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Chapter 2549: Gossips

Ye Futian walked forward as the cultivator from the 13th Flight looked at him and nodded with a smile.

With his finger, Ye Futian pointed to the silver spear Sub-divine arms in the middle and suddenly attracted the attention of many people. Those who dared to challenge the Sub-divine arms were all notable figures themselves.

“Who is this?” People were whispering in the crowd.

“Silver garments with silver mask, with exceptional bearing. Who is this incredible figure, and where is he from?”

“How shall we address you?” a cultivator from the 13th Flight inquired.

“Silver spear, Changkong.” Ye Futian used an alias so that no one would have heard of him.

On the 13th Flight in front, from the 13th floor, a figure drifted down and landed on the open battlefield. Ye Futian walked toward the battlefield until he came opposite the man. Around him, silver light screens appeared, directly sealing up the s.p.a.ce they were in.

The battlefield was extensive, but for people at their level, it was pretty small. However, the exchange with the 13th Flight was to learn about spear techniques, using attack against attack. Therefore, the contest of spear techniques alone would not require too much s.p.a.ce.

“From the 13th Flight, Silver spear, Wen Yang is my name. Pleased to meet you.” The cultivator who stood opposite of Ye Futian was a middle-aged man, holding a long silver spear. He exuded a sharp and unstoppable aura, as if he was himself, a spear, standing there without fear.

Both of them call themselves silver spears. So whose spear was stronger?

Ye Futian stretched out a hand, and suddenly the power of the Great Path gathered in his hand and formed into a long silver spear. He held the spear as he looked at Wen Yang and said, “Pleased to meet you as well.”

As soon his voice faded away, Ye Futian’s body seemed to become extremely sharp. It merged into one with the silver spear so that the spear was the man, and the man was the spear. The silver garments he wore fluttered in the wind as if he was a transcendental being, not of this world.

In just an instant, Wen Yang seemed to realize that he had encountered a powerful opponent. His expression became extremely grave.

Waves of terrifying fluctuations came from the spear held in his hand. He walked forward and unleashed a strike into the void, which caused the void to oscillate, and a powerful shock wave was felt.

However, Wen Yang did not attack directly. Instead, he unleashed another strike, one after the other, in endless successions. With each strike, the shock wave increased in strength, as its power seemed to multiply exponentially, becoming stronger as one layer piled onto the previous one continuously.

“13th Flight Spear Techniques.” When everyone saw what Wen Yang had unleashed was the ultimate technique, they were astounded. Moreover, Wen Yang seemed to be exercising extreme caution, as he was not dis.h.i.+ng out any tentative attacks. One strike after another, he was continuously increasing the power of his spear techniques.

The true prowess of the 13th Flight Spear Techniques lay in the later strikes—the more strikes that were unleashed, the more terrifying the power. It was said that even the creator of this spear technique had ever only reached the level of the twelfth strike. In his lifetime, he had only used the 13th strike once, and once that strike was launched, heaven and earth wailed as G.o.ds and demons wept. He perished after using that ultimate 13th strike, a shocking blow before his death.

Ye Futian stood there quietly, feeling those powerful shock waves that were blasting at him, one after another. A ma.s.sive wave of destruction was oppressing this closed-up s.p.a.ce, suffocating it and destroying the Great Path. In this enclosed s.p.a.ce, this kind of spear technique was indeed powerful.

More importantly, the power of the spear techniques was still multiplying and increasing in strength.

It was a pity that the opponent Wen Yang encountered was him. In cultivation of offensive technique, super powers were helpful, but in the face of absolute brute strength, it was completely meaningless.

Ye Futian raised his hand and unleashed his spear.

The man and the spear were as one, as if they were one body, like a light and lightning; it was gone in a flash.

Bang, bang, bang… Some dull thuds were heard, and those shock waves were directly expelled by that ray of light, front and center. In an instant, a long silver spear pointed right at Wen Yang’s brow chakra.

Just one strike!

In the face of absolute comprehension and absolute power, super powers of any kind had no real meaning at all. The Great Paths and all methods were interconnected. Ye Futian’s simple spear strike was the Great Path in its most simple and purest; the man and the spear were one with the Great Path. Even if the power that hid within the spear was not used, it was not something that Wen Yang could contend with under his own power. The gap between the two was just too great.

Behind Ye Futian, the waves formed by the blasting of the shock waves continued, even impacting the surrounding seals, causing those seals to vibrate violently. It only dissipated after a few moments, but the sealing light screens also disappeared with it.

Wen Yang’s gaze froze, fixed on that silvery mask right in front of him.

One move!

As the top Renhuang cultivator of the 13th Flight, he could not even withstand a strike unleashed by this spear technique. In this strike, he felt an absolute gap in power and that his comprehension of cultivation was not on the same level as his opponent.

Many cultivators at the 13th Flight stood up and looked down. Their eyes sharpened as those eyes were filled with a sense of shock. Those who came to challenge more often than not ended in defeats and not victories. Very few people could beat the 13th Flight Spear Techniques, and certainly not with just a single blow.

The spear strike may be simple, but it seemed to contain the simplicity of the Great Path, a move that was based on the return to the basics.

“What a stunning strike,” an elder praised.

“Thank you for your indulgence.” The silver spear in Ye Futian’s hand turned back to the Great Path and dissipated.

“Your spear techniques are impressive. My compliments.” Wen Yang put away his spear and bowed slightly to Ye Futian. Indeed, amazing individuals from all sides had gathered at such a grand occasion in Tianyan City. He had never heard of the person in front of him, but he was so incredible.

For the first time, Wen Yang felt that his 13th Flight Spear Techniques was flamboyant and flashy without substance.

Of course, it was not a matter of weakness with the 13th Flight Spear Techniques, but that it had met someone much stronger.

“Mr. Changkong, would you like to come upstairs for a discussion?” Wen Yang invited politely. He was not angry because he was defeated by a single strike. Why else would the 13th Flight use a Sub-divine arms as a prize to attract the opportunities of experiencing as many spear techniques as possible from all sides?

It was none other than to see those top-level spear techniques, so as to improve their own spear techniques, to learn and to perceive. For this purpose, they were more than willing to see these many kinds of great spear techniques. However, Ye Futian’s spear techniques had far surpa.s.sed all that he knew, and the realm of his comprehension fell short of its greatness.

“No, thank you. I’m accustomed to moving about on my own. When the time comes, I will come to fetch the silver spear,” Ye Futian said, speaking as if that divine arms already had his name on it. Everyone around him could feel his confidence behind that arrogance.

“May I ask where does Mr. Changkong cultivate?” an elder from the 13th Flight asked curiously while looking at Ye Futian.

“This spear technique was comprehended on my own,” responded Ye Futian.

“Comprehend it on your own!” the old man marveled in a low voice. “My compliments. Your spear techniques are rare and unique. I heard that the spear of the Spear Emperor, the direct disciple of the Great Emperor himself, was also a peerless spear technique. However, I have not had the good fortune to see it. It’s a pity now that the divine general Du You had survived the Divine Tribulation of the Great Path. I would not have the good fortune of ever seeing his techniques.”

“The Spear Emperor, Du You.” Ye Futian muttered, “Is he very strong?”

The old man was stunned for a second, then smiled and continued, “Emperor Donghuang’s personal disciple is undoubtedly very strong. With the spear techniques alone, there were not many in the Divine Prefecture who could be his equal. It was said that when Du You the Spear Emperor unleashes his spear, no spears in the world could be considered spears.”

“Very well.” Ye Futian nodded. “I would like to see it myself if ever I have the opportunity; so long.”

After that, he turned around and left.

Aloof and indifferent.

Watching his departing figure, many felt shockingly surprised. Not only did this man have outstanding spear techniques, but he was also unapproachable and full of himself, proclaiming that he wanted to experience the spears of the Spear Emperor himself if given the opportunity?

Everyone could see that he was very powerful from the blow he just dealt, but who was the Spear Emperor?

The Spear Emperor, as the direct disciple of Emperor Donghuang himself, would probably not take him seriously at all.

“What are the odds that this man could take away the Sub-divine arms?” Someone asked the old man from the 13th Flight.

“Although there are a lot of enchanting geniuses who are in attendance, and there are many top-notch figures among them, the strike we just saw was truly amazing. In my estimation, I think he has a 50 percent chance to take away the Sub-divine arms.” The old man continued, “Silver Spear Changkong, take note of this name. In this grand event, many will become famous, and he will be one of them.”

Ye Futian didn’t really care about what others thought of him. If they wanted to talk about fame, how many had a more well-known name than “Ye Futian” in the Divine Prefecture today?

The reason why he wanted to obtain the spear was because it was a Sub-divine arms that could be gotten without paying a price, so why not do it? And second, he could better camouflage himself with the ident.i.ty of Silver Spear Changkong, who was a spear purist and an arrogant spear emperor.

Naturally, this spear strike caused some chatter in the 13th Flight, and it was not a big deal in today’s Tianyan City. Right now, countless unparalleled figures had arrived in Tianyan City.

After Ye Futian left the 13th Flight, he came to a tavern in Tianyan City to drink. In the tavern, one could often hear gossips of all kinds.

He settled in the corner of the tavern, leaning against the window, so he could see the people coming and going. On the street, as in the tavern, people next to him were talking about this grand event taking place in Tianyan City, as if it was the only topic worth talking about in Tianyan City right now.

“I heard that Princess Donghuang will be coming in person this time.” Some people in the tavern were chatting. This tavern was not large in size as those larger taverns were already at capacity. Therefore, the cultivation level of the cultivators who had gathered here was not that great, and the news that spread here was more gossipy.

“A hundred years ago, a divine general came to observe the ceremony. Will the princess come this time in person?”

“Well, Princess Donghuang has long been of age, and her cultivation had been successful as well. She has been busy cultivating all this time, and it was time for her to choose a Path Companion. It is said that Tianyan City has a great opportunity in that regard.”

“Why Tianyan City?”

“Think about this—even though Donghuang the Great ruled the Divine Prefecture, many Ancient G.o.d Clan were not directly under his command, and he lacked top-notch princ.i.p.ality that focuses on Armorer. If Tianyan City can be recruited, it will undoubtedly beef up the Imperial Palace even more and make it stronger. Therefore, Tianyan City is a likely candidate.”

“Is it w.a.n.g Mian in Tianyan City?” someone asked.

“w.a.n.g Mian?” The speaker looked sarcastic and said, “As soon as you said that, we know you are totally out of the loop. When w.a.n.g Mian went to the land of the Original Realm in the Lower Worlds, he was met with defeats. An extraordinary figure like Princess Donghuang would not be considering him.”

“He lost in the battle with Ye Futian?”

“That’s right. At the time, several top figures from the Ancient G.o.d Clan teamed up and were defeated soundly by Ye Futian, and his wife w.a.n.g Mian was also a partic.i.p.ant in that battle.” The man speaking before continued, “Many people thought that w.a.n.g Mian might be the future city lord of Tianyan City, but in fact, w.a.n.g Mian has always been the number two. The true heir to Tianyan City focused solely on cultivation and maintained a really low profile, and even outsiders had no real idea just how strong he is. According to my sources, he has already survived the Divine Tribulation of the Great Path, and he can produce Sub-divine arms. In this Armorer Compet.i.tion, Tianyan City invited all the princ.i.p.alities of Divine Prefecture here was aimed for him to make a name for himself, so he may be known throughout the world by winning the first place in the Armorer Compet.i.tion.”

“The w.a.n.gs of the City Lord’s office in Tianyan City have always been pretty conspicuous, and they had been secretly grooming such a character?” someone asked curiously.

“This is the true genius of Tianyan City. Those from the Ancient G.o.d Clan, who doesn’t have a secret ace or two up their sleeves? w.a.n.g Mian is just someone for the outside world to see. The one behind the scene represents the true core of Tianyan City, who will announce his presence with incredible notoriety. The target in his sight may be Princess Donghuang,” the man said mysteriously.

Ye Futian listened quietly as he picked up the wine cup to drink, but he was actually a little contemptuous inside.

Princess Donghuang needed to be married off in an alliance?

For someone at his level, hearing these kinds of juvenile talks was like hearing a joke. Beneath the Great Emperor, everyone was akin to insects unless Tianyan the Great himself could be reborn!


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