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Chapter 41 – MatChapter Made in Heaven

The live comments:

—[Heh? Is Director Yan showing tsundere attributes?]

—[I feel like Director Yan is pretty cute…]

—[The chicken: ??? Don’t come near me. I’m going to scream]

As Director Li Jianyu followed the comments throughout the process, he let out a sigh of relief upon seeing the change in tide in the live comments.

Looking back, he discovered something… Did s.h.i.+ Sui and Xiang Yi inadvertently cooperate with each other just now?

And their collaboration had been perfect?

Before Li Jianyu could think about it, he became distracted by the comments praising Xiang Yi.

He had also noticed that the number of viewers in Xiang Yi’s broadcast room was growing.

Although it wasn’t a large difference, it reflected that more and more viewers were taking an interest in her.

Maybe… Daddy s.h.i.+ had other intentions behind recommending Xiang Yi for this show?

Yan Zhenhua ran over to the chicken coop to take a look. There were ten chickens in total, and there was even a clutch of newly hatched chicks covered in pale yellow fluff.

The coop was very tidy, and there was a thick layer of dried alfalfa on the floor with no strange scents.

s.h.i.+ Sui approached as well and had been handed a small basket by Xiang Yi to go pick up some eggs.

Due to the gory scene of killing the chicken, the cameraman paused his shooting.

Yan Zhenhua scanned the chicken coop with his sharp eyes, planning to choose the fattest one. Chatting casually, he said, “s.h.i.+ Sui, what do you think of that little Miss Xiang Yi?”

“Hmm?” s.h.i.+ Sui slowly picked up an egg.

The female staff on the side couldn’t help but frequently gaze toward him.

His long and slender fingers were distinct in the light, looking like the kind of hands that did not do this kind of task. But when he was doing it, it was still extremely elegant and pleasing to the eye.

Yan Zhenhua smiled. “If you ask me, the girl is pretty and has a good temperament, and she’s quite compatible with my Ah Nai!”

s.h.i.+ Sui’s actions wavered a bit and responded, “Director Yan, Ah Nai is still a child.”

Yan Nai was seventeen this year and not yet of legal age.

“I’ve already asked, the girl is only three years older than our Ah Nai. The old saying goes well, a woman three years older holds gold bricks. Look here, look here—fate can’t be stopped. This is a match made in heaven!”

The more Yan Zhenhua thought about it, the more he felt it was reasonable. Slapping his t.h.i.g.h, he said, “If this really happens, I’ll have to send you a big red envelope! Soon, the girl won’t be calling you senior, but she’ll be calling you uncle along with Yan Nai. Then we’ll really be a lovely family!”

s.h.i.+ Sui was normally very gentle and polite, but today he felt uncommunicative for some reason.

Unfortunately, such a straightforward man like Yan Zhenhua had already immersed himself in the scene of his baby grandson in the arms of Xiang Yi and Yan Nai, calling him grandpa…

On the other side.

Xiang Yi’s productivity did not falter as she found a Tupperware container and prepared to pick up some fruits for Xiang Feng’s driver to deliver to Xiang Feng.

Yan Nai didn’t know where he found the courage to stop her. “Xiang- Xiang Yi… Wait, I have something to tell you.”

Xiang Yi turned around, looking at him lightly. “What’s wrong?”

Meeting her eyes with his, Yan Nai suddenly began to stutter. “I… I…”

“If it’s nothing, then I’ll be off.”

Yan Nai panicked and blurted, “Why don’t you acknowledge sister Wanyan? She wants the best for you, why don’t you understand her at all?”

Xiang Yi was puzzled. “Who?”

Yan Nai felt wronged and resentful. “If you want to pretend to not know me, FINE. But are you going to pretend that you don’t know sister Wanyan as well? Xiang Yi, you’re heartless!”

A question mark slowly rose from atop Xiang Yi’s head.


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