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Chapter 235: A Disturbance Triggered by a Guqin Recital

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Complete silence.

At the moment, apart from Gu Ming’s low and miserable cry, there were no other sounds. Everyone stared at the figure who was curled up on the ground in pain.

Gu Ming had no more strength left in his body; it was as if he was going to be paralyzed. His bones had been broken and his meridians were broken, and the Spiritual Qi in his body was leaking out. Everyone naturally knew what a terrifying consequence this blow had caused.

Gu Ming’s powers were permanently destroyed by the blow.

“Ah…” The sharp cry of pain appeared to be particularly ear-piercing in the quietness. There was already no more hatred in Gu Ming’s eyes, only an endless amount of sorrow and regret. Just now, when he thought that he was done for, it was only that he would no longer be considered as a genius and his prospect might be bleak. However, as long as he had the cultivation foundation, he still had the chance to climb back up. But now, he was thoroughly done for, as his powers were permanently destroyed. Even if he could get some sympathy, his future was already foreseeable.

Sympathy? No. The surrounding people from the many top forces did not even sympathize with Gu Ming. They glanced at him emotionlessly and only felt sorry for him. Since he wanted to challenge a Cottage disciple, naturally he should be prepared to be defeated badly. Who dared to look down on the Cottage? After being defeated, he actually wanted to kill Ye Futian with a surprise attack. Even if he succeeded and really killed Ye Futian, he would have probably died anyway. Since he was so impetuous, he certainly had to pay a price for it. Gu Ming’s action was too foolish.

It was only that n.o.body had expected Yu Sheng to be so irritable and decisive. He walked over directly, and without any hesitation, he permanently disabled Gu Ming with one punch. He did so in front of everyone from the Donghua Clan.

At the moment, the people from the Donghua Clan looked as bitter as possible. The breath spreading from their bodies were extremely cold. Today, they wanted to disgrace the Cottage. In the end, Gu Ming knelt on the ground first, after which he was permanently disabled. The other person was also injured by the ax.

The Donghua Clan had lost all its face.

It was, of course, wrong for Gu Ming to surprise attack Ye Futian, but Ye Futian was unscratched, while Gu Ming was permanently disabled. Yu Sheng and Ye Futian directly ignored the existence of the Donghua Clan. How overbearing was that? Did the Cottage attach any importance to the Donghua Clan?

Qin Mengruo’s expression also changed irregularly and appeared to be somewhat unhappy. Today, she was the one who invited everyone else to come and appreciate the music; she was the host of this guqin recital. Similarly, she also represented the Qin Dynasty. Ye Futian first did not give her any face and described the guqin recital in a vulgar way. Then, he and Yu Sheng were even more out of line. Where had they placed the Qin Dynasty?

“Isn’t it too much for you two to do this?” Qin Mengruo’s voice was still very pleasant, but the pleasant voice vaguely contained some coldness.

Yu Sheng lifted his head and glanced at Qin Mengruo, after which he said in a cold tone, “Shut up.” Yu Sheng was extremely unhappy with Qin Mengruo as she was the person who stirred up the trouble. It was alright for her to meet her lover from the Donghua Clan. However, she had to put on an air of being cultured and drag the Cottage and Ye Futian into trouble. Even if she did so, it was still alright. However, the Donghua Clan was a sore loser and launched two unexpected attacks, and now Qin Mengruo was blaming them. Just now when Gu Ming launched the surprise attack, everyone could tell how much he wanted to kill Ye Futian. Luckily, Ye Futian was strong enough. What if he really had died from Gu Ming’s sneak attack?

“This guy…” Everyone looked at Yu Sheng. He was really bad-tempered and did not even give the princess Qin Mengruo any face, as he asked her to shut up directly. He did not have any compa.s.sion for this lady. Perhaps this word never even existed to his knowledge.

A strange look appeared in the eyes of Qin Mengruo. n.o.body had dared to berate her in such a manner. Even her brother who was about to become the crown prince also petted her. Many people from the Qin Dynasty appeared, and the people from the Donghua Clan also walked forward. The coldness from them started to spread out towards Yu Sheng.

“Is it that the Donghua Clan cannot afford to lose?” Liu Feiyang frowned. The Donghua Clan stirred up trouble in the first place, and after being defeated, they could not take it and launched two unexpected attacks. Should they not pay a price for this?

Did they want to simply fight?

“My Donghua Clan disciple is permanently disabled. Do you think we will just let it go?” a person from the Donghua Clan said in a cold voice. The Donghua Clan was a force which was as famous as the College. If they just let the issue go, how would people all over the world view the Donghua Clan?

They would think that the Donghua Clan was afraid of the Cottage.

The Cottage was only a part of the College. If the Donghua Clan was even afraid of the Cottage, how could it become the top clan in the Eastern Barren Territory? Therefore, they would naturally not give up easily.

“What do you want?” Ye Futian walked forward and asked emotionlessly.

Yu Sheng was somewhat bad-tempered, but it was all because of him. Furthermore, Gu Ming not only wanted to kill him but actually launched a sneak attack in an attempt to kill him. Did they expect Ye Futian and Yu Sheng to let Gu Ming return to the Donghua Clan in one piece?

“Since the Cottage disciples are so strong, we will have to challenge you.”

A frenzy breath was released from the Donghua Clan disciples. In an instant, the Spiritual Qi in the entire region went completely wild. A few Donghua Clan disciples stepped forward. An odd expression appeared on the faces of the people from the different top forces. At first, it was a simple guqin recital but now the event seemed to be getting out of hand.

If the Donghua Clan disciples really started to attack Ye Futian and Yu Sheng, then since there were only two people from the Cottage here, they would definitely be at a disadvantage.

“Take him down.” The people from the Donghua Clan stared at Yu Sheng coldly. Since he had disabled a Donghua Clan disciple, how could they let this go easily? Yu Sheng—the wood-cutter of the Cottage—would naturally need to provide justification.

Wood-elemental spells swept towards Yu Sheng. They blotted out the sky and enveloped his body in an instant. Yu Sheng raised his head and looked at the vines which were gus.h.i.+ng towards him in the sky. Then, devil-like wings bloomed out again and Spiritual Qi turned into a huge golden ax. Stomping on the ground, his body ascended into the air directly and the battle ax struck out. His actions were extremely quick and the light from his ax flooded the sky, cutting the vines into pieces continuously.

Dong. A loud sound was heard and a large ancient clock appeared in the sky. When Yu Sheng chopped all the vines apart, the enormous ancient clock fell from the sky; it was the realization of Dharma of a cultivator. The astonis.h.i.+ng gravity spreading from it pressured Yu Sheng’s body and the power released from it was enough to make Yu Sheng collapse.

Feeling the might of the ancient clock, n.o.ble will burst out from Yu Sheng’s body and fused into the battle-ax in his hand. Then, he hacked towards the ancient clock in the air. Following a loud bang, a crack appeared on the ancient clock as it was blown backward.

Almost at the same moment, a golden rope swept towards that area like a thin snake and started to wind around Yu Sheng. Yu Sheng struck out his battle ax continuously onto the rope, but the rope did not seem to have experienced any force. When the battle ax hit, the rope would bounce back directly as if it was very soft.

Yu Sheng started to spin gently in the sky, and the battle ax turned into many afterimages as if he was a real wood-cutter. When the rope was. .h.i.t, it snapped immediately and did not have the chance to be bounced off at all. However, the rope seemed to be infinitely long and gushed towards Yu Sheng constantly, blotting out the entire sky. The spells flew towards him endlessly, as if he would never be able to smash them all.

The ancient clock vibrated again and pressed down on Yu Sheng. Not only that, other spells were attacking Yu Sheng as well. The people from the Donghua Clan stood proudly in the air and surrounded Yu Sheng, wanting to take him down. Below them, Gu Ming was also brought back by some people from the Donghua Clan.

“Such a strong guy.” Everyone gazed at Yu Sheng who was in the sky. Yu Sheng’s wild combat abilities were clear to them as he could deal with a few cultivators from the Donghua Clan whose levels were higher than him. If he was to fight someone of his level, n.o.body from the Donghua Clan would be able to face him. Indeed, someone who could display four n.o.bles on the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall had to be extraordinary.

Ye Futian looked extremely unhappy. The Donghua Clan actually jointly attacked Yu Sheng. They wanted to deal with Yu Sheng by using the permanently disabled Gu Ming as an excuse.

Liu Feiyang and Liu Chenyu each took a step forward. Qin Mengruo looked at them and said emotionlessly, “This issue is between the Donghua Clan and the Cottage. Does the Liu Kingdom also want to partic.i.p.ate?”

It was not just Qin Mengruo; the top-tier Dharma Plane cultivators from the Donghua Clan who were not partic.i.p.ating in the fight also glanced at Liu Feiyang and his team.

Ye Futian stared at Qin Mengruo and his look turned increasingly cold. Previously, he was unhappy with her only because she dragged him into the trouble. But at the moment, he was not merely unhappy.

“Go and find the fifth brother,” Ye Futian said to Liu Feiyang. If the Donghua Clan wanted to use this as an excuse and deal with them, he and Yu Sheng naturally could not resolve the conflict.

At the side, there were still many top-tier Dharma Plane cultivators holding the line. Furthermore, there was also the best musician among the young generation besides them.

“Okay.” Liu Feiyang nodded, after which his body flashed and he left the place. He knew well what kind of people Cottage disciples were like. Since the Donghua Clan wanted to do this, the entire matter was already not as simple as the juniors merely fighting and learning from each other.

The people from the Sword Saint Mountain looked at each other. They had some relations.h.i.+ps with the Cottage, but all the people present at the place were juniors, and n.o.body dared to get involved in the matter easily.

Even the College did not step up. The people from the College in this place were led by Su Muge and Tang Ye. However, both of them had always disliked the Cottage and were unhappy with Ye Futian as well. Therefore, the College which was supposed to take actions also stood at the side.

As for the other forces, they naturally would not care. The conflict involved three major forces: the Qin Dynasty, the Donghua Clan, and the Cottage. Under such a circ.u.mstance, who would dare to get involved in this disturbance easily?

Seeing that they could not win after a long time, another Seventh-level Dharma Plane cultivator from the Donghua Clan walked out and started to attack Yu Sheng. Clearly, the Donghua Clan was determined to take Yu Sheng down.

Ye Futian stomped on the ground and walked towards the sky. In an instant, a terrifying flame surged on his body. The violent flame wrapped around his body. At this moment, Ye Futian seemed to have turned into a purgatory fire demon which was wildly devouring the fire-elemental Spiritual Qi in the surrounding.

Meanwhile, a dazzling Sun Dharma appeared in the sky behind Ye Futian. Before he even moved, many flame maple leaves appeared and danced in the wind. The spell Maple Dance contained a strong flame intent and swept towards the Donghua Clan cultivators who were jointly attacking Yu Sheng.

In an instant, countless maple leaves flew towards the people from the Donghua Clan, trying to drown them in the leaves. The attacks launched at Yu Sheng were weakened. They looked at Ye Futian and a cold expression. Since you have attacked, we will fight both of you.

Everyone looked at the sky. Ye Futian’s flame-like body stood proudly in the air, alongside Yu Sheng. Just now, the Donghua Clan kept forcing Ye Futian to fight in order to see his combat abilities. Now, they could finally see it!


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