WebNovel The Idol Group Pet Became A Final Boss! Chapter 415 – Why Isn't He Coaxing Me Yet?

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Chapter 415: Why Isn’t He Coaxing Me Yet?


Bang Bang!

Every single word of his seemed to be striking Fu Jiayan’s heart.

The young woman’s gaze was clear and her tone was firm. Every word she said seemed to be full of conviction.

‘You’re you…’

‘You’re you…’

Fu Jiayan slipped into deep thought.

Fu Jiayan’s fans who were watching in front of the screen, also came back to their senses.


‘The persona of the Crown Prince’s character is indeed not very likable.’

It was Fu Jiayan’s interpretation that shaped the soul of the Crown Prince.

They shed tears for him, rejoiced for him, got angry for him, and was agonized for him.

“It’s never the case that actors make the characters.” Xiang Yi said seriously, “You played the crown prince, but what makes you you is your ident.i.ty as an actor, Fu Jiayan.”

The fans: !!!

—— [Ahhhh, well said!]

—— [Xiang Yi is really a girl with a very strong sense of self. Girls like her are really rare]

—— [Xiang Yi, please write a book soon! Since you’re so eloquent and knowledgeable, you should speak more!!]

At this moment, the confusion in Fu Jiayan’s eyes began to dissipate.

All along, his team had always told him to milk his persona and maintain his popularity.

He had been feeling rather anxious too as he felt trapped and confined to the limitations of the role of the Crown Prince, which he couldn’t break free from no matter how hard he tried.

In the past two years, he had starred in several drama series before but since he had already played a breakthrough role, the subsequent roles he played didn’t seem to be that outstanding.

The external pressure made Fu Jiayan more and more anxious.

‘Am I not good enough?’

‘Is it true that the peak of my career was during my debut?’

‘Is it that I can only play that one cla.s.sic role in my life?’

During the most extreme periods of his life, he had even began loathing himself.

Fu Jiayan even agreed with the others that he had just gotten lucky to have been given the chance to play a character that brought him fame.

However, Xiang Yi’s words had knock some sense into him and made him wake up.

Moved to tears, Fu Jiayan said, “Xiang Yi, you’re wonderful! You’re totally my life mentor and my guiding light!”

He tried to shake Xiang Yi’s hand, but was mercilessly slapped away by Jiang Jiujiu.

“Ew, don’t try to take advantage of Yiyi!”

Fu Jiayan sniffled and sincerely asked, “Xiang Yi, do you have anything else to say to me?”

‘What Xiang Yi said must be true and insightful! I have to note them down in a small notebook!’

In the next second…

Xiang Yi asked calmly, “Do you want to bring a bottle of salted eggs with you when you leave?”

Fu Jiayan: ???

“The salted eggs are large and they all have double yolks. After they’re pickled, the yolks will flow slowly when poked…”

Fu Jiayan: ???

“You don’t like that? How about a jar of pickled vegetables then? I’ve pickled some cabbage, radish, beans, also made some sauces, chili sauce, and numerous types of jam. You can slowly take your pick.”

To the program team, Fu Jiayan and the others were guests.

However, to Xiang Yi, she couldn’t let her guests leave her home empty-handed.

Fu Jiayan stayed silent for a moment before suddenly choking and saying tearfully, “Xiang Yi!!! UwU, I unilaterally announce that you’re my sister from another mother!!”

Jiang Jiujiu said, “Get lost, you stole my lie!!!”

Fu Jiayan seemed to be full of ardor all of a sudden as he started cleaning, chopping wood, and feeding chickens… He couldn’t stop at all.

Jiang Jiujiu saw on the swing grumpily, pouting her lips like a blowfish while staring at Xiang Yi who was pickling some salted duck eggs, as well as s.h.i.+ Sui who was helping her at the side.

‘Why…why isn’t she coaxing me yet…’


She bit her lip, jumped off the swing, walked to Xiang Yi and stood still in front of her.

“I’m angry! I’m very, very angry!”

“I gave you a chance to coax me. It’s overdue!”



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