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Chapter 201: Marriage-Exhorting Battlefield Of Asura

At that moment, Su Yayan had no idea that a certain someone had landed themselves in extreme misery and was waiting on her for salvation.

Su Yayan did not delay any longer since she had decided to open a physical shop. On the very same day, she had managed to coax and convince Cheng Junhao to sign a restaurant partners.h.i.+p agreement, contacted a team of renovators, and started the renovation process for the long-abandoned shop lot the following day.

When Mr. Su and the rest found out that Su Yayan wanted to open her own restaurant, they were shocked, but they were not against it, since they thought that this was a good chance for Su Yayan to put her hands on the plow. Other than being worried that she would be overworked after the opening of her restaurant, they were mostly entirely supportive of her decision and were ready to support her monetarily.

Su Yayan did not accept the financial sponsors.h.i.+ps. She only asked Mr. Su and Cheng Junhao for a few trustworthy employees to help her out right after the renovation was done.

This was no hard feat for the two of them, so they said yes immediately.

In the era that Su Yayan was at, even though some cultural heritage were intact, the flora and fauna had gone through a certain change and evolution, with a big part of them already extinct.

However, some areas were more advanced than the time when Wen Jingping had lived in her previous life, with the technology and architecture area being the most obvious.

Something that would have taken months to complete in the twenty-first century took a week to complete with the help of advanced and improved machinery, together with special materials.

Also, all the materials used were pollution-free and contaminant-free and require nearly no time to air before anyone could move in.

The interior design part was the most complicated one, but fortunately, there were several samples available in the system.

Su Yayan picked out one that looked the best and left the rest to the renovating team.

On the fifth day of renovation, Su Yayan got up early and made some porridge and buns for breakfast.

She was just seated when she saw her uncle and aunt affectionately saunter hand in hand down the stairs with beautiful rosy color on their cheeks.

Cheng Xiuqin and the rest noticed it and looked at each other before teasing them. “Why are you two down so late today? Were you two too restless last night?”

“Mom, what nonsensical things are you talking about? Look at how satisfied and refreshed Aunt looked, that should tell you how hardworking Uncle was last night!”

Mr. Su gave his son a calm side-eye as he chimed in nonchalantly, “If you envy your uncle so much, you’ve gotta work harder and find yourself one too.”

Su Yuxuan choked, rubbed his nose, and said woefully, “This isn’t something that could be found as soon as I want to find it.”

Cheng Xiuqin rolled her eyes at her son and said exasperatedly, “You may not find it when you want to look for it, but if you don’t look for it at all, you won’t be able to find it for sure.”

Su Yuxuan, “…” Not really!

After witnessing a supposedly enjoyable breakfast time turn into a marriage-exhorting battlefield of Asura, Su Yuxuan looked pitifully at Su Yayan for help, hoping that she would rescue him.

Su Yayan tried to hold in her laughter as she peered at him and finally thought that he looked pitiful before handing Qin Xueru a bowl of red bean soup that she had prepared before this.

“Don’t worry, Aunt, don’t listen to my brother and the rest of them. You and Uncle are married, and it’s only perfectly normal for married couples to do married couple things. We completely understand.”

It was better before Su Yayan had said anything, for right after she had finished speaking, Qin Xueru’s ears turned bright red and if she could bury her face in the bowl, she would.

By right, at her age, she should not be as pa.s.sionate in a certain area, especially with her premature ovarian failure and its symptoms that caused her to be easily agitated since a few years ago, it had certainly affected her more in this area as she gradually aged.


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