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Chapter 217: Everyone’s Gift

A smile appeared in Sheng An’ning’s eyes. Only she knew the real reason she didn’t want to address Su Wan as her sister-in-law.

Until now, she still could not accept the reality that Jiang Xuecheng was married.

Su Wan was taken aback and she squeezed a smile on her lips. “Actually, Ms. An’ning, I think it’s fine to call me Sis-in-Law. It’s just an address and it’s not old-fas.h.i.+oned…”

Jiang Xuecheng held Su Wan’s hand and darted a look at Sheng An’ning and Jiang Haoxuan.

“Since Wan Wan thinks that addressing her like this is okay, both of you shouldn’t try to change it.”

It was like a sentence with hidden meaning. When Sheng An’ning saw Jiang Xuecheng’s smile, she felt as if her heart was being stabbed.

Her body felt cold and the smile in her eyes froze.

Don’t try to change it? Was he hinting to her not to covet Su Wan’s current ident.i.ty?

It was Jiang Haoxuan who responded first. He tugged Sheng An’ning’s arm and smiled at Su Wan.

“h.e.l.lo, Sis-in-Law.”

Sheng An’ning bit her lips uncomfortably and finally followed Jiang Haoxuan reluctantly. “Sis-in-Law.”

Su Wan nodded gently. “h.e.l.lo, Haoxuan and An’ning”

This was the first time she had been addressed as such. Although she was not used to it, she could see that the both of them didn’t actually mean it. However, she felt inexplicably touched.

Whether they agree or not, she just needed the man beside her to defend her.

As for the other people, they had nothing to do with her.

Because Jiang Xuecheng’s car was parked at a place further away in the airport, the four of them walked for a good while before reaching the car.

Jiang Xuecheng naturally opened the co-driver’s door for Su Wan. When Sheng An’ning who was standing behind them saw this scene, she was in a daze.

She had not previously ever witnessed a moment when Jiang Xuecheng was gentle and thoughtful. However, it was a pity that the person who made him show his different side was not her.

Jiang Haoxuan saw Sheng An’ning’s sad look and felt an unstoppable pain, just like a hand seizing her tightly.

This was life. The one you like and have done so much for might not always like you. However, a person who doesn’t love you could pay no heed to what you’ve done.

Since young, he would follow Sheng An’ning wherever she went.

Initially, Jiang Haoxuan thought placing himself in a favorable position by accompanying Sheng An’ning to Dong Chen Country to further her studies could enable him to gain special advantages but it turned out that her heart was only open for that someone.

Jiang Haoxuan pushed her shoulder and opened the back door for her. “An’ning, you take the inner seat.”

Sheng An’ning regained her senses and smiled at Jiang Haoxuan. Then, she sat in the innermost seat.

The black Koenigsegg Agera R drove quietly through the traffic on the way from the S City International Airport to Weiyang Restaurant.

Sheng An’ning who was sitting at the back examined Jiang Xuecheng. She saw his occasional interaction with Su Wan with his eyes filled with infinite gentleness and doting.

In a split second, her heart ached.

Sheng An’ning’s eyes flashed and couldn’t help asking, “Brother Xuecheng, how did you and Sis…Sis-in-Law meet?”

It turned out that using the word ‘Sis-in-Law’ made her heart hurt further.

Hearing this question, Jiang Xuecheng smiled and suddenly, the scene of how they met by chance appeared in his mind.

To Su Wan, their encounter that day was not a pleasant day but to Jiang Xuecheng, it was the complete opposite.

“Wan Wan saved my life, so I thanked her with my body.”

Sheng An’ning gaped and was stunned and worried. “Brother Xuecheng, did something happen to you? Did you fall sick like when you were young?”

Jiang Xuecheng shook his head faintly. “I only met a few ruffians.”

Sensing Jiang Xuecheng’s reluctance to elaborate, Sheng An’ning pursed her lips and finally fell into silence.

It was 4 pm when they arrived at Weiyang Restaurant. All the seniors of the Jiang family were waiting in the private room.

Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng entered the room and saw a table filled with food. Luo Xiuxiu and Jiang Zhiyuan sat on the left of the round table while Xu Ziyao and Jiang Wei sat on the right.

When Su Wan and the group walked in, the seniors stopped their chat. Xu Ziyao’s eyes landed on Jiang Haoxuan and Sheng An’ning who were behind Jiang Xuecheng and Su Wan.

A warm smile appeared on Luo Xiuxiu’s cheeks. She stood up and waved at Jiang Haoxuan and Sheng An’ning.

“Haoxuan, An’ning, both of you are finally back after so long. Why do I feel that you’ve lost weight? Did you have enough to eat at Dong Chen Country? Come, come, sit next to me.

A decent smile appeared on Sheng An’ning’s face. She tilted her head sideways and took a glance at Jiang Haoxuan, then she walked toward Luo Xiuxiu and nestled in her arms

“Grandmother, I miss you so much.”

Jiang Haoxuan followed immediately and sat down beside Sheng An’ning.

Luo Xiuxiu smilingly caressed Sheng An’ning’s forehead and then pointed at Jiang Haoxuan.

“An’ning, did Haoxuan bully you when you were in Dong Chen? If he did, let me know and I’ll teach him a lesson!”

Sheng An’ning’s pretty face was slightly red and she had the timid look of a little girl, “Grandmother, what are you talking about? Haoxuan is my little brother, I was the one who bullied him instead.”

Hearing what she said, the seniors couldn’t help laughing.

Su Wan looked at the scene of a happy family reunion but noticed that Jiang Xuecheng’s look was still cold, as if not able to blend into such a joyous atmosphere.

Su Wan’s heart ached slightly and didn’t know how Jiang Xuecheng had lived his life in the past.

He had a cheerful and lively little brother and a younger sister who was good at pleasing the elders. Jiang Xuecheng was the only one who had the cold look and was incompatible with his family.


When dinner started, Luo Xiuxiu kept taking food for Sheng An’ning and Jiang Haoxuan while Jiang Haoxuan declined.

On the other hand, Sheng An’ning kept saying thank you. Then, she ate everything Luo Xiuxiu took for her. She looked well-behaved.

“Thank you, Grandmother.”

When Sheng An’ning saw Jiang Xuecheng taking some fish for Su Wan, her look changed. Her smile became bitter.

A touch of melancholy appeared on the gentle and beautiful cheeks of Sheng An’ning. She lowered her head and concealed her discomfort. Then, she raised her head once again and smiled at everyone there.

“I bought some gifts for everyone.”

As she spoke, she stood up and placed two bags in front of Luo Xiuxiu and Jiang Zhiyuan. “These are for you, Grandfather and Grandmother.”

Sheng An’ning then walked toward Jiang Wei and Xu Ziyao and took out two little bags. “These are for you, Uncle and Aunty.”

When Su Wan saw Sheng An’ning walking toward Jiang Xuecheng, Su Wan’s heart was inexplicably lifted.


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