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Chapter 1469: Rhythmic Sorcery Confrontation

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

After Long Chen, the Divine Elephant cultivators tried to break the matrix. Many of the huge beasts reverted to their original forms and trampled on people’s spiritual souls. This was a horrifying sight to see, and many of the G.o.ddesses were wounded an forced to flee.

But in the end, the Divine Elephants were still defeated. Many of them were using the Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky technique, but they still could not block the Xuantian Matrix.

However, they had managed to seriously threaten the Xuantian Matrix of Brahma’s Pure Sky and had created an incredibly strong breaking force.

When they stampeded, they could break almost anything.

Afterward, Yingzhao Mountain tried as well, but they were defeated. They did not even do as well as the Divine Elephants had.

In terms of team combat ability of the demonic beasts, the Divine Elephants were in the top two. The only ones who could resist them were the Sky Demon Court, who had had many powerful fighters and thus had great individual combat ability.

Even the Dragon G.o.ds were not as good as them.

After all, the Dragons G.o.ds could not launch a simultaneous attack like the Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky technique, and thus they were not as good at team combat.

“The Sky Demon Court are the only ones who have not tried yet.”

Up in the vast sky, countless people were watching the top forces that had appeared in every direction. Among the top forces of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, the Sky Demon Court was the only one who had not tried to break the matrix yet. All of the other forces had tried and failed.

This made the people watching the battle look very somber. Sure enough, it was incredibly difficult to break through the matrix that was led by Qin He.

Now, the Sky Demon Court was the only demonic clan that still had a chance to do so.

It seemed like things would turn out just as expected. Among all the top human powers, only the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty could threaten the matrix.

If Qin He wanted to find a cultivation partner, it would be quite appropriate for her to make her decision based on this matrix that she was in charge of.

Now, it all depended on who could lead the other cultivators to break the matrix.

At that moment, another group of figures stepped out. They were the cultivators of the Violet Heavenly Palace. Under Zhan Yuan’s leaders.h.i.+p, they stepped to the bottom of the stairs.

Thunder boomed all over his body, and brilliant lightning cracked. The people around him were all flas.h.i.+ng with the power of Thunder Will. Suddenly, storm clouds rolled over the place where they were standing, making it all look very gloomy.

The Violet Heavenly Palace seemed to have been holding their breath ever since the feasts in the Origin Mountains and the Violet Heavenly Palace. Zhan Yuan had once been hailed for his supreme body of the Great Path, but ever since his defeat, he had felt more and more like he did not even exist, especially among all the great figures of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. The Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and Gu Dongliu were such powerful heroes that it made it so that everyone seemed to forget about the man with the supreme body of the Great Path.

But Zhan Yuan had been holding his breath all along, and so had the Violet Heavenly Palace.

Qin He had formed the Xuantian Matrix, and no one had been able to break it. If the Violet Heavenly Palace Could, then they could finally take that breath.

Thunder boomed up in the sky, and the clouds covered the sun, forming a terrible, apocalyptic matrix. All of the Thunder Will of the cultivators in front of Zhan Yuan seemed to flow into him. Zhan Yuan led the matrix, gathering all of the thunder of the heavens and the earth into himself.

Zhan Yuan led the cultivators of the Violet Heavenly Palace in their a.s.sault upon the matrix.

Endless thunder suffused Zhan Yuan’s body. There was no doubt that he had gathered up the most power here. All kinds of will were there for him to use, and he was an avatar of a G.o.d of thunder.

Thunder boomed as the cultivators of the Violet Heavenly Palace stepped up to form their matrix. At the moment their attack fell, endless apocalyptic lightning swept down, containing the power to destroy one’s very soul. It was able to destroy divine sword light that was shooting towards them.

This force seemed like it would be able to destroy the Xuantian Matrix.

The devastating lightning was like a catastrophe of the Great Path. It destroyed everything it touched, including the images of all the G.o.ddesses. Zhan Yuan was in his thunder form. He floated up the stairs without stopping, and everywhere he pa.s.sed, everything was destroyed utterly.

All of the lightning of the Great Path is gathered together in his form, and he is using his supreme body of the Great Path to wield it, everyone thought to themselves, trembling. This attack that the Violet Heavenly Palace had launched was incredibly powerful. It seemed like Zhan Yuan was trying to prove himself once again.

The catastrophe swords shot out towards the endless phantoms, and a groan came from within the matrix as someone was seriously wounded.

Qin He looked down at Zhan Yuan. Was he trying to wash the Violet Heavenly Palace’s shame by defeating her?

She strummed a chord, and countless notes filled the air. They resonated with the Great Path. Within the Xuantian Matrix, everyone’s wills joined together. The music seemed to change, becoming more powerful and energetic, as well as harsher.

She looked down at her instrument and began to play faster and faster.

The music of Brahma’s Pure Sky transformed into a formless storm of notes that covered all of the cultivators of the Violet Heavenly Palace. Zhan Yuan was at the center of all their power. He might be able to block it, but what about the others?

Countless images of divine maidens appeared in the minds of all the cultivators from the Violet Heavenly Palace. They all saw a sword as well, a sword that was completely heedless of all their thunder.

The powerful music abruptly stopped, but at that moment, the harsh feeling grew even stronger.

Qin He placed her delicate hands on the strings and rested them there. She looked down and plucked the strings. Suddenly, a harsh sound burst forth from her instrument.

“Cough, cough, cough…” The cultivators of the Violet Heavenly Palace all coughed up blood at the same time, as if the total combination of all their techniques was still very weak.

At that moment, Zhan Yuan went pale. His aura grew weaker. Qin He was looking down at him, and she did not stop. He ran her fingers over the strings, and Zhan Yuan felt countless swords cut into his soul and pierce his body. He felt like he was at the edge of death.

Blood ran from the corners of his mouth. The sound of thunder still emitted from his body, but a look of deep pain was in his eyes.

But all he saw looking back at him was a pair of cold eyes. At that moment, he seemed to understand that he had been trying to use this chance to prove himself, but Qin He also had a lot riding on this battle.

He turned and walked back down. Everyone watched him. They could feel a faint sense of sadness coming off of his supreme body of the Great Path.

Ever since that battle where he had fallen from grace, it seemed like he had never had a chance to climb back up.

Your legend could be shattered in a single battle, but to rebuild it, you needed to prove yourself time and time again.

The Violet Heavenly Palace’s matrix had been defeated, and 10,000 Divine Mountain did not seem to want to partic.i.p.ate. Other than the Sky Demon Court, the only forces left were the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

And many people would say that, in truth, this had always been a battle between the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven and the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had always wanted to form a marriage alliance with Brahma’s Pure Sky, and it was said that Qin He was interested in Ye Futian.

But from what they had seen today, it seemed like the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty would have a much better chance of breaking the matrix than the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

The vast area around Her Excellency Xuantian seemed extremely quiet. The people of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty did not move, and it appeared that the people of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven were not planning on moving either.

“What do you think?” Hua Qingyun asked Ye Futian. They had no intention of forming a marriage alliance. Qin He may have been very good looking, but if Ye Futian and her became cultivation partners, they would lack the required emotional connection, and so it would be rather dull. This would affect his cultivation.

He knew the news that had come from the outside world. Thus, he had asked Ye Futian to play the main role in today’s events. If they wanted a marriage alliance, Ye Futian would be the best person to offer up.

The elder of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven clearly wanted this, but Ye Futian had said that he and Qin He were just friends.

But now, they had to stop the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty no matter what. At the very least, they absolutely could not allow them to form a marriage alliance with Brahma’s Pure Sky.

It was better to leave this problem to Ye Futian. Hua Qingyuan did not want to deal with it.

Ye Futian shrugged. “I have no opinion.” They would wait and see what the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty did.

Over on the other side where the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was, Yin Tianyu and the others were watching the people from the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven. The youth beside Yin Tianyu said, “Brother, it seems that they are waiting for us.”

“What is the difference between waiting and being powerless?” said someone beside him. Yin Tianyu laughed.

No one thought that the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven would be able to break the matrix, but from what they could see, their matrix had no weaknesses. They had a chance to break the Xuantian Matrix.

Thus, they could not take this too lightly. They wanted to be the ones to do it, and so they must use their thunder techniques to break the Xuantian Matrix.

“Brothers, shall we teach the G.o.ddesses of Brahma’s Pure Sky a lesson together?” Yin Tianyu finally said to the people around him.

“We have been waiting for you to say that.”

“Good.” Everyone else nodded as well.

Yin Tianyu looked behind him and said, “Qin He of Brahma’s Pure Sky is leading the matrix herself, so we must give this our all. Come with me, and we will break the matrix.”

“Yes, Your Highness,” they all answered. Two of them had been trained in the Divine Palace. The rest were all common disciples, but they were still extremely talented.

As the group of them strode forward with such might, everyone watching felt like the Xuantian Matrix was about to be broken.

The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty’s matrix was too powerful.

The people from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty walked to the foot of the stairs. Yin Tianjiao called up to Qin He far above him, “I am Yin Tianjiao, here with my brothers to test the strength of the G.o.ddesses’ matrix.”

After he said this, the musician beside him knelt down. A Guqin Spirit flashed to life, and its power joined with his own in an instant. Divine light covered him. Qin He was sitting at the very top, and he was sitting at the very bottom.

This young man was named Yan Sui, and he was the most outstanding disciple of the Divine Music Palace. He had been trained in Divine Sounds by the Palace Lord, and his learning ran incredibly deep. He was in the top ten of all the disciples under the Renhuang of the Divine Palace.

“Divine Sounds are the best way of teaching Brahma’s Pure Sky a lesson,” said Yan Sui with a slight smile. He looked up at Qin He in the sky. His expression was relaxed. It was as if there was no pressure.

Previously, all of the people had been unable to withstand the Rhythmic Sorcery attacks as they tried to break the matrix. Now that he was on the battlefield, he would turn his opponent’s attacks into nothing.

Qin He looked down at him. Her music rang out with astonis.h.i.+ng sharpness. It seemed like the air grew cold and foreboding in an instant.

Everyone around them who heard the music seemed to be able to sense Qin He’s state of mind.

Could it be that she had not wished to engage in this confrontation at all?

But no one had time to think about that. Yan Sui’s music rang out at the same time, and Yin Tianyu and the others stepped up into the air. Divine light suddenly flashed from them. They began to sing, and it sounded like the song of the Great Path. Their voices resonated with the Worldly Great Path.

Their music was directly integrated into the guqin music. In a flash, all of the cultivators could feel two powerful forces of Rhythmic Sorcery come into being at the same time!


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