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Chapter 835: New Master

Bai Hu’s expression froze, and the humorous expression on his face was taken back. He felt depressed in his mind, and he could not speak for a while.

Chen Guang, who was listening to the side, couldn’t help wiping his tears. He took a step forward and said, “Young master, now the general is no longer there. We Zhenwei Army has no leader. Please become the new commander of our 100,000 army. “

Ouyang Haoxuan casually wrapped a piece of gauze around his broken arm before looking at Chen Guang and saying faintly, “The new commander of the Zhenwei Army is not me, and I do not have a commander’s seal that can mobilize the Zhenwei Army.”

“What? The commander’s seal is missing?” Chen Guang exclaimed, then he immediately shook his head, “No! Young master, you are the only son of General Ouyang. Even if the commander’s seal is lost, you are the only master we recognize. Please also don’t worry about it.”

Ouyang Haoxuan snorted and looked at Chen Guang faintly, “I think you may not know one thing. Before my father died, he entrusted both the Zhenwei Army and me to one person. Now, the commander’s seal of the Zhenwei Army in her hands, and I already recognize her as my master. Therefore, she is the real new master of the Zhenwei Army.”

“What… what?!”

This time, not only Chen Guang but also other soldiers who were listening could not help but exclaim, “Who is he?!”

The thought of an unknown stranger coming to lead their Zhenwei Army and become their new commander, Chen Guang and several generals looked extremely ugly.

They had existed as private armies of the Ouyang Family for decades, and Ouyang Zhixiong was their master; their everything.

Now that Ouyang Zhixiong was dead, the only person they could admit was his son Ouyang Haoxuan.

But who knows, Ouyang Haoxuan refused to lead the Zhenwei Army, and he even said that the Zhenwei Army belonged to his master.

Master?! Then… what kind of person is he?

As Chen Guang was about to ask more clearly, Ouyang Haoxuan’s brows moved slightly. He looked at the sky not far away.

Bai Hu also snorted, “What’s the matter with Ah Wu, didn’t I ask him to clean up all the worthless people of the Feng Family around the Dragon Tiger Mountain?”

Chen Guang was startled, and he also turned his gaze.

In the north sky, countless figures appeared quickly.

“Hiss——” Chen Guang took a breath, then said in a trembled voice, “That… that is… young master, are those the Feng Family people who come to pursue you?”

The people in the sky soon landed on the ground.

There were a total of thirty martial artists, and the leader was a middle-aged man who had dark skin and a square face. His cultivation was similar to Sun Mingyuan who was at the peak of the Gold Core Stage.

Behind him, there were 5 early stage to intermediate stage of the Gold Core Stage martial artists. The remaining martial artists were all at the later stage of the Meridians Stage.

As soon as Bai Hu saw the leader, he curled his lips and said, “It turns out to be another of the 4 hall masters of the Feng Family, Cai Jie.”

Chen Guang looked at the densely packed martial artists at the foot of the mountain, and his heart sank a little after listening to Bai Hu’s words to confirm that they were the Feng Family members.

Young master has been injured, and Bai Hu is no more than 2 martial artists of the Gold Core Stage. How can we fight with these 30 plus people?

He gritted his teeth and whispered to Ouyang Haoxuan, “Young master, later you’ll run first, we…”

Ouyang Haoxuan glanced at him, interrupted him, and slowly said, “Uncle Chen, stop talking nonsense.”

Chen Guang was stunned, staring at Ouyang Haoxuan blankly.


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