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Chapter 658: Please Be The Witness

Su Wan saw that Diya was using her hand to cover the necklace around her neck. A glimmer of light flashed across her almond-shaped eyes.

It seemed that her guess was right. This snowflake necklace probably had some sentimental significance to Diya.

However, this was the only way to make this heiress feel the pain, right?

Su Wan raised her eyes. A provocative smile appeared on the corner of her lips as she continued to goad Diya.

“What? Miss Diya is not willing to accept losing and kneeling down like me. Now, she’s not even willing to give up the necklace?”

Diya suddenly hesitated when she heard Su Wan’s words.

Indeed, this exquisite and beautiful necklace was still a few levels away from her winning and making Su Wan kneel down and bark like a dog…

Diya looked at Fiennes with some hesitation. She pursed her lips and looked like she was asking for advice.


After all, this necklace was a birthday gift from Fiennes. Diya felt a little bad if she used it as a bet.

She decided that if her brother agreed, she would bet on the snowflake necklace. If her brother did not agree, she would continue to negotiate with Su Wan.

Fiennes saw Diya’s wavering look and sighed in his heart. He was still here, and his sister wanted to hand over the gift that he had personally given to her.

Fiennes inexplicably thought of the blue diamond bracelet that Jiang Xuecheng had given to Su Wan. If it was Diya who suggested that Su Wan give the blue diamond bracelet to her as a bet today, Su Wan would probably not agree, right?

For some reason, Fiennes had this kind of intuition.

Fiennes could not help but sigh again. This sister of his seemed to be unruly, but in fact, she was still a child at heart. She was easily fooled by Su Wan.

If it was not for the fact that she had a higher status, she might have been sold and even helped others count their money.

Fiennes should have felt very uncomfortable when he had given something to someone else, but when he remembered that the person who had bet with Diya was Su Wan, he suddenly let go.

Fiennes rubbed Diya’s head and nodded lightly.

“This is yours. You don’t need to ask my opinion. If you want to bet it, then bet it.”

Those words from Fiennes immediately dispelled Diya’s hesitation.

Diya was too lazy to tell Su Wan who the original owner of this necklace was. She raised her chin, her expression as arrogant as a princess.

“Su Wan, then let’s make a bet like this! Heh, I won’t lose. I’ll just wait for you to kneel down and bark like a dog!”

Thinking of Su Wan kneeling down in front of her and barking like a beast, Diya suddenly felt a strange excitement in her heart. Her originally depressed mood also rose!

She was beaming with joy. She only hated that she could not jump a week ahead to see if Su Wan had been chased out by the high priest and His Highness so that she could see that scene earlier!

Seeing that Diya had not won yet and was already acting like a victor, Su Wan’s lips curved into an imperceptible smile.

She lifted her eyelids indifferently, her expression calm and composed.

“Miss Diya, don’t speak too early. It’s better for you to wear that necklace more. Maybe you won’t be able to see it in the future.”

Seeing Su Wan’s indifferent and graceful expression, Diya almost spat out a mouthful of blood because of Su Wan’s words!

This woman was really shameless to the extreme!

Sure enough, even if she had a prideful look on the surface, a commoner was still a commoner. Deep down, she was a person who was greedy for money!

Seeing that her necklace was of good quality, she was eager to fight for it, even willing to gamble her dignity!

Ha, she did not believe that after Su Wan knelt down and barked like a dog, his highness would still take a fancy to this woman!

As the eldest daughter of the Siswell family, she would never make a bet with others to make her kneel down!

At this moment, Diya seemed to have forgotten. If not for her brother’s angry warning, she would have basically promised Su Wan to kneel down if she lost.

“Alright, brother, let’s go. Don’t let some dirty things here ruin your eyes!”

Diya’s words flashed past her ears, but Su Wan’s expression was still as calm as ever.

She averted her gaze, and her pair of beautiful eyes suddenly fell on the man beside Diya.

Fiennes saw Su Wan suddenly turn her head to look at him. Su Wan’s eyes were clearly calm, but he could not help but quiver. He deliberately stood up a little straighter, not wanting to have any flaws in his bearing.

At this moment, Fiennes suddenly understood that Su Wan was indeed an attractive woman.

No wonder even when the emperor knew that Su Wan was pregnant with someone else’s child, he still dealt with this matter coldly for the time being. He was afraid that he would not be able to let go of Su Wan.

A trace of emotion flashed across Fiennes’ azure eyes. His gaze was burning as he stared at Su Wan, wis.h.i.+ng that he could see through all of this woman’s thoughts.

Su Wan also looked very young. At most, she was only two or three years older than Diya, but whether it was her bearing or her intelligence, she was much better than Diya.

That time in the coffee shop, he had repeatedly expressed his goodwill, but Su Wan had always pretended not to understand and avoided the topic. He had originally thought that Su Wan was a cold beauty who was slow to warm up and difficult to pursue!

But Fiennes had never expected that Su Wan had already had a child with someone else!

He really did not know whose child was in Su Wan’s belly!

When Fiennes thought of this, he could not help but look at Su Wan’s belly under the blanket. It was as if he could see Su Wan’s flat belly through the thick pile of blankets.

It really made him a little jealous of that man…

At the same time, Fiennes felt that his majesty the emperor was a little pitiful.

As an outsider, he felt a thorn in his heart. The behavior of his majesty and Su Wan at the banquet was clearly quite intimate.

How could he feel good about being betrayed by the woman he loved?!

Just as Fiennes was racking his brain, he suddenly heard Su Wan speak.

“Young master Fiennes, my bet with Miss Diya is settled. I believe in your character, so please be the witness. No matter who wins a week later, please make sure that the other party doesn’t break their promise.”

Su Wan said calmly. She didn’t really believe in Fiennes’ character, but she felt that Fiennes was much more rational than his sister!

Moreover, Su Wan had absolute confidence that she wouldn’t lose!

Fiennes’ thin lips held a faint smile. He raised his eyebrows and fixed his eyes on Su Wan.

“Very well, I will certainly not disappoint Miss Su’s expectations.”

Seeing the confidence in Su Wan’s expression, Fiennes had already guessed the outcome. His sister was probably going to be a sucker.

The only thing that Fiennes was curious about was why Su Wan was so sure that she would not be chased out?

She was so calm. What leverage did she have to protect her?

After all, what Su Wan did this time was extremely daring.

Could it be that Su Wan was so sure that His Highness would protect her for the sake of the past?

To be honest, for a man, this resentment was really difficult to swallow…


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