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Chapter 369: You Have A Boyfriend Already?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Like Bai Shuangshuang?

Of course, he wasn’t an idi*t.

Yu Yanshu managed to solve a big issue with little effort and changed the topic.

Although the audience failed to notice it, it did not mean that Bai Shuangshuang did not understand it too, and her face turned even darker offstage.

The emcee followed the flow and called Lu Man up on the stage. “I didn’t think that Lu Man would really know martial arts? Then may I invite Lu Man on stage to say some words!”

Lu Man was a bit stunned, she was just a small side character, why were they even calling her up?

They had not told her beforehand!

But in the midst of the clapping, Lu Man could not be scared and not go up, so she naturally walked on to the stage.

“Lu Man, I think that everyone really wants to get to know you. I heard that your original occupation was being a public relations officer?” The emcee asked curiously.

“Yes, I’m still a public relations officer.”

“Many people might not know this but just some time back Lu Man got the Best Newcomer Award in the Gold Finger Award. The status of the Gold Finger Award is like the status of an Oscar in the movie world. The Best Newcomer Award is only for newcomers who have joined the industry for less than a year back, and the compet.i.tion is very intense. As can be seen, Lu Man does have lots of talent and skills. It’s just that we never imagined her to not only excel in public relations but acts very well too. Perhaps, a public relations officer who doesn’t know martial arts is not a good actor.”

The emcee’s words made everyone in the audience laugh loudly.

“You did not have any experience in acting, and the first time you acted, you got an opportunity to act in Director Sun Yiwu’s movie, what are your feelings on this? I think that a lot of actors are jealous of you.”

“Yes, even I feel that I’m very lucky,” Lu Man said, at that moment, she saw someone enter from the door at the end of the platform.

It was Han Zhuoli!

Lu Man stopped talking for a while, and her gaze could not help but fixate on Han Zhuoli, following him as he moved.

Han Zhuoli did not sit in the front row.

It was probably because if he went over, then the people in the first row would have to move.

Lu Man saw him walk to an empty seat in the middle and sit down.

And next to him, was actually Old Madam Han and Shen Nuo.

Besides them, there was an old man and a middle-aged man. Lu Man instantly guessed them to be Han Zhuoli’s father Han Xijin, and Old Master Han.

She then saw Han Zhuoli sit down and smile at her in the crowd.

Even in the huge crowd, Han Zhuoli still had a dazzling existence, and she could instantly locate him with one look.

Lu Man did not think that Han Zhuoli could actually come.

She had thought that he would only be able to come at the earliest on Monday.

The movie premiere had already started for a while, but he arrived just now, was it because he just came back?

As soon as he got off the plane, he hurried over here?

Lu Man looked towards Han Zhuoli and smiled. “I’m indeed very lucky, I’m an outsider who doesn’t know anything, but I was picked by the director, and got the chance to star in Greedy Wolf Operation . I am fortunate to have Zhang Shuidong as my teacher and Yu Yanshu as my senior. Both of them did not look down on me because I’m a newcomer, and instead very patiently acted with me, and taught me a lot of things, and I’m also especially thankful to Director Sun Yiwu, who gave me this chance and was very patient with me. I’m also thankful for my mother and my boyfriend for supporting me so much.”

“You already have a boyfriend?” The emcee was shocked, this was exciting gossip!

Normally, a person who wanted to advance in the entertainment circle would never be willing to admit their romantic status before getting a firm foothold in the industry.

Even among those celebrities who were currently popular, there were very few who would admit it so directly.

The emcee really did not think that as soon as Lu Man came up, she would admit it so freely!

If they wanted to say that she did not know this silent rule, that was not possible!

She was working in the public relations industry, and was a professional, how could she not know?

“En,” Lu Man readily nodded.


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