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Chapter 1119: Being Princess Carried By Jiang Qiran

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Xia Qianqian felt the burning pain on her back. Her eyebrows were raised, and she was extremely angry.

“Ye Linlang, how can you be like this! I’ve never seen such an unreasonable cla.s.smate like you!”

Ye Linlang looked back at her indifferently. Her left leg was numb to the extreme. Her pain would only be many times worse than Xia Qianqian’s.

“I’ve never seen a girl pretend to be innocent even after being a villain like you!”

Ye Linlang retorted unceremoniously.

As she spoke, her brows furrowed slightly.

Ye Linlang felt that her leg bone was about to break.


The pain was heart-piercing and bone-gouging.

The amount of force she used to retaliate against Xia Qianqian was not even one-third of the force Xia Qianqian used!

Moreover, she had been smashed in the same place twice by Xia Qianqian!

The first time could be said to be unintentional. For the second time, in that position, did Xia Qianqian really think that Ye Linlang was blind or stupid?!

Xia Qianqian’s face flushed red. She gritted her teeth and almost wanted to slap Ye Linlang’s face!

No one had ever dared to say that to her since she was young!

“Ye Linlang, how can you say that to me? I didn’t do it on purpose! Who can guarantee that there won’t be any accidents on the sports field?”

Ye Linlang looked at Xia Qianqian as if she was looking at a lunatic. Her jet-black eyes were filled with ridicule.

Keep pretending. Xia Qianqian, keep pretending.

“Then I’ll also say that I didn’t do it on purpose. Do you believe me?”

The crowd was already displeased with Ye Linlang. Who would have thought that Ye Linlang would have such a bad temper? She directly threw the tennis ball at Xia Qianqian!

Wasn’t she being too unreasonable?!

The matter became bigger and bigger, and then it turned into a one-sided insult against Ye Linlang.

Several girls from grade one Cla.s.s A surrounded Xia Qianqian and asked her questions.

“Qianqian, are you alright? Don’t lower yourself to the level of that country b.u.mpkin. I’ve already said that she has no manners at all.”

“That’s right. If I were her parents, I wouldn’t let a wild girl like Ye Linlang come out and embarra.s.s herself!”

“Hahaha, didn’t you guys hear what Ye Siyao said? Ye Linlang came to Ling Yun High School to stay because she went overboard and angered her parents! Don’t kid me!”

When Ye Linlang heard those words, her face turned slightly pale.

However, she still stubbornly raised her head.

Her leg hurt.

She couldn’t continue like this.

Ye Linlang looked around and finally saw the tennis teacher who had just gone to the canteen to buy water.

Ye Linlang was about to shout and beg the teacher to send her to the infirmary, but before Ye Linlang could say anything, the few followers around Xia Qianqian complained first.

“Teacher, teacher, quickly come over and judge! Ye Linlang, that crazy girl, actually threw a tennis ball at someone!”

The tennis teacher immediately walked over. He glanced at Xia Qianqian, whose eyes were watery, who was about to cry in the next second, and immediately made a stance.

“Student Xia Qianqian, are you okay? Where did you get smashed? Do you want me to take you to the infirmary to have a look?”

After all, every man loved beautiful women, even the male teachers were no exception.

Xia Qianqian weakly supported the girl next to her, her voice extremely delicate and pitiful.

“It’s student Ye Linlang…”

As if she wanted to say something but hesitated, Xia Qianqian’s shoulders trembled weakly twice, and she did not continue speaking.

However, just the mention of Ye Linlang’s name, coupled with this little white figure that was on the verge of tears, was enough to let people imagine a big scene of a wicked girl bullying the school beauty.

The tennis teacher looked at Ye Linlang unhappily.

“Ye Linlang, how can you treat Xia Qianqian like this? Don’t you know that the most important thing on the sports field is to respect others?”

As a result, when he turned her head, he saw Ye Linlang stubbornly leaning against the wall. One of her legs was slightly curled up, and the s.p.a.ce between her eyebrows was tightly knitted together, as if she was also extremely uncomfortable.

Compared to Xia Qianqian’s fake tears, Ye Linlang was in extreme pain. Her pale face gave the tennis teacher a big fright.

“Ye Linlang, are you okay?!”

Ye Linlang’s head was already dizzy to the extreme. She looked at the tennis teacher in a trance. Her voice was m.u.f.fled, and she had already become somewhat weak.

“Teacher, I want to go to the infir…”

Teacher, I want to go to the infirmary to have a checkup…

Ye Linlang had just said the word “infir” when she felt her world spin. She felt that everything before her eyes was dark, and she could not distinguish anything clearly…

Her consciousness had not completely faded, but her head was already heavy as if it had been filled with lead.

The scene before her eyes was also like a large mosaic, and nothing was clear.

Ye Linlang only heard a series of exclamations.

“Ah! Ye Linlang fainted!”

“Could she be faking it? To escape the teacher’s punishment?”

“I’ve never seen Ye Linlang so disgusting!”

Too many rumors and slanders lingered in her ears. Ye Linlang’s thoughts were hazy. She wanted to go to the infirmary, but even the tennis teacher looked at her hesitantly.

It was as if he didn’t know whether he should reach out and pull Ye Linlang.

How could Ye Linlang coincidentally faint now?!

The timing was way too precise!

At that time, the swimming teacher brought the boys from grade one Cla.s.s A to the small field to run and train their physical endurance.

After all, the 1000-meter test was going to take place soon, and there was also a sports meet.

If they didn’t train, the muscles and bones of this group of small characters would be so loose.

They were running, but when they pa.s.sed by the tennis court, they saw a commotion.

The handsome youth who led the run heard Ye Linlang’s name and then Yin Zihan’s voice.

Yin Zihan raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“What’s wrong with Ye Linlang now?”

The moment Yin Zihan asked, Jiang Qiran rushed over without thinking.

The tennis teacher frowned and reached out to help Ye Linlang up.

However, before he could reach out, someone suddenly rushed over from outside the tennis court and squeezed between him and Ye Linlang.

“Get out of the way!”

It was clearly a clean young man’s voice, but it was as if there was a thousand tons of force, causing everyone present to subconsciously be afraid.

Even the male tennis teacher, who was in his thirties, could not help but look at Jiang Qiran twice.

Jiang Qiran had already bent down and reached out to hug Ye Linlang’s waist. He was about to take the half-unconscious Ye Linlang away.

When Xia Qianqian saw this scene, she was extremely jealous. She stood in front of Jiang Qiran without any hesitation.

However, in the next second, she looked at Jiang Qiran timidly. Her voice was as soft as if she had no bones.

“Qiran, Ye Linlang hit me just now. We were just about to let the teacher take care of it when Ye Linlang fainted. Maybe she was just afraid of the teacher’s punishment. You don’t have to be so serious.”

Jiang Qiran’s footsteps suddenly stopped.

His gaze was fixed on Xia Qianqian. His dark eyes were extremely cold, but no one could see it.

“You mean, Ye Linlang was faking it?”


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