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Chapter 190 – Are You Looking For Me?

Finished speaking, her feet flashed as she rapidly fled away.

Hexi didn’t realise that her depressed mood had unknowingly changed into a combination of shyness, annoyance, and relief. With the warmth from Nangong Yu’s kiss still lingering on her cheek, her whole face unknowingly turned red, spreading all the way to the tips of her ears.

As Zi Yan watched Nangong Yu and Hexi’s interaction from the side, her complexion turned green, then white, and she clenched her jaw so tightly that it almost crushed her white teeth.

This youngster, although his appearance was elegant, he was still only a man, so how could h.e.l.l King be interested in him? Could it be that the rumours were true, His Highness h.e.l.l King really had that kind of hobby? He’s cold towards women because he likes men? Then what about her Young Miss?

Zi Yan anxiously looked at Ice Lotus Fairy, Feng Lian Ying, only to see that her expression was still as calm as ever. Her beautiful eyes were as tranquil as water while she gazed at Nangong Yu, not even the slightest trace of haziness or darkness could be seen.

It wasn’t until Nangong Yu was sure that Hexi had left his manor, that he turned towards Feng Lian Ying and said, “Let’s go, we can go to the study to talk.”

Obviously Xi Er had just left, but he was already impatient to see her again. This is the first time that Nangong Yu had understood the expression; one day apart feels like three years. He really hoped that he would be able to marry Xi Er as soon as possible.

Feng Lian Ying agreed, then seemingly asked unintentionally, “The Young Master that just left is…”

“He’s called Xi Yue,” Since Xi Er doesn’t like people knowing her ident.i.ty, he would naturally help her to hide it. “My personal doctor, and as far as I’m concerned, a very important person to me.”

While he was speaking, Nangong Yu recalled how the two of them were getting along, his eyes turning soft with love and tenderness.

Feng Lian Ying lowered her gaze, her expression hidden in the shadows.

After exiting h.e.l.l King Manor, Hexi turned to go down East Street, towards the medicinal ingredients store.

Although a lot of spiritual plants were now growing in her s.p.a.ce, most of them were somewhat valuable, while the remainder were common spiritual plants used for refining. And because she had used up a large amount of spiritual plants and materials when she had been practicing her refining, she didn’t have much supplies left and decided to buy the replacements today.

After barely walking around the corner, Hexi abruptly sensed a burst of coldness behind her; it seemed that someone was firmly glaring at her with a strong murderous aura.

She steadily continued her pace, the trace of a smirk appearing at a corner of her mouth.

Someone wants to follow her? Even back when she had no spiritual power she was still able to sense Qing Long following her, while the person who was following her now was obviously much weaker compared to Qing Long.

The next moment Hexi sped up, her figure completely disappearing by a remote corner.

Here there was a small shabby alley, and although it was close to the bustling East Street, it was a place where many beggars liked to sleep at night and was permeated with the stench of unwashed bodies, urine, and faeces. Because of this, few people ever ventured near.

Several breaths after Hexi disappeared, the figure of a woman dressed in white appeared in the small alley.

With no mask covering her face, her delicate and pretty facial features were clearly visible, yet her eyes with filled with killing intent and a touch of surprise.

She had definitely seen Hexi enter the alley, but just a breath later, and she had completely lost all traces of her!

Obviously she, herself, is at the peak of Foundation Establishment stage, while the other party is merely a boy on Qi Refining stage…so how could she have lost him?!

Just when the woman dressed in white was becoming bewildered, her ears abruptly heard a voice speaking with a cold sneer. “Are you looking for me?”

The woman dressed in white was immediately startled, and before her eyes, the youngster’s figure very quickly appeared.

Under the suns.h.i.+ne, the youngster’s skin seemed like sparkling and translucent jade; bright and dazzling. Yet, his beautiful phoenix eyes were filled with cold frost, chilling those that saw them.


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