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Chapter 162: Please Do Not Tell Her

The girl whom Li Peng addressed as Xiaobing was his ex-neighbor, Yang Xiaobing.

Upon hearing what Li Peng said, Yang Xiaobing was taken aback. When they had first entered, this was not what Li Peng said. She had pleaded for a long time and with difficulty, had convinced Li Peng to allow her to keep this child.

However, Li Peng had turned around all of a sudden!

Yang Xiaobing didn’t know what had happened but she would not allow such thing to happen!

Yang Xiaobing’s rosy cheeks instantly lost their color. Her face was pale and her tears flowed down her cheeks.

“Brother Peng, what’s wrong? Didn’t we agree to keep this baby? This is not only my baby, it has your blood too! How could you be so cruel to want it to be aborted?”

Li Peng frowned tightly and gaped with difficulty.

“Xiaobing, I know I’ve done you wrong but I…”

Yang Xiaobing put her finger on Li Peng’s lips and her tears kept flowing like broken beads.

“No, Brother Peng, you did not. I just wish to have this baby. After I deliver this baby, I’ll return to Nanyang and I won’t disturb you and Sis Fei’er.”

As she said this, she looked extremely sad. That pitiful look gave Li Peng a feeling that if he were to say something hurtful, she would completely lose her courage to live on.

“Brother Peng, please give me hope. I don’t wish to fight with Sis Fei’er for anything. I just want a child.”

Yang Xiaobing’s voice was sad and resolute. Her long eyelashes were wet with tears. Any man who saw her would be unable to bear the sight of her in such pain.

Li Peng tapped on Yang Xiaobing’s trembling shoulders gently and wanted to continue convincing her. However, Yang Xiaobing hugged him and sobbed in his embrace.

Li Peng was stunned. When he remembered Su Wan would return any time soon, he hastily wanted to push her away.

What happened next was in accordance with Murphy’s law, which stated that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Li Peng saw Su Wan appearing at the end of the corridor.

Li Peng panicked and without bothering about his strength, he pushed Yang Xiaobing aside.

Su Wan, who had just come out from the washroom, had seen Li Peng and Yang Xiaobing hugging one another.

Coincidently, Yang Xiaobing was wearing similar clothing as Lin Fei’er today and coupled with the dim light at the corner, Su Wan had thought that Li Peng was hugging Lin Fei’er.

However, Li Peng pus.h.i.+ng the woman in his embrace away had piqued Su Wan’s curiosity. When did Li Peng ever treat Lin Fei’er so savagely? She was now pregnant!

Su Wan dashed forward hastily.

“Senior Li, everything can be discussed. How could you push Sis Fei’er away?”

Before Su Wan’s voice died down, she looked closely and although she couldn’t see her face, saw that the girl crying at the corner had black hair. She was not Lin Fei’er, who had golden hair!

The girl slowly raised her head. That moment, Su Wan recognized the girl as Yang Xiaobing, the girl she had seen before.

Her pretty face was ghastly pale.

“Brother Peng, don’t force me to abort the baby. If you really want it to be aborted, I don’t wish to live too!”

Abort the baby?

Su Wan widened her eyes. She looked at Li Peng’s heavy expression and her heart fell to the bottom of the valley.

“Senior Li, please explain clearly. Don’t tell me that the child she mentioned is yours?”

Li Peng’s lips trembled. When he saw Su Wan’s cold and indifferent look, he instantly had headache.

“Su Wan, listen to me. This is complicated, it’s not what you think…”

Su Wan felt her body gradually freeze. This was the first time she hoped her guess was wrong.

However, Li Peng did not deny what she had said!

Su Wan’s heart became heavier and heavier. She looked at Yang Xiaobing’s pale but attractive face and her heart hurt.

This girl was indeed pretty but could the bright and lovely Lin Fei’er be of no match to a still childish little neighbor girl?

Su Wan looked colder and colder. She asked aggressively, “Then, tell me that the baby in the stomach of your childhood friend is not yours!”

Li Peng’s eyes were now slightly red and he had a surge of emotions.

He pursed his lips but he couldn’t say a complete sentence. He couldn’t say that Yang Xiaobing’s child was not his.

“I, I…”

“Senior Li, I thought you were a good man whom Fei’er could trust for life. Now I know that I was blind!”

“Your relations.h.i.+p with the other woman is messy, how could you let Fei’er down? Do you know how much Fei’er trusts you? She didn’t even want to trouble you when she came for her pregnancy test as she felt you have to work for the family. But you? How could you do this to her?”

The more Su Wan said, the angrier she became. She saw that Li Peng was holding his hands tightly but had given up on explanation. At that moment, she felt the flame of fury burning in her heart.

Su Wan raised her hand high and Li Peng did not dodge or hide as a slap landed on his cheek.

Slap! The sound that reverberated in the hearts of those present was magnified by a tenfold.

Yang Xiaobing did not expect Su Wan to slap Li Peng. She stared at Li Peng’s face with heartache. Seeing the red palm print, she felt her heart tighten.

“It’s none of your business that Brother Peng wants to be with me. Sis Fei’er hasn’t said anything, what right do you have to interfere in the affairs involving the three of us?”

Su Wan ma.s.saged her painful hand and glared coldly at Yang Xiaobing.

“Shut up!”

Yang Xiaobing looked at Su Wan. She had not expected this woman who looked gentle to have gazes as sharp as a knife, as if she was about to skin her alive!

Su Wan stared at Yang Xiaobing indifferently and the creases on her forehead deepened.

During Lin Fei’er’s and Li Peng’s wedding ceremony, she had seen Li Peng and Yang Xiaobing hugging. She went to ask Lin Fei’er but Lin Fei’er said she liked Yang Xiaobing.

She only regarded Yang Xiaobing and Li Peng as innocent childhood friends who had grown up together.

However, the truth was cruel!

Su Wan’s cold eyes swept across Li Peng’s timid look. Her heart seemed to have been p.r.i.c.ked and her hatred did not subside. She felt that it wasn’t worth Lin Fei’er marrying Li Peng!

Fei’er was still undergoing the pregnancy test. If she were to know that her husband had an affair with another woman and that the woman was a little sister whom she did not guard herself from, what would she think?

Su Wan knew Lin Fei’er was a carefree tomboy but when it came to love, she was just a fragile little woman!

Li Peng and Lin Fei’er had not married for long, how could he mess with Yang Xiaobing so quickly and get her pregnant?

Su Wan s.n.a.t.c.hed the handbag from Li Peng’s hands. She took out her mobile phone and quickly keyed in a few numbers.

Li Peng thought that Su Wan wanted to inform Lin Fei’er about this. So, he lowered himself and started to plead.

“Su Wan, I beg you, please don’t tell Fei’er about me and Xiaobing…”

Xiaobing? He addressed her so intimately…

Su Wan looked at Li Peng coldly and just when she was about to scold him, she heard Lin Fei’er’s voice from behind.

“What are you all hiding from me?”


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