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The gusts of wind that had been swis.h.i.+ng around the elderly men seemed to sense danger, and within a single moment, the around ten visible thin gusts of wind multiplied into hundreds.

Those cyan-colored, thin gusts of wind screamed towards Ji Hao’s fingers like the sharpest steel wire, along with a slight, ear-piercing noise. If it was anyone else but Ji Hao, these thin gusts of wind would be powerful enough to cut that person into pieces.

Ji Hao put his hand upon the short sword, letting these thin and fierce gusts of wind come.

A sizzling noise could be heard endlessly. Over a hundred thin and fierce gusts of wind collided with Ji Hao’s fingers, letting out slight noise. Ji Hao only felt that his hand was a bit itchy. These screaming gusts of wind couldn’t even cut off a single finger of his.

The power difference was way too huge!

Shaking his head, Ji Hao clenched his fist and shattered all these gusts, then gripped the short sword, forcing his spiritual power in. Just like a tsunami sweeping across a city, the slight trace of spiritual power hidden in the magic formation formed from tens of simply and rough spell symbols contained in the short sword was destroyed directly by Ji Hao.

The slightly struggling short sword instantly paused, then was put into Ji Hao’s sleeve conveniently.

The elderly man, who was silently cultivating himself in meditation, suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Ji Hao in shock. Before he could shout out, a mouthful of green blood spurted out from this mouth, then thick blood streams gushed out from his ears, nostrils and eye sockets.

The elderly man had dove into the deepest layer of his soul to cultivate himself, but abruptly, a trace of his soul was destroyed, and he was forced to wake up from that mysterious state. Before this elderly man figured out what happened, his soul was severely injured already.

Ji Hao pressed his hand on the elderly man’s head, sending waves of spiritual power into the elderly man’s body. Within the blink of an eye, he clearly found out the body structure of this elderly man in detail.

This elderly man or his kind, who were local residents of this area, had especially exquisite and slim bones. Unlike the bones of human beings which were fistulous and had marrow gathered in them, the bones of these local creatures had a complicated structure, similar to honeycombs. Their bones were thickly covered in tiny holes, and those holes were suffused by marrow-like, green-colored, cream-like liquid. This honeycomb-like structure allowed their bones to be extra light yet strong enough.

Apart from their extra light bones, their neural networks and muscle fibers were especially large, and the number of their neurons and muscles was tens of times greater than the humankind. Additionally, the number of bones of this elderly local man was over a hundred more than the number of bones of any human being. This meant that these local creatures had more bone joints, more exquisite body structures, more complicated neural networks, more muscles, and hence it was not hard to imagine how nimble these local creatures could be.

“Very interesting!” Ji Hao looked at this elderly man who had obvious fear on his face, then sent waves of spiritual power into this elderly man’s brain.

What surprised Ji Hao was that this elderly man’s brain was well developed and had been releasing strong vibrations of spiritual power. This meant that his kind had the gift of using magic and a tight connection with natural powers in this world.

Besides, his soul was different from souls of human beings, which were divided into three souls and seven spirits. Instead, this elderly man’s soul was a jelly-like sphere, a unity. Through Ji Hao’s spiritual s.p.a.ce, he saw that his elderly man’s soul was like a human-head-sized, dark-green, crystal clear jelly, and had tens of wind-like spell symbols that had been changing forms constantly. Ji Hao somehow felt that these spell symbols had been ceaselessly exchanging energies with the outer world, and every time these spell symbols changed, a certain amount of natural green power would merge with the elderly man’s soul to strengthen it by a slight little bit.

“a fascinating method of cultivation… simple indeed, but worth learning from. Directly forming spell symbols of Dao in soul? Interesting… truly interesting. This is just like using your own soul as the material and making it into some kind of magic tool!”

Ji Hao carefully observed the elderly man’s soul. His spiritual power reached around this elderly man’s soul but dared not to easily intrude into his soul.

This elderly man was the strongest individual on this small island, Ji Hao roughly estimated that this elderly man’s power should be as great as a peak-level Senior Magus. However, Ji Hao believed that in a frontal battle, this elderly man couldn’t rival a human Senior Magus.

After all, the cultivation system used by the humankind surpa.s.sed the simple cultivation method used by this elderly man by far. Furthermore, the strong bodies of human Senior Magi would allow them to have a great advantage in close combat. If a human Senior Magi weren’t suppressed by this small world, he or she would be easily able to kill over ten local creatures who were at the same level as this elderly man, all at once.

Thinking of this, Ji Hao seemed to be enlightened suddenly and next, he couldn’t help but let cold sweat pour down from his forehead.

The power difference between human Senior Magi and this elderly man reminded Ji Hao of the relations.h.i.+p between the humankind and the non-humankind.

Ji Hao came to this small world and had been suppressed and rejected by this world. So were those non-humankind beings who intruded into the world that the humankind lived in suppressed and rejected by the world of humankind? Was the humankind’s world suppressing and rejecting those non-humankind beings at a much higher degree than this small world had been doing to Ji Hao?

Yu Clan people’s special powers, Jia Clan warriors’ fighting skills, Xiu Clan people’s techniques and knowledge, which one of these factors didn’t manage to surpa.s.s the humankind?

If those non-humankind beings weren’t suppressed by the big world, the humankind might have become their slaves long ago, right? Ji Hao felt that this local elderly man’s cultivation method was simple and shallow, but did those non-humankind beings feel the same thing when they looked at the humankind?

Ji Hao suddenly felt that to a certain degree, this elderly man and he himself were just the same. He looked at the elderly man who was disabled from moving and couldn’t help but give a bitter smile.

“You can’t understand me, this is a problem.” Ji Hao helplessly sat in front of the elderly man, knitted his eyebrows while looking at him.

The elderly man looked at Ji Hao in fear and shock. Ji Hao’s skin, appearance, and manners were all largely different from local residents. Obviously, Ji Hao wasn’t one of his kind. With the elderly man’s experiences and wisdom, he could easily figure that out.

Not to mention the Gold Crow cloak worn by Ji Hao, local residents on this small island or all local residents on this whole jungle area could never produce such a luxurious, high-grade cloak.

The elderly man dared not to move. He sensed a terrifying power that was great enough to destroy his entire clan from Ji Hao. Although Ji Hao had already stopped moving and he already had his freedom back, the elderly man still sat still on his seat, daring not to move while staring at Ji Hao in fear.

Ji Hao looked at the elderly man, reached his hand out and picked up the book on the table.

“It’s still early, maybe you want to teach me something?” Ji Hao waved the book and said seriously, “I think, learning a foreign language actually won’t be too difficult…especially to people like us.”

The local elderly man understood Ji Hao. He gave a nervous and frightened smile, then reached out his right hand, pointing at his own chest, and let out a clear syllable. Meanwhile, the elderly man carefully wrote a character down on the ground with his other hand.

“Good, you’re very clever. ‘Xigu’, this means I…and this character means ‘I’!”

Ji Hao smilingly looked at this elderly man, then covered him up with his great spiritual power. Then the two of them began communicating and learning from each other.


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