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Chapter 956: A Figure That Could Not Be Mistaken

Fiennes lowered his head and casually glanced at the beauty in red.

Her eyes were watery and there were faint traces of tears on her palm-sized face. Even so, she was still extremely beautiful.

Perhaps it was because she had just cried, but that pair of beautiful black and white eyes seemed to be shrouded in a layer of mist, which was particularly heartbreaking.

But even so, it was unable to stir up even the slightest fluctuation in Fiennes’ heart.

In fact, in Fiennes’ heart, what he hated the most was this kind of delicate, soft, boneless beauty who always wanted to rely on others for survival.

Because, Fiennes’ mother was such a person.

She was too weak, which was why she led such a helpless life.

Fate could be changed by human strength. However, many people would simply succ.u.mb to the evil hands of fate because they were afraid, and they would fall from grace from then on.

Seeing Fiennes looking down at her from above, the red-robed beauty felt uneasy and could not help but twist her fingers.

However, her eyes became more and more delicate. She had always been conceited about her beauty and only hoped that she could use it to change Fiennes’ mind.

Compared to Keller, Fiennes was naturally a better person to turn to.

Keller had basically played with many women before. After playing with them for a month or two, he would casually give them to his subordinates. Those women had all sorts of miserable endings.

At that time, when she was bought by the Devi family, the red-clothed beauty was nervous. In the end, Keller didn’t touch her at all. So, he wanted to give her to Fiennes?

He was such a big shot, and his reputation was many times better than Keller’s. Therefore, the red-clothed beauty regarded Fiennes as a good place in her heart.

As long as she arrived at the Siswell Family, in time, the red-clothed beauty didn’t believe that Fiennes wouldn’t be subdued by her!

She had been learning how to charm men since she was five years old. As long as she was given a certain amount of time, he would not be able to ignore her charm unless he was utterly stoic!

At the thought of this, the beauty in red bit the corner of her lips. The tip of her tongue brushed past her lips as if it was a natural charm.

“Young Master Fiennes, please take us sisters in. I promise that we will do our best whether it’s doing laundry, cooking, or helping you put on your clothes and fold your quilt!”

Su Wan glanced at that woman speechlessly and silently chewed on a few more mouthfuls of crab roe.

Her words were even better than her singing. However, she believed that Fiennes did not lack maids who could put on his clothes and fold his quilt, do laundry and cook for him.

Of course, just like the woman in red who was rus.h.i.+ng to “offer” herself to Fiennes, seven out of ten people in the Siswell family were willing to do the job.

It all depended on whether or not Fiennes would accept it.

Since the red-dressed beauty had already said that, her pitiful and seductive posture made the men on the spot wish they could become Fiennes and take her away!

What was Fiennes worried about?!

Su Wan had been eating with her head lowered just now and had not made a sound. The n.o.bles present had already tacitly agreed that Su Wan was timid and would not interfere in Fiennes’ private life.

After all, Su Wan was only a commoner girl. It was already good enough for her to become a phoenix. Since she did not have a powerful family to support her, how would she dare to tell Fiennes how to find a woman?

Therefore, the biggest advantage of marrying a commoner girl was probably this. He could completely be without discipline…

However, in reality, these people did not understand what Su Wan meant. It was not that Su Wan did not dare to interfere, but… she had no interest in this aspect at all!

As time pa.s.sed, the beauty in red raised her head nervously. Her slightly red eyes landed on Fiennes. She was timid and full of admiration.

However, Fiennes’ next sentence shattered the beauty in red’s fantasy.

“You may go back. I don’t like things that others have used. The same goes for people…”


When the people present heard this, they were even more shocked!

Meanwhile, Keller was even more fl.u.s.tered. He almost jumped up and glared at Fiennes.

“Young Master Fiennes, you’ve really misunderstood my good intentions. Although these dancers have indeed been trained since young, their bodies are still clean! After I bought them, I haven’t laid even a single finger of them!”

These words…

Su Wan sighed, but her heart felt cold.

In this era, even people could be openly sold, is there anything at all that couldn’t be bought and sold?

Su Wan swept a glance at the woman in red whose fate was being controlled by someone, and a faint sense of sadness welled up in the depths of her heart.

In the eyes of the n.o.bles at this banquet, these dancers were probably just tools for them to enjoy themselves.

They weren’t even human beings. They were just items that were casually transferred…

Su Wan sighed. She missed the reasonable and legal society on Earth more and more.

Even if cla.s.s relations existed everywhere, at least it was much better than the current era.

She only hoped that she could leave this d.a.m.ned place with Jiang Xuecheng as soon as possible. She missed her strict grandfather and her good friend Lin Fei’er.

So much time had pa.s.sed. Lin Fei’er had said that she was going to marry Jiang Haoxuan, but she and Jiang Xuecheng were here. She did not know how the situation was going back on Earth.

Fiennes’ expression was indifferent. The corners of his lips were pursed into a thin line. He had no intention of paying attention to Keller.

On the contrary, it was Su Wan’s sigh that attracted Fiennes’ attention.

At this moment, Su Wan was still eating without a care in the world…

Su Wan’s clear almond-shaped eyes curved as she picked up another piece of sweet and sour pork tenderloin. She was eating happily, and there was not a trace of anger on her face.

Fiennes sometimes admired this woman’s ability.

Suddenly, Fiennes thought of an answer.

Perhaps it was not that Su Wan was heartless and did not care at all. It was just that the person she cared about was not him at all.

If the person sitting here today was the emperor, and the person Keller presented this beauty to was His Highness, how could Su Wan be so calm?

This thought appeared in Fiennes’ mind. For some reason, his originally calm expression suddenly sank, as if a storm was about to come.

It seemed that Su Wan was living too blissfully!

Fiennes suddenly turned his head and locked his eyes on Su Wan.

“Wan Wan, do you think we should take these dancers home?”

Su Wan was having a good time eating. Now that Fiennes threw a bag at her, she was really caught off guard.

Su Wan was stunned. She didn’t understand why Fiennes dragged her into this!

Su Wan stood up speechlessly and looked at the delicate beauties in front of her.

Just as Su Wan was about to say yes, her attention was suddenly caught by a figure carrying a tray not far away.

Although he was also wearing a blue waiter’s uniform, his every move carried an elegant aura.

That was…

Su Wan blinked her eyes in disbelief.

She would never mistake Jiang Xuecheng’s figure!


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