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Chapter 280: Galaxy Times: Other Possibilities of the Main Storyline

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Miracle three single draws in a row, my knees hurt…”

“Baby, come out and look at G.o.d.”

Han Xiao was shocked, too. He had only placed three purple items in this batch, and they had all been bought by the same person—his luck was unbelievably good. Han Xiao almost wanted to skin Half A Cigarette When Lonely and see if he was Bennett in disguise.

Manipulation behind the scenes? Non-existent.

Half A Cigarette When Lonely was completely stunned. This time, So Poor I Only Have Money Left walked over to him with admiration on his face.

“Do you have any technique or something? Please teach me. I can pay you.” So Poor I Only Have Money Left’s eyes sparkled.

“What technique? I’m just lucky.” Half A Cigarette When Lonely waved his hand hastily.

King Of Single Draw’s vision turned black.

Everything was bullsh*t in front of luck.

After he finished selling the boxes, Han Xiao left. Half A Cigarette When Lonely immediately got surrounded, the players all looking at him. Some believed that he had a special technique to opening loot boxes, whereas others had malicious motives. However, the main city was a safe zone, so they did not dare do anything.

“Friend, are you selling the purple equipment? The price can be negotiated.”

“Not for sale,” Half A Cigarette When Lonely answered subconsciously. He turned around, and the person who had spoken to him was a male player. Half A Cigarette When Lonely looked at his ID and took a deep inhale.

[Ancient Dynasty] Guild Leader—Morning Snow Twilight Frost!

The three biggest names in China’s e-sports were Temple of G.o.d, Dynasty, and Fried Eggplants with Fish. Ancient Dynasty was the official guild of the Dynasty E-sports Club. Li Ge from Temple of G.o.d was ranked second in the China Pro Player Official Leaderboard, and the player that ranked first was the best player in Dynasty. Ancient Dynasty was different from other guilds—they kept a very low profile—but their position was still superior, and no one could ignore them.

“I see…” Morning Snow Twilight Frost scratched his chin and said casually, “Then, do you want to join our guild?”

Half A Cigarette When Lonely was surprised and agreed immediately. Morning Snow Twilight Frost sent him the invitation on the spot, and after Half A Cigarette When Lonely agreed, the guild prefix appeared on his interface. Just like that, Half A Cigarette When Lonely joined the renowned guild, feeling it was all a dream.

He claimed to dislike guilds because the guilds that he had requested to join all rejected him, and these small guilds were nothing compared to the Ancient Dynasty. The guild leader himself had invited him to join, so Half A Cigarette When Lonely felt refreshed and jubilant immediately.

The guilds hold onto the resources, but this kind of lucky draw is the chances for us normal players to rise. This is the only way we can only get high-level equipment with little cost. Black Phantom’s Machinery Box is really a blessing.

Half A Cigarette When Lonely was content.

[Black Phantom’s Machinery Box]’s popularity continued to grow. Players published all kinds of posts in the forums. Some posts that calculated the rarity chance for the box mentioned King Of Single Draw and So Poor I Only Have Money Left as negative examples, adding salt to their injury, especially So Poor I Only Have Money Left’s incident of getting just blue equipment after buying a hundred boxes at once.

Half A Cigarette When Lonely’s miracle draws were also mentioned. When he opened a few more boxes later on, his lucked remained, and he got two more purple equipment, causing more surprise and jealousy. With so many pieces of purple equipment in hand, his strength would definitely not be weak. The people also noticed that he had joined Ancient Dynasty guild, and the other guilds regretted how they did not grab the opportunity.

Han Xiao was quite tempted to bring Half A Cigarette When Lonely into his team, but he gave the idea up after some considerations. Luck was not something one could depend on. Half A Cigarette When Lonely’s skills were not up to his recruitment standard, and compared to luck, Han Xiao trusted more in true skills.

On the forums, some people compiled lists of all the useful items people received from the boxes, including machinery, useful materials, and parts. The large amount of good loot attracted more players, and the other players across the continents were all jealous of the loot box event in Sanctuary Three.

More Southern Continent players came after they heard about this. Even the players that went on the expedition wanted to return right now. They had thought that there would be a lot of missions and opportunities during the war, but who knew the situation would change so fast? After Han Xiao stole the secrets of the Germinal Organization, they could barely even struggle, so the players ended up only watching.

The Western Continent and Northern Continent players wished they had been born in the Southern Continent, that they could just grow a pair of wings and fly to Sanctuary Three. Unfortunately, due to the war, inter-continent flights were closed temporarily. The Andrea players were the unluckiest bunch—they felt like they had not experienced anything good since creating their characters.

The loot box event was a huge success. Han Xiao started one more new event to further strengthen his position. The event this time was publis.h.i.+ng a type of prize pool mission as another recurring mission in the main city. The feedback was quite positive as well. The players saw more benefits, at the same time increasing the variety of events in the main city.

Han Xiao gave some material to Bun-hit-dog for the next episode of his show. With a more detailed introduction of Han Xiao’s past and experience, more detailed than the post in the forums, it once again strengthened the players’ impression of him, at the same time promoting Sanctuary Three.

The players’ reaction was very important to Han Xiao, who spent most of his time to look through the forums, which looked like he was staring into the black to Hila and the rest.

“Galaxy Times published a new episode, the subt.i.tle is Planet Aquamarine War? The Galaxy Times really used a single planet as their t.i.tle, yet they are focusing on Planet Aquamarine this time. I don’t remember this episode from my previous life…”

Han Xiao’s eyes sparkled, and he clicked into the video.

“h.e.l.lo players,” the male host, Spring, greeted. “This is Galaxy Times, dedicated to sharing first-hand game information. Your gaming career is our top priority.”

“Spring, I have been learning an instrument recently.”

“Really? What instrument did you learn, Autumn?”

“I’ll perform for you, and you have to guess.”

The female host took out a guitar and played a familiar rhythm. After she finished, she asked, “Spring, can you guess what did I play?”

“You’re playing the guitar.”


The opening joke was as awkward as always.

After enduring that part, they finally started talking about serious matters. The hosts first started talking about the things happening in the pro scene, the problems that the players met, then changed the topic to their theme for this episode.

“… Recently, many things have happened in Planet Aquamarine. The war between Six Nations and the Germinal Organization broke out, and it affected the entire planet. Players were experiencing this event. Without a doubt, this is definitely one of the main storylines of the planet, and compared to other planets, the main storyline in Planet Aquamarine broke out the earliest. Therefore, it is of significance. In today’s episode, we will be a.n.a.lyzing the main storyline war on Planet Aquamarine, concluding the characteristics of main storyline events, and predicting its influence in the future.”

After hearing this, Han Xiao finally understood why this episode appeared. Under his influence, the war main storyline between the Six Nations and the Germinal Organization had broken out a year in advance, and the players were still in the early stages at the moment. Most of the main storyline on the novice planets were still brewing; therefore, the global war on Planet Aquamarine attracted the most attention. It was a very good material for an episode.

The two hosts first introduced the planet background of Planet Aquamarine, then started to a.n.a.lyze the situation.

“The war has lasted close to two months and has now entered its final stage. The Germinal Organization is at the edge of defeat. The war also made a very obvious impact on the planet’s structure. A big organization for the players, [Germinal Organization] is now facing their end. The players belonging to the Germinal Organization are in a very bad situation, not knowing where to go after the war. There will most likely be a few possibilities, becoming the remnants of the Germinal Organization, joining the Six Nations, or maybe becoming wanderers.”

“From this event, it can be concluded that one of the characteristics of the main storyline is that it will have a huge impact, pose a drastic change, have a large scale, and so on.”

“However, although the Planet Aquamarine players partic.i.p.ated in the war main storyline, they did not make much of an impact. They were just normal soldiers and had limited effects on the big picture. Of course, we also saw many possibilities from this. The players now have a rather low average level, and it should be different once their level is higher. Therefore, players from other planets, look forward to your own main storyline events.”

“As the partic.i.p.ation level of the players was not high, we can conclude that the Planet Aquamarine main storyline might very well be rushed. It’s more like a cutscene plotline in the players’ perspective. With this thought in mind, our teams arranged the data from the players in the forums and noticed something very interesting. Please look below. These are the two possible scenarios of the Planet Aquamarine main storyline that our channel deduced.”

This time, two tables appeared on the screen with different content, describing a revolutionary event before the start of the expedition war.

Han Xiao raised his eyebrows. One of the tables included the things that he had done, such as escaping from the Germinal Organization, exposing intelligence that caused the destruction of Germinal Organization bases, and so on. That was all the current storyline—he exposed his ident.i.ty, and this data was given to the players through different sources as well. His deeds in the table were all marked red.

Another table took away the things he had done, and the derived result was completely different. It was a.s.sumed that the conflict between the Six Nations and the Germinal Organization would start from the bases in various continents, which all the players would be able to take part in. The players would then grow through these opportunities, the war would only happen when the level of the players was much higher, and it would last many times longer than now.

This caught Han Xiao’s attention, and he continued to watch. Interesting, this is very similar to the storyline of my previous life. Their logic and observations must be really detailed to be able to notice this. There are hidden talents in the players after all.

“… As everyone can see,” the male host continued, “the derived result of these two tables are completely different. One of them is the current storyline, and another is a derived storyline. However, the derived storyline seems to have more characteristics of how the main storyline should be, so what led to the difference in the results?”

“That’s right, these events marked in red are indeed the key turning points behind the war breaking out in advance, and the key to this is someone that the Planet Aquamarine players are all very familiar with—Black Phantom, Zero, Han Xiao!”


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