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In the middle of Yao Mountain City, the magic formation base of a perpetual portal silently floated in midair. The magic formation base was formed from tens of thousands of different sized jade tablets. A thirty-meter sphere of glow was spinning slowly in the core area of the formation. Within the glow, countless stellar-map-like patterns had been sparkling quickly. The deep glow seemed to lead to another world, giving a shocking, stunning sense of beauty.

Ao Li, Feng Qinxin, Tushan old man and Si Wen Ming silently stood beside the great formation while holding their breath, looking at this stunning great formation.

In terms of magic formations, the non-humankind was much more advanced than the humankind. With the power of mere human beings, such a complicated and great, yet detailed and exquisite magic formation could never be accomplished.

According to Si Wen Ming, the humankind might be able to build such a great teleporting magic formation across worlds after over ten-thousand years of studying. But since Ji Hao got a large batch of Xiu Clan technicists from the non-humankind, with their help, the humankind attained the advanced knowledge regarding this great portal ten-thousand years in advance.

When this great magic formation was being built, many senior magic formation artists from the Magi Palace had joined. Guided and taught by Xiu Clan people, these senior magic formation artists improved at an amazing rate. Their improvements represented the humankind’s improvement regarding the study of magic formation. This suddenly raised knowledge acc.u.mulation of the humankind saved at least ten-thousand years of hard work.

“Truly an amazing magic formation.” Si Wen Ming laughed mildly.

Even if there wasn’t a new world for them to explore, only for this great formation, all these works were worthy.

Thousands of Magi Palace Magi stood beside Si Wen Ming while smiling, with a gentle and peaceful sense of power releasing from their bodies. Their eyes sparkled with the lights of wisdom. They had already thoroughly understood all secrets of this great formation, and this great formation was a peak-level piece, even based on the knowledge structure of the non-humankind.

They thoroughly understood this great formation, which meant they had already reached a considerable level of studying, regarding all types of magic formations, s.p.a.ce and time. At this moment, every one of these thousands of magic formation artists on the scene could be counted as a master.

They were satisfied, excited, and thrilled with happiness.

Tushan old man was grinning, his eyes squeezed into two curved lines. He wasn’t interested in this magic formation itself. Instead, he was especially pa.s.sionate about the fact that this great formation could lead to other worlds.

With Tushan Family’s financial strength, the resources from any world could raise the power of this family at a soaring rate. More resources, more wealth, more armies, more weapons, all of these meant more power. Tu Shan old man felt like he could already see the future of his family as the top-grade super clan, the most powerful one among the entire humankind. And he himself could sit straight in the Town Hall to discuss with the human emperor about worldly affairs.

This feeling was, in one word, wonderful!

Feng Qinxin was chuckling. She impatiently reached her hand out towards Ji Hao, who came from a distance away, while saying, “Earl Yao, hurry! Give me that coordinate! I can’t wait!”

While laughing with a silvery voice, Feng Qinxin’s eyes sparkled as she laughed loudly, “A new world, how wonderful! It will be perfect if it’s a world with rich fire power!”

Slightly shaking, Feng Qinxin narrowed her eyes and seemed to imagine the new world, “I will plant fire Firmiana trees all over that world. With enough Firmiana trees to live on, those little ones of our kind can grow faster. Then, the power of our kind can grow faster!”

Ji Hao gave an embarra.s.sing smile.

‘A world with rich fire power? Feng Qinxin, young master Feng, I’m afraid that you will be greatly disappointed.’ thought Ji Hao.

Pan Jia world was a pure water world. Pan Jia’s cultivation style was extreme. Even the tiny sun of her world was given to Ji Hao. All the other natural powers were cast away by her. Planting fire Firmiana trees in that ma.s.sive water? Ji Hao only smiled without saying a word.

Ao Li stood beside the great formation with a darkened face. He was surrounded by a strong aura of killing. Obviously, Ao Li was still in a rage because he didn’t manage to kill Priest Corpse personally, who was daring enough to make zombies with the bodies of ancient divine dragons.

Eight dragon warriors, who were even taller and stronger than Ao Li himself, stood behind him. They were nearly ten meters tall, having human bodies and dragon heads. They were wearing golden armors and releasing strong power vibrations. Scars and marks could be seen on the scales of their heads. These dragon warriors were hundred-thousand years old at the very least.

The so-called dragon kings were dominators of water areas, and were incomparably powerful. The dragon-kind had a different cultivation system, but these ancient dragons could rival Supreme Magi merely with their incredibly strong bodies!

According to a powerful human being, ‘Every ancient dragon, every dragon king, is a human-shaped magic treasure, a pure killing machine.’

The eight dragon kings stationed in eight areas in Midland each guarded a water area for the dragon-kind. However, after Ao Li informed all the dragons about what Priest Corpse had done, the eight dragon kings came to help immediately. Each of them brought countless descendants of warriors.

Ji Hao glanced at the eight dragon kings and couldn’t help but nod.

Pan Jia world was definitely not a good place for phoenixes, as not a single being of the phoenix kind was with the nature of water. However, for the dragon-kind, Pan Jia world was perfect. The ma.s.sive water in Pan Jia world could accommodate at least a million dragons, to start a life.

Ji Hao had already made an agreement with Pan Jia, that as long as no one disturbed her cultivation, she would do nothing to interfere with Ji Hao and his friends. With the domineering power of Pan Jia herself, if she wasn’t willing to show up, the eight dragon kings could never find a trace of her, not even if they turned the entire world upside down.

Pan Jia world was quite fertile, and those natural treasures with the nature of water were rather valuable. No matter how, the dragon-kind led by Ao Li would gain the most from Pan Jia world.

Di Yantuo quickly walked over to Ji Hao.He politely bowed and said, “Master, the great formation is accomplished. According to our spy in Liang Zhu City, the other twelve clans finished building their portals as well, almost at the same time as we did.”

Making a swallow, Di Yantuo continued with a deep voice, “We have to hurry up. Otherwise, once the portal of Dis.h.i.+ Family is activated, we will run straight into them in that world. Then, we will have to fight them. With our powers…”

Ao Li carelessly waved his hand and laughed out loud, “They’re nothing but Dis.h.i.+ Family, no big deal. This time, our dragon-kind have prepared hundreds of millions of elite warriors. We will own that world. No matter who comes to stand in our way, we can simply wipe them all out!”

Ji Hao nodded, then said to Di Yantuo, “Get ready, we’re departing!”


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