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Chapter 1244: I’ll Find You First

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Don’t worry, they won’t be able to get away,” Chen Zefeng said smugly. “I’m from the Interpol, after all.”

Although he was based in a different country, when it came to professional skills, each had their own capabilities as well.

Xiao Guo had been a little careless at first. He thought that the other party was just an average guy and did not expect him to have some skills.

He raised his focus and became serious. “Madam, fasten your seatbelt and mind your safety! Judging from the other party’s driving skills, he seems like a professional police officer.”

Lu Man immediately fastened her seatbelt. She did not expect Xia Yixin’s lover to actually have some skills.

She frowned as she thought about it. Xia Yixin had always been living with Han Zhuoling in Europe.

She was afraid that she had been thinking too much and wronged Xia Yixin.

But now, it looked like Han Linkai was really not a child of the Han Family.

If her guess was correct that Han Linkai was not a child of the Han Family, judging from Han Linkai’s birth date, Xia Yixin and Han Zhuoling should still have been in Europe back then.

Before that, they had not returned for a very long time either.

It was highly possible that Xia Yixin got pregnant with Han Linkai when she was in Europe.

It meant that Han Linkai’s father also lived there.

She did not know, however, if this man was Han Linkai’s father or another lover that Xia Yixin found.

If it was so coincidental that Xia Yixin’s lover had been him all along and he was Han Linkai’s father, then based on Xiao Guo’s guess, he was probably a police officer in Europe or someone in the detective line of work.

Seeing that Lu Man still had the mind to think of these things, she was really not worried.

She trusted Xiao Guo’s skills.

Right at that moment, Han Zhuoli called.

Lu Man answered, “Zhuoli.”

“You took the pictures?” Han Zhuoli asked.

“Yeah. I was going home after parting with Zheng Yuan and the girls. When I pa.s.sed by that hotel, I saw a person who looked like Xia Yixin, but I was not sure, so I let Xiao Guo stop the car and took some pictures. When I looked at the pictures, I saw that it was really her,” Lu Man said.

She saw Xia Yixin cheating and was so shocked that she was at a loss for words. What more Han Zhuoli, who was Han Zhuoling’s brother? He must have surely felt worse seeing that.

Disgust was not even enough to describe it.

“Xia Yixin and that man are chasing after our car now, so I sent the pictures to you first just in case,” Lu Man explained.

“Let Xiao Guo turn on the GPS, I’ll go and find you guys,” Han Zhuoli immediately said.

“You’re done with work?” Lu Man asked.

“It doesn’t matter whether I’m done, I’ll have to find you first.” Han Zhuoli had already stepped out of the office.

“Are you worried about Xiao Guo’s standard?” Lu Man was clearly at ease.

“That’s not the problem. If I was worried, I would not have a.s.signed him to you. I just can’t be at ease if I’m not there personally,” Han Zhuoli said.

Lu Man smiled sweetly and said, “Alright.”

Afterward, Han Zhuoli heard Lu Man telling Xiao Guo to send their location to Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuoli immediately called Xiao Chen to set off to where they were.

Lu Man sat behind and did not dare to show her face, lest Xia Yixin recognized her.

She only dared to slump back against her seat and take a quick peek outside.

Although the other party could not catch up, they were following closely behind and maintaining a close distance with Xiao Guo’s car.

Xiao Guo frowned and said in a serious tone, “The other party is not catching up on purpose. He wants to know where we are going.”

Lu Man thought about it and said, “They probably think we’re reporters or something like that.”

Lu Man wanted to let Xiao Guo shake them off completely, but she suddenly had an idea. “Don’t let them catch up, but don’t let them lose us either. The other party is a pro, so this might be hard. Can you do that?”


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