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Imagine the feeling of someone sending over a nice comfortable pillow just when one wanted to take a nap. Ji Hao spent such an effort to save those Di Family people from the prison and attained the coordinates from Di Yantuo. But why did he have to join hands with the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind to share the profits?

On one hand, without a doubt, the combined power would always be stronger. No one knew what would happen in that new world. With one more helper, the safety could be guaranteed with a larger chance. On the other hand, building a perpetual portal required way too many resources. Building the portal was just the same as building a broad road between two worlds, crossing the Chaos and reaching to another world.

With Ji Hao’s current financial power, even if he emptied and drained the whole Yao Mountain, he couldn’t possibly make one thousandth of the resources needed for building the portal. For such a scarily huge requirement of resources, except for the wealthy dragon-kind and phoenix-kind, no other races could ever afford it.

Nevertheless, here came the Heaven and Earth golden bridge!

Ji Hao abruptly stood up, walked closely to Yu Yu with his eyes popped widely out, carefully looking that dark sphere of golden light. This golden light seemed to be quite old and worn-out, but if one looked closer, one would find that the dark l.u.s.ter was actually a result of countless ancient style magic symbols gathering together.

The golden light was fresh and clear, just like a golden puddle of water. In the core area of the sphere of golden light, an extremely thin Chaos power stream had been squirming. The stream of Chaos power was incredibly thin, but just like an enormous dragon, it had been releasing a great pressure.

Ji Hao opened his eyes even wider, tried his best but still couldn’t see the extremely thin stream of Chaos power clearly.

“The Heaven and Earth golden bridge…s.h.i.+fu, if you come back just a couple of days earlier, I wouldn’t have to share the incredibly great benefits with Ao Li and Feng Qinxin, why would I?” Ji Hao’s face twitched from time to time while looking at Yu Yu pitifully.

“Incredibly great benefits? What benefits?” Yu Yu paused briefly and asked without caring too much.

Ji Hao sighed, made a helpless face and told Yu Yu everything he had done recently. Of course, Ji Hao had added quite a lot tr.i.m.m.i.n.gs to these experiences of his.

Starting from Di Luolang coming to Yao Mountain City for the hundred Jia Clan battle kings, who were still kept in the water prison, to the Di Family entrapped by Dis.h.i.+ Cha and being forced into a hopeless situation, then to the agreement made by Ji Hao, Ao Li and Feng Qinxin, regarding the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind purchasing the Full Moon Sky Eye together. Next, he told how he presented to be a Full Moon cultivator on the tramp, broke into Black Shark Castle and met Chi Zhan, Di Yantuo and the other Di Family people.

At last, nearly a hundred thousand Di Family people, three-hundred thousand Jia Clan prisoners and around two-hundred thousand Xiu Clan prisoners and their families, all these, over six-hundred thousand non-humankind prisoners were saved by Ji Hao from Black Shark Castle. They swore with their souls and spirit blood and became Ji Hao’s slaves.

Hearing about the soul and spirit blood oath, Yu Yu raised his eyebrows, reached his hand out and grasped towards Ji Hao’s forehead.

The Pan Xi divine mirror flew out along with a dim stream of light. The mirror struggled as hard as it could to resist, but still, it was gripped tightly in Yu Yu’s hands. This supreme treasure with Forty-nine pre-world natural inhibitions couldn’t even free itself from Yu Yu’s hands.

“Hmm, good cultivation, good power… more than a hundred times stronger than back then.” The mysterious man’s bland voice came from Ji Hao’s spiritual s.p.a.ce.

“Is this the Pan Xi divine mirror?” Yu Yu glanced at the mirror, smiled faintly and said, “Hmm, this is your luck. You use it to keep the souls and spirit blood oaths made by those non-humankind beings, but you’ve only unlocked one of the forty-nine pre-world natural inhibitions of this treasure. That is just inappropriate.”

Yu Yu then put this forefinger into his mouth, and bit his finger with his teeth. A rumbling thunder suddenly burst in the sky above Yao Mountain City as a stream of blood flew out from Yu Yu’s fingertip.

Po, Gui Ling and the others of Yu Yu’s disciples hurriedly stepped back in panic, but stopped simultaneously, only looking at that thin stream of blood in awe.

Ji Hao fixed his eyes on that blood as well. The color of Yu Yu’s blood was hard to tell, as it was coiled around by a stream of purple mist. Countless magical, indescribable colors had been showing by the stream of blood. Instantly, an unspeakable sense of great Dao could be sensed in the broad main hall. Natural powers contained in the hall suddenly grew thousands, and even tens of thousands of times denser, then transformed straight into coiling streams of purple mist, rising into the air.

With his blood, Yu Yu began writing on the surface of the Pan Xi divine mirror. A series of incredibly profound and indescribably mysterious symbols were written down on the mirror surface, then being absorbed by the mirror one after another. Ji Hao didn’t understand a single one of those symbols.

Black and yellow streams of mist descended from the air, mixed with coiling purple mist streams, slowly merging into the mirror.

Ji Hao sensed the faint connection between the mirror and himself turning clearer and clearer, stronger and stronger. Next, waves of thunder burst in his head. Every single rumble of the thunder would make Ji Hao’s primordial spirit quake intensely, making his bones clang loudly against each other.

Within the twinkling of an eye, thirty-six claps of thunder had burst. After that, Ji Hao only felt that the Pan Xi divine mirror had become a part of his body, that he could now use the mirror as freely and flexibly as using his own arms, without any difficulties and limitations.

Before, in order to activate the Pan Xi divine mirror, Ji Hao had to consume a huge amount of internal power and spiritual power. But now, the Pan Xi mirror could automatically absorb natural powers to replenish its own consumed power. Therefore, Ji Hao could now activate it with a slight little bit of his power.

“There are twelve pre-world natural inhibitions left in this mirror. Ji Hao, my disciple, to unlock the last twelve inhibitions, you have to depend on yourself. You will be able to do that once you reach a certain level of your cultivation.” Yu Yu smilingly threw the Pan Xi mirror, which was now glowing brightly and seemed to be much more lively than before, back into Ji Hao’s forehead.

The pair of sword-like eyebrows of Yu Yu shook quickly as he laughed, “Your two uncles have been criticizing me. They said that I spoiled my disciples too much, and my disciples are impatient because they lack experiences. I’ve been thinking about it, and I think it’s indeed making some sense. Therefore, although I was going to unlock all natural inhibitions, now, I have decided to leave the last twelve for you, and you have to unlock them with your own powers. You have to work quite hard.”

Ji Hao’s heart twitched. ‘My dear uncles, why do you have to poke your noses into others’ business?’ Silently complained Ji Hao. Afterwards, he politely thanked Yu Yu, then began talking about the deal he made with Di Yantuo and the other Di Family people.

At the last, Ji Hao told Yu Yu that Di Yantuo had the world coordinate, which was given to Dis.h.i.+ Yanluo by Dis.h.i.+ Cha. This meant that a whole new world was now waiting for Ji Hao to explore. Hearing this, even Yu Yu stood up suddenly, and slowly took three circles in the hall.

Yu Yu was shocked and surprised badly, even with his great mental cultivation. Meanwhile, Ji Hao, Po, and Gui Ling quickly glanced at each other, all with brightly sparkling eyes.

“Speaking of which, this Heaven and Earth golden bridge of mine is indeed worth hundreds of thousands of years of search. For attaining this, I set up the sword formation and hacked Priest Hua and Priest Mu for three-hundred sixty times in a row to force them to leave.”

“Just as I expected, Ji Hao, my dear disciple, you’re a truly fortunate one.” continued Yu Yu grinningly.

Pausing briefly, Yu Yu threw that dark golden sphere of light to Ji Hao and said, “In this case, you shall keep this Heaven and Earth golden bridge from now on…I, as your s.h.i.+fu, am sort of friends with the oldest dragon and the oldest phoenix. I’m not shameless enough to bully their descendants.”

Ji Hao held the golden bridge with both of his hands, gave a large grin that even squeezed his pair of eyes into two curved lines. “s.h.i.+fu, don’t worry, the one talking about the business with dragons and phoenixes, is Earl Yao Ji Hao, and he will not ruin your great reputation.” said Ji Hao.


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