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Ch.62 Water Army (2)

After the staff members broke the news, the pan exploded even more fiercely, like a drop of water that fell into a pan of hot oil,.

Soon after, someone exposed to the media that she was someone close to Su Yaya. She told the new media that Su Yaya fooled around with many people, so much that her private life was a chaotic mess. She couldn’t stand her way of life; Su Yaya would be with this man today and tomorrow, she’ll be with another man. Two days ago, she even fooled around with Yan Junyi who is currently one of the most popular guy in the entertainment circle. Picture.jpg, Picture.jpg

One of the photos was of Su Yaya attending the audition for K Group’s couple watch. It was the moment when Yan Junyi recognized Su Yaya, and the two of them were standing together talking.

The other photo was of Su Yaya waiting by the side of the road for the car after she successfully signed the contract. Yan Junyi’s housekeeper drove over and asked Su Yaya if she wanted a ride. The photo showed Su Yaya smiling and talking as she bent over towards Yan Junyi who was in the car.

The first photo can be justified by saying that Su Yaya knew Yan Junyi and that the two people were only exchanging a few words while standing together. After all, the staff were present. However, the second photo led everyone’s imagination wild and astray. It felt like Su Yaya had intentionally stopped Yan Junyi’s car, trying to please him so that she can get in her car.

Yan Junyi was currently one of the most popular rising stars and he always maintained a positive image of himself in the entertainment circle. There had never been any gossip or scandals about him, as a result, he had numerous female fans!

Yan Junyi exploded from the news, thousands of fans went to the official blog of the TV series 《The Flouris.h.i.+ng Fall of the Palace Willow Wall》to scold Su Yaya. They had vehemently requested that the crew swap her out, otherwise, they will stop watching!

There was also another wave of fans who went to Su Yaya’s Weibo to scold her. They attacked her from various angles; it was unbearable to even look at the comments. In the blink of an eye, the fans had already left thousands of messages under Su Yaya’s Weibo.

For the first time, Su Yaya’s desolate and frigid Weibo was bustling with noise and excitement!

The first one who responded to the news was the supervisor of the TV Series, 《The Flouris.h.i.+ng Fall of the Palace Willow Wall》. When she noticed that the direction of the comments were heading in the wrong way, she immediately reported the news to the crew leader.

Director Zhou Tongguang was extremely angry when he heard the news. He didn’t like Su Yaya from the beginning because he felt like she had gotten the role because of an investor. He had never seen her before, yet she will play the second female lead of his film, it was an insult to his work. If it weren’t for the lack of funding, he would’ve never wanted someone like her.

“What do I need these kinds of people for? To ruin my work? Ah, I really want to f.u.c.king kick her out! Where did that rubbish even come from?!” Director Zhou Tongguang’s face was black as he cursed at her; he was full of resentment towards Su Yaya.

Producer Yu Hui also had a fire in his heart, but he didn’t vocalize it. He was more reserved than Zhou Tongguang. He endured his own anger and comforted Director Zhou Tongguang, “I’ll call the President Xiao of Xiaos.h.i.+ Entertainment and tell him about this matter.”

Yu Hui went out and called President Xiao, telling him that he wanted to remove Su Yaya’s second female lead position and replace her. When President Xiao heard this, he laughed and said, “Yan Hui, even if you want to remove Su Yaya from the second female lead position, neither of us can make the decision.”

“This show will be ruined if we don’t remove her,” Yan Hui impatiently and urgently said.

President Xiao fell silent for a moment before he said, “Wait for me to notify them.” After he said that, he hung up.

At the Chen Group headquarters, a.s.sistent Chen had just been called into the office and was being scolded by Chen Xiuqi, “Who told you to let An Yutong come up here?”


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