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Chapter 961: Reunion After A Long Separation

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

One afternoon a few days later, the sun was s.h.i.+ning brightly.

Su Wan was in the courtyard, chatting casually with her maid, Xiao Yuan.

It was really too boring in the headquarters of the Siswell family. Su Wan basically couldn’t go anywhere, nor did she have anyone close to her. She could only chat with Xiao Yuan about the interesting things that had happened recently.

When Fiennes walked to the entrance of the bamboo forest, he happened to see such a scene. Su Wan was sitting on a round stool in front of the stone table, resting her chin on one hand. Her expression was ethereal.

The bamboo leaves rustled in the wind. There were a few strands of hair on Su Wan’s temples that moved in the wind. Her side profile was as exquisite as a painting.

Fiennes looked at Su Wan who was chatting with Xiao Yuan. For some reason, his mood became much quieter.

In fact, he had never really liked anyone in the past twenty years, and he did not know what it felt like to like someone.

However, if he really wanted to marry someone, perhaps someone like Su Wan would not make him bored if he kept her by his side.

From the first time he met Su Wan in the Glory World Hotel, the appearance of this girl had been imprinted in his heart unconsciously.

She might not be able to make him like her, but at least she was an interesting person.

She would not make Fiennes feel bored.

He did not need any socialite from a powerful family to set him off. Su Wan was just right.

If Fiennes lost interest in Su Wan one day, it would be very simple. He could just kick her away. Su Wan did not have a family to support her, so it would be very easy for her to give up in the future.

Fiennes had always been such a calm and cold-blooded person. He quietly observed all the situations, and then silently chose the most advantageous path for himself.

He looked at Su Wan more like he was looking at a pet.

Just like how he had raised Dodo the squirrel, he could find a way to make Su Wan happy, and he could easily decide whether Su Wan lived or died.

Su Wan’s back was facing the courtyard door, so she did not notice when Fiennes came.

Until Xiao Yuan suddenly cried out, and she was completely stunned!

“Young Master Fiennes, when did you come?”

Su Wan was stunned when she heard that. She suddenly stood up and immediately looked towards the courtyard door.

As expected, Fiennes was standing there.

He was wearing a sapphire blue double-breasted suit with a white collared s.h.i.+rt. He had a meticulous Windsor knot, making him look like an English gentleman.

The sunlight shone on his deep western-style face, and his pair of azure blue eyes shone brighter than sapphire.

When he saw Su Wan looking in his direction, Fiennes had a faint smile on his thin lips, but it could not reach her eyes at all.

It was gentle but also extremely distant.

Normally, Fiennes would be busy at this time. Su Wan was a little curious as to why Fiennes would come looking for her now.

“Young Master Fiennes, what’s the matter?”

Su Wan glanced at the young man in front of her and asked respectfully.

Her thoughts were the same as Jiang Xuecheng’s. Before she left, it was better to put on a good show. She did not want to anger this man and worsen her situation.

Fiennes sat down casually on the stone bench next to Su Wan. Then, he reached out his hand without hesitation, picked up the teapot and began to pour water into a teacup.

“Can’t I look for you here if I have nothing to do?”

Fiennes said as he looked up at Su Wan. His blue eyes were illuminated by the sunlight and had a deep glaze-like l.u.s.ter.

Su Wan realized that she had said something wrong and shook her head slowly.

Then, to cover up her embarra.s.sment, she picked up the teapot and poured herself a cup of tea.

The fragrance of the tea lingered in the air, accompanied by the faint fragrance of the bamboo leaves.

“How can that be? I just think it’s a little strange. Generally speaking, you should be discussing something at this time.”

Fiennes would hardly look for her during the day. He would only come to her for dinner in the evening, but he would never stay.

At first, Su Wan was afraid that Fiennes would be unruly with her, but this man did not seem to be interested in her.

Su Wan had figured out some patterns in the past few days. Although she was still on guard, at least she did not have to be so worried.

In the past, Diya had said that Fiennes was a playboy who lived among thousands of flowers and never touched a leaf. However, Su Wan had changed her opinion these days.

Especially yesterday at the Devi family banquet, Fiennes actually showed no interest in those seven beautiful women. Su Wan was shocked!

In Su Wan’s opinion, Fiennes most likely loved her the most, second only to power. He probably didn’t have much interest in beautiful women.

Fiennes was not surprised that Su Wan would say this.

He looked at Su Wan indifferently. After two or three seconds of silence, Su Wan thought that he would say something. In the end, this man actually picked up the teacup and took a sip.

His posture was elegant. It was obvious that he had received good aristocratic etiquette.

Seeing that the atmosphere had become awkward, Su Wan did not know what to say to ease it.

In fact, she did not really want to talk to Fiennes. After all, she had been locked in a small dark room by Fiennes for a few days… This fellow had left a deep impression on her.

She was just an ordinary girl. She was afraid of the dark, snakes, and many other things. She was not that strong.

The so-called ‘strength’ was often just to protect her appearance.

Just as Su Wan was about to find a way to liven up the atmosphere, Fiennes suddenly spoke up.

“Su Wan, have you been unhappy recently?”


Su Wan’s pupils slightly widened. Actually, she really wanted to agree with him. Wasn’t she being put under house arrest in the Siswell family?

It would be strange if she was happy…

However, Su Wan didn’t understand why Fiennes would care about this.

Su Wan thought for a second and finally gave a compromise of an answer.

“I can’t say that either, but I am indeed a little bored.”

“If that’s the case, I’ll show you something. Perhaps you’ll be happier.”

Su Wan was stunned. She had no idea what Fiennes was up to until Fiennes snapped his fingers. Then, a robot that was almost half the height of a person was brought over from behind the courtyard door.

When Su Wan saw the silver figure, for some reason, her eyes were filled with pa.s.sion.

It was a very cute robot. Its body was round, and it no longer had a rusty appearance. Instead, it was a brand new silver model. Its outer sh.e.l.l shone brightly under the sunlight.

Su Wan rushed over almost immediately without thinking!


This robot that was her life and death companion was like her child, like her best friend…

Su Wan gently stroked Nono’s small head that had a metallic l.u.s.ter. Her voice was almost choked with sobs.

“Nono, are you okay?”

However, what Su Wan did not expect was that the robot with a new appearance actually hid behind the person as if it was not used to her touch.

“Who, who are you?”


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