys are busy spending time with each other, hehehe…]

Su Yayan was speechless. They did not even have a chance to meet each other. How could they spend time together?

Thankfully, the viewers soon noticed the background behind her.

[Is the host in some other family’s kitchen? Why does it look different from before?]

[It does seem a little different. However, no matter which one it is, these are not decorations that I can afford after confirming with my eyes.]

[The host seemed to have said before that he was not short of money. He probably started the livestream purely out of interest or purely to promote those Chinese herbs.]

Su Yayan coughed to draw everyone’s attention back to her.

“This is the reason why I haven’t livestreamed recently,” Su Yayan said as she picked up the equipment. She adjusted the camera to capture some details in the kitchen while ensuring that she and the people around were not caught on camera.

“This is the kitchen in my new store. It was renovated recently, and today is the first time I’m using it.”

Su Yayan’s words caused the comments to stop.

[New store? Is that what I’m thinking? Is the host going to open a physical store? Does that mean we can eat the host’s medicinal cuisine in real life and no longer have to wait for the lottery?]

[Really? Really? Where are you? Ahhhh, there is a cure for my bald head!]

[Then is there hope for my period pain!]

[And my insomnia!]


[Isn’t the main point that if the host opens a physical store, we can go to the store and see the host in person?]

[The commenter above is really clever! Even if it’s not for these medicinal cuisines, I want to go to the store to watch the host. I want to go, I want to go!]

[That’s right, that’s right. I want to see the host too. The host’s hands are so beautiful, and her voice is so soothing. She must be a beauty in real life. Come on, let’s form a team to find the host to play. Let’s go!]




The comments were filled with joy, but Su Yayan shook her head regretfully.

These guys were too naïve! Even if they rushed to the store, they would not be able to see her face.


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