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Chapter 181: Did Not Lose

The world has no lack of beautiful sights. Many people would go for lengths to see such wonders.

On the other hand, there were some spectacles which people would avoid at all costs. The scene of thousands of bats cl.u.s.tering in a small area was one of those sights.

Once other people set their eyes on it, without a doubt, they would not hesitate to flee. This was a natural reaction. No one would want to experience being in a close distance to a countless number of fearsome creatures.

Smiling Death, however, wasn’t the slightest bit fazed. He was used to such a sight after the long-time cooperation he had with White Eye.

And also, even if the bats attempted to sink their fangs on him, they would find it impossible to do so.

It wasn’t only because he was an Awakened. His skill had also made him secure against anything that could hurt him.

For his ability, even swords and spears would look like toys, no different from sticks that could be found everywhere on the ground.

All of a sudden, a change occurred on the scene.

The bats moved together on the area in front of Smiling Death before they flew in circles. The noises that were released by the bats had long stopped, giving the decaying forest the silence it originally had.

Not long after, the bats flew faster and faster in a circular formation then they stuck their bodies together one by one.

If one were to look closer, the bats that had joined together, all disappeared morphing into something else.

Slowly, the group of bats starting the bottom, transformed into a set of shoes and upwards, a body formed as the bats attached themselves to each other.

Starting from the legs, forming the lower half of a body to the chest and arms, forming the upper body.

The last part to form was the head. The remaining bats flew towards the position where the head should be before disappearing as they took the shape of a human head.

The face was sculpted to the last detail creating an ordinary man’s face without a hint of emotion just like a doll.

“You’re almost in trouble there. If I didn’t come the second one of my bats saw you being helplessly attacked, then I might only return to see a corpse.”

White Eye spoke in an emotionless tone as his eyes fell on Smiling Death, who was standing before him.

No one could guess what was running through his mind while he said that. White Eye only walked towards Smiling Death, who was still smiling, his body showed no signs of being alert even when eyed on by a dangerous individual.

On the contrary, his smile only widened further, without a feeling of unease, seemingly used to being around this emotionless person.

“I was only playing with him. There was no chance that he would be able to defeat me. My defenses are absolute. What can he do about it? You are only overestimating that little guy too much.”

White Eye never bothered hearing what Smiling Death was going to say. When he transformed into bats, he could still see from each of their perspectives.

Since Smiling Death was close to his location, White Eye controlled one of his bats to trail after him so he could plan things properly.

What White Eye didn’t expect was Smiling Death picking a fight against someone he had chanced upon in the forest. When White Eye first saw it, he only disregarded it, expecting it to end quickly.

White Eye also had to focus on his own situation facing three Awakeneds back at the mountain village.

Familiar with how Smiling Death likes to do things, White Eye thought that Smiling Death would only play with his victim before slowly killing it as for him, one life was only equivalent to a short moment of excitement.

The moment Smiling Death gets bored was the time his victim dies. This was how Smiling Death liked spends his time. To him, it was the ultimate form of entertainment.

However, when White Eye changed his perspective back to Smiling Death for a second, he was surprised to find the insignificant victim had turned the situation around.

From how their battle went on, Smiling Death was on the defensive, trying his hardest to find room to move around. But the other side never gave Smiling Death the s.p.a.ce he wanted, which made it harder for him to find a chance to retaliate.

When White Eye saw Smiling Death being disarmed and beaten around, though the attacks weren’t sufficient, White Eye still knew that he had to give some a.s.sistance as it would only become worst the longer he left it. Also, they still have something better to do, which they had planned for so long; White Eye couldn’t let this guy destroy all their plans.

There can be no room for errors this time since they had put a lot into this, owing some people favors in exchange for the crucial information they needed to ensure this plan’s success.

“You don’t need to hide it from me as I had seen everything from the beginning. If I didn’t leave those three targets of ours, you would be continuously beaten without being able to do anything.”

Smiling Death didn’t like the sound of White Eye’s words. Being confident in himself, Smiling Death could not accept that it was counted as him being defeated. If he did not take any damage from the attacks, did he really lose?

Although strength and power was the most important part of being an Awakened, that would only apply if it hits and deals a ton of damage.

What is power if it wasn’t able to hurt him? For Smiling Death, no matter if it was the strongest Awakened, if he was unhurt by the attacks, then for him, it wasn’t considered a loss.

“In the end, even he had to flee. Do you think someone like that is capable of giving me a challenge?”

“If I took it seriously from the very beginning, do you think he could pull off what he did back there? I wouldn’t have given him the opportunity.”

“I was only testing his capabilities. This was the first time I faced against another Awakened other than you. I had to see if they were really as formidable.”

“I was unlucky that my skill wasn’t effective against you. But against others, it should be incredibly effective.”

“Just like that Awakened before, look at me, do I look hurt in any way? I didn’t even receive a tiny scratch.”

Smiling Death never stopped talking, defending himself, and his previous situation. On the inside, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to change the mind of White Eye.

All the words that were coming out of his mouth were only for himself. Smiling Death truly believed that he didn’t lose if he was unharmed the whole time.

Before Smiling Death could say more, White Eye had already forgotten about it. It was only a tiny incident; he never put too much thought into it. There were a lot more important things on his mind.

“You don’t need to say anymore. Our targets are already fleeing. We can’t let them go and waste everything we did to make all this possible.”


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