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Chapter 1935: Merging

Ye Futian revealed a bizarre expression. The elixir was nurturing life?

This ancient tree was born from the elixir?

Although it was just a tree, Ye Futian felt as though he was being watched. The ancient tree before him was even richer in spirit than the Flowering Tree he encountered before entering Eastern Deity Island. It was as though he was facing a person.

The life aura contained within the ancient tree astonished him. Endless emerald green divine halos shone all around, sealing off this s.p.a.ce. The swaying branches kept growing, blocking out the sun and the sky. It seemed to truly be a divine tree.

It had a perfect Way of Life. Was this the power of the origin of the Way of Life? Ye Futian thought to himself. The sense of familiarity grew stronger. The Life Spirit of the World Tree within him swayed and began to stir.

This was another object that caused his Life Spirit to stir. It was certainly an extremely precious item.

Ye Futian approached the tree. Yet, in an instant, the branches and leaves that blocked out the sun and the sky descended upon him. They became countless vines and tendrils that instantly flooded around him.

Yin Divine Light surged over Ye Futian’s figure. He tried to freeze the vines of the ancient tree, but he saw the emerald green divine halos above the ancient tree s.h.i.+ne. Its vitality was overwhelming, immediately breaking through the power of the Yin Divine Light as it continued towards Ye Futian.

Sword Will, lightning, and other powers of the Great Path burst forth from Ye Futian, attempting to block off the vines. However, they were all useless. The branches and leaves seemed to be unable to decay. Their vitality was overwhelming to the point of making them immortal. Be it destruction or death, they could not corrupt the branches and leaves.

With a swoos.h.i.+ng sound, Ye Futian’s figure was completely tied up in an instant. He could not resist at all. When this power bound him, he did not have the ability to struggle at all. He frenziedly unleashed his aura of the Great Path, but he could not break free.

At that moment, Ye Futian understood what the others had been through. Like him, they must have been unable to offer up any resistance. They had all been bullied by a tree.

The branches of the ancient tree wrapped him within them. Ye Futian felt his body spinning. He then appeared before the divine tree. The head of the tree seemed to be staring at him. An object shone with brilliant divine light in its head. The power within the divine light was bestowing life to the divine tree.

Swoosh. Ye Futian heard high-pitched squeaks. The branches of the divine tree seemed to become razor-sharp. They were aimed at Ye Futian, seemingly wanting to pierce through his body.

Ye Futian knew that the situation was bad. The Way of Life in his body also burst forth at that instant. The divine halo of the World Tree emanated from him. Currents of the Great Path enveloped the vast s.p.a.ce. His figure suddenly became a frightening spiral that consumed the Way of Life of the tree.

In just a split second, the surrounding Way of Life surged into his body.

Inside his body, there was also a divine tree s.h.i.+ning with a strange divine halo. It seemed ethereal, like a king among divine trees. It was staring back at the ancient tree outside.

The ancient tree outside also sensed its presence. The two actually developed some form of resonance with each other. Swoos.h.i.+ng sounds kept ringing in Ye Futian’s ear as the branches frenziedly swept towards Ye Futian. The branches actually dove into Ye Futian’s body, being drawn towards his aura, allowing themselves to be consumed by the aura.

The elixir on the ancient tree released blinding divine light. From within the elixir that was merged with the divine tree, an illusory figure seemed to faintly appear. The figure’s temperament was ethereal, as though he was a celestial being.

Supreme Deity Donglai! Ye Futian revealed a strange look. Could it be that the absurd things that Shangguan Qiuye previously told him were true?

Ye Futian saw the light released by the elixir grow brighter and brighter. Frightening divine halos completely lit up the s.p.a.ce within this domain of the Great Path. The emerald green divine light was like the light of life. He could hear a crisp sound, as though the elixir was shattering. It merged directly into the divine tree and then continued to surge into Ye Futian’s body, merging once again with the divine tree within him.

Ye Futian greedily absorbed this power of the Great Path of Life. He felt his life aura swell. It was still continuing to rise. His organs, meridians, and life force seemed to also grow stronger. He was full of life force. He could clearly sense that as his life force grew stronger, his blood, Qi, and will were also strengthened. Life force was the source of human existence.

As time pa.s.sed slowly, both the divine tree as well the elixir contained within it disappeared, consumed by Ye Futian. The exuberant life aura within him made him feel as though he was filled with endless power. His temperament also went through some changes. Yet, he could not describe what had changed exactly.

Just them, a will suddenly surfaced within his mind. This caused him to be momentarily stunned.

The illusory figure had directly appeared in his mind in the form of will. He was still ethereal, as though he was a celestial being.

“Are you Senior Supreme Deity Donglai?” Ye Futian asked as his will wavered.

“Hmm,” the other party replied, nodding his head. He continued, “Let down your will. I will let you know everything that you wish to know.”

“Alright,” Ye Futian answered. He was not on guard. The other party’s will was weak and feeble. It was impossible for him to take anything from Ye Futian. Hence, Ye Futian was at ease to allow the other party’s will to merge into his own. In an instant, countless images surfaced in his mind. They seemed to be images of Supreme Deity Donglai’s legendary life.

Of course, what was more precious was that Supreme Deity Donglai imparted everything he had learned into Ye Futian’s will, including his vast knowledge in alchemy techniques. This made Ye Futian feel strange. He had just come in here to try his luck. He never imagined that he would not only consume the elixir but also receive the lifelong teachings of Supreme Deity Donglai.


From the looks of it, he was truly fortunate to stumble upon this.

He did not know how the successor of Supreme Deity Donglai, the female Island Lord, would think of this.

The elixir nurtured the life of the divine tree and nourished the remaining will of Supreme Deity Donglai. Supreme Deity Donglai had wanted to utilize the elixir and the divine tree to remain immortal. Yet, his plans had all been wrecked by Ye Futian.

“It is your good fortune to be able to come here. You can now be considered half a disciple of mine. I hope that you can take care of Eastern Deity Island,” Supreme Deity Donglai directly imprinted this thought in Ye Futian’s mind. Ye Futian nodded his head and answered solemnly, “Senior, rest a.s.sured. I will do whatever is within my power.”

“Hmm,” the illusory figure nodded his head slightly. He then gradually turned blurrier until he completely disappeared, vanis.h.i.+ng into thin air.

At that moment, Supreme Deity Donglai was truly considered to have disappeared from the world.

Ye Futian took a deep breath. He looked at the empty ancient mountain. All the power of the Way of Life here was no longer present.

Right now, he still had another predicament to face. He did not know what the Island Lord would do to him.

Ye Futian turned around and headed outside. The people outside were all idly chatting to one another. They appeared exceptionally casual, as though they did not take this event to be a big issue anymore. When they saw Ye Futian equally as disheveled as the rest, they only smiled, revealing understanding looks.

Island Lord glanced over at Ye Futian with her beautiful eyes. She then looked at the crowd and said, “Let’s go.”

As she said this, she turned around and walked away. The rest followed her and left the place.

After the crowd returned to the island, they were invited to rest on Eastern Deity Island. They could move around freely and also contemplate on whether or not they wanted to stay to cultivate on Eastern Deity Island.

A palace was arranged for Ye Futian’s group to cultivate in. The place was elegant.

Xia Qingyuan’s beautiful eyes looked at Ye Futian. Ye Futian looked back at her and asked, “What are you looking at?”

“You seem somewhat different,” Xia Qingyuan replied.

Ye Futian was stunned. She could tell?

“What seems different about me?” Ye Futian inquired.

Xia Qingyuan shook her head gently and said, “It’s just a feeling.”

“Your senses are really sharp,” Ye Futian said with a smile.

Xia Qingyuan looked at him. Ye Futian then said, “The members of Eastern Deity Island should be coming to find me soon.”

When Xia Qingyuan heard Ye Futian say this, she immediately understood. He must have had a different experience compared to other people when he was in the ancient mountain.

Just as they were chatting, a group of silhouettes traversed across the sky. They quickly arrived outside their palace. One of the silhouettes said, “Bai Mu wishes to see Pavilion Master Ye.”

“G.o.ddess, please come in,” Ye Futian turned his head and said out loud. Xia Qingyuan also looked over in that direction. The members of Eastern Deity Island actually came.

Bai Mu and her group immediately came up to Ye Futian. She bowed slightly and said, “Island Lord invites Pavilion Master Ye to meet with her.”

“Alright,” Ye Futian replied, nodding his head. He could not just leave Eastern Deity Island like that. He wouldn’t be able to either.

“Many thanks, Pavilion Master Ye,” Bai Mu thanked him as she nodded. She then turned and headed off. Ye Futian told Xia Qingyuan and the others, “Wait for me here.”

As he said this, he followed Bai Mu alone and came to the residence of the Island Lord.

When Ye Futian arrived, there were only a few people present. Aside from the Island Lord, there were a few figures with very powerful auras. This alarmed Bai Mu and the other G.o.ddesses. What was going to happen?

“Greetings, Island Lord,” Ye Futian said as he bowed slightly. Island Lord acknowledged his greeting by nodding her head. She then said to Bai Mu and the other G.o.ddesses, “You may all step down.”

“Understood.” Although Bai Mu and the rest were curious, they still stepped down and left the place.

There were only a few members, and the Island Lord left in this place together with Ye Futian.

A formless pressure landed on Ye Futian. This peerless Island Lord released a terrifying pressure of the Great Path that enveloped Ye Futian.

“What happened to the divine tree as well as the elixir?” she interrogated in a cold tone.

“I happened to obtain them by chance. They have already merged into my body,” Ye Futian responded.

The female Island Lord had waited until now to meet with him privately. She must not want other people to know about this.

From the looks of it, he should be quite safe. The other party would not do anything to him!


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