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Gu Liufeng couldn’t help but sneer at this, “That’s right. Anybody who saw that black lotus flower fairy’s appearance whilst in Hundred Herb Mist must have been experiencing nausea for half a day afterwards! Nangong Yu would not be wanting to marry her unless his brain has short-circuited!”

Xi San was still feeling aggrieved, “But that rotten fairy has used your contributions to become a sixth ranked doctor, I’m too bitter…”

“Don’t worry about it.” Hexi waved her hand and indifferently laughed, “If she wants to jump, let her jump at ease. The higher she climbs, the more tragic her fall will be. As for the Doctor’s a.s.sociation, sixth ranked doctor… He he, would I pay attention to that?”

After saying this, Hexi called Gu Liufeng to follow her as they walked into Gu Youlan’s room. The only one left behind was Xi San who was still standing in his original spot. For a while now he had admired his family’s Young Miss, so he felt indignant at the injustice that his Young Miss was facing.

When Hexi first entered Gu Youlan’s room, the first thing she saw wasn’t Gu Youlan sitting on her bed, but instead she saw a lifeless Gu Yidao who was standing upright beside her bed.

Hearing sounds, Gu Youlan turned her head and saw Gu Liufeng entering the room. Happiness quickly flooded her features and a joyful smile appeared, “You’ve come Liufeng?”

Gu Liufeng immediately quickened his step and rushed over to Gu Youlan’s side. He took a nearby pillow and adjusted it behind her so that she could sit more comfortably, “Mother, are you feeling better?”

Gu Youlan merely laughed and didn’t respond. Soon after, she picked up a nearby red rope and weaved it into a strange design.

It could be said that the current Gu Youlan had improved but still hadn’t.

After pa.s.sing by this difficult time full of torment, the Cold Food pill addiction Gu Youlan had, had disappeared.

However, even though she was sober, after all was said and done, her mind had still received injuries. She last practically all of her memories and the only person she recognized was Gu Liufeng.

After she lost her memories, she would always take this red rope and weave the same, strange pattern whilst mumbling incoherently under her breath. At times, her face would be full of hurt and concern, but other times, she would have a joyous expression painted on her face.

Gu Liufeng gently brought some of her scattered hairs and brought it back behind her ear. His voice was soft as he said, “Perhaps this is the best conclusion. For Mother, if she could forget all the torment and suffering she experienced these past twenty years, she would be the happiest.”

“Although she can’t remember anything now and her wisdom is that of a young child’s, compared to the past twenty years, her life now is tranquil and mild.”

“But, my jiujiu is the most unfortunate. For the sake of my Mother and I, he silently endured, fought, and persisted for so long. Yet in the end, he was left with just this one soul.”

Hexi softly sighed, “I’m sorry, I can’t recover the people whose souls had been taken away.”

In spite of her words, Gu Liufeng laughed. “I haven’t even thanked you and you’re actually saying sorry to me? Xi Yue, do you want me to owe you until my next lifetime?”

“Anyway, isn’t jiujiu also happy now? He lost his souls, so he now lacks consciousness and desires. He only recognizes Mother, just like a most loyal guard, defending by Mother’s side. Perhaps this is what he wanted to most in over twenty years.”

Hexi nodded her head and confirmed Gu Liufeng’s theory.

After losing his soul, Gu Yidao was equal to a human body with no wisdom or spirit. He lacked desires and heart. But she didn’t expect that after seeing Gu Youlan he would stick so closely by her side. One time, a stray cat hat run in front of Gu Youlan. He had nimbly picked it up and set it down before rus.h.i.+ng it away.


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