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Chapter 2280: Heaven’s Plan!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

“If Great One is stepping forward, then this matter is naturally dealt with. That Child of Destruction is dead for sure,” Grand Supreme and Radiance Supreme said simultaneously, their expressions calming down.

That Child of Destruction was incredibly strong, but everything was different if Heaven was taking action.

Even Li Taiyi was nothing but dust now. How long could that Child of Destruction last?

“But… ” After some hesitation, Grand Supreme said, “Great One, the Youzhou army has been defeated and the alliance army has already submitted to the Great Tang. The alliance sovereigns also took part in the invasion of the polar base. We no longer have anyone to borrow strength from, and the Purification plan no longer has an army backing it!”

The teleportation gate had been destroyed, the Great Ice Age ended with it. This meant that the plan they had decided on beforehand had been a complete failure. A successful implementation of the Purification plan required a reduction of at least eighty percent of the human population.

The restart of civilization did not require so many people!

“Prepare to summon the Celestial Army!”

Heaven’s reply was short.

“Since we cannot use the Youzhou soldiers, then we mobilize our own!”

Heaven spoke in an understated manner, as if he was discussing something very normal, but Grand Supreme and Radiance Supreme were thrown into disarray.

The Celestial Army!

This was a great taboo in the Celestial G.o.d Organization! One of its highest secrets!

This was the Celestial G.o.d Organization’s most powerful fighting force, an army that truly belonged to them. Not even Grand Supreme had the authority to mobilize this army.

The only one with the authority to mobilize the Celestial Army was Heaven, the ‘Celestial Emperor’.

Because that army belonged to the Celestial Emperor!

However, in the history of the Celestial G.o.d Organization, the number of times the Celestial Army had been used for the Purification plan could be counted with one’s fingers.

They were only used when the Celestial G.o.d Organization’s Purification plan using mortal forces had totally failed, leaving them no other choice.

This was the final power used by the Celestial Emperor and the Celestial G.o.d Organization. The Celestial Army was extremely precious, for each loss was a loss that could not be replaced. Thus, the Celestial Emperor did not use the Celestial Army unless it was absolutely necessary.


Grand Supreme and Radiance Supreme instantly got ahold of themselves and bowed.

“Very good!”

“In addition, the cold wave origin has been destroyed. Did you bring out the Doomsday Insignia?” Heaven flatly said.

“We did!”

“When we saw the giant idol fail, we immediately left with the Doomsday Insignia.”

The two replied simultaneously.

“Mm! Since the Purification plan has failed, we must move to the next phase. It has been tens of thousands of years, and it is high time that those Doomsday Insignias scattered on the outside are taken back. If not for those rebels constantly impeding Us, how could We have been too late to save Genesis Supreme?

“It is about time for this matter to end!”

Heaven’s voice revealed a rare hint of anger and killing intent.

Grand Supreme and Radiance Supreme trembled and dropped their heads even lower, not daring to speak or even breathe too loudly.

Heaven spoke of a past incident in the Celestial G.o.d Organization that was a major taboo. All of the Supremes had silently agreed to never speak of this matter.

“Great One, what do you need us to do?” the two respectfully asked.

“In a few months, take a trip to Sindhu!”

With these words said, Heaven disappeared.

A few moments later, in another location…

This was a world of red fire, burning lava visible wherever one looked.


Lava crashed onto the rocks like booming waves, and molten flames that could melt steel burst forth.

But amidst the rumbling of lava, one could also hear the jangling of chains. These golden-red chains were as thick as the thighs of an adult man, and they ran through the flames and lava.

All of these chains led to the same place: the center of this dimension!

But the center of this dimension was engulfed in high-temperature flames, and also a golden dome.

Besides that, if one were looking from above, one would be able to notice that the center was also ringed by numerous sealing formations.

These formations exuded an ancient energy, and their strength surpa.s.sed that of the Xiangliu Formation beneath the capital of the Great Tang.

Moreover, each barrier was also covered in ancient talismans.

These talismans were made from gold and inked with cinnabar. The words on the talismans did not belong to any known language, and they radiated the power of a long-gone era.

Both the talismans and formations seemed to be for the sake of sealing something in the center, as if some primordial beast was lurking within.


With shuddering vibration after vibration, a powerful energy erupted from the center of these formations, shaking the surrounding seals.

This power made the likes of Genesis Supreme, Grand Supreme, and Radiance Supreme seem like little fireflies.

“No one can seal Us! One day, We will break out!”

With a furious roar, an energy pulse greater than all of the previous ones exploded out of the center.


This terrifying energy managed to force open an extremely small crack in the formations, allowing the power to gush out.

The energy congealed together, twisted, and transformed. In a few moments, it had taken human form.

However, this was a figure made entirely of energy, a bizarre figure that lacked any sort of facial features.

But several seconds later, greenish-black divine armor began to form on the surface of the energy clone’s body, and a second later, tens of thousands of defensive formations and inscriptions took form on the armor.

And on the arms, shoulders, waist, and chest of this divine armor, numerous dragon images appeared.

But unlike the five-clawed golden dragon or nine-clawed true dragon used by Emperors, the true dragons on this suit of divine armor had ten claws!

“This avatar should be enough. It is time for everything to end. Child of Destruction, let Us see if you are the one spoken of in that prophecy!”

Heaven’s voice drifted through this s.p.a.ce, constantly shifting positions.

A moment later, that avatar that had formed outside of the numerous formations disappeared.

The s.p.a.ce once more fell silent.


Time flew by, and w.a.n.g Chong quickly returned to Youzhou with the sovereigns.

Other than a small number of high-ranking commanders, few outsiders knew of the northern expedition and the Celestial G.o.d Organization. Everything had been intentionally hidden.

At times like this, when people were unsettled, too much bad news would only make things worse.

With the full cooperation of the sovereigns, w.a.n.g Chong completed the consolidation of the various armies.

In the war of the northeast, the Youzhou force plus all of the alliance’s armies were still no match for Great Tang. The alliance now had a fear of the War Saint that was rooted in their bones.

So long as w.a.n.g Chong was present, so long as he was still the Great Tang’s King of Foreign Lands, all of the other countries, from their highest commanders to the lowest soldiers, would not dare to even think about fighting with him.

Their awe and fear of the Great Tang and w.a.n.g Chong were firmly rooted in their minds.

More importantly, though the cold wave had stopped, the ice and snow covering the world would take more than a day to thaw.

Even if they returned to the steppe, they would still have no place to pasture their herds.

If the Great Tang had not provided a.s.sistance to the other countries, all of them would have died!


Two months went by.

Flowers bloomed as spring returned to the earth!

As the cold wave retreated, removing its silver blanket, the capital of the Great Tang was finally no longer so deserted and silent. It had once more begun to show the vitality and activity the capital of an empire should have.

In all districts of the city, the snow-covered roofs began to reveal their golden or black spines, the thawing snow flowing down the eaves and dripping to the ground.

Every family had wooden basins to collect water, and the morning sun on the horizon brought the temperature back to normal, the sunlight penetrating through the clouds and revealing the joy on the faces of the common folk.

This was the first sunrise the Great Tang had welcomed since the cold wave.

Under the eaves of their homes, the people took up the basins and began to splash water on each other in celebration.

“The Youzhou army has returned to the capital!”

“The King of Foreign Lands has returned to the capital!”

A chorus of cheers came from the northeast, setting off shockwaves through the capital.


“Come on! Let’s go and look!”

Every resident of the capital, regardless of age or gender, put down their work and joyfully rushed to the eastern gate.


A few moments later, the thunderous pounding of hooves began to approach the capital.

As countless people looked on, the imposing and awesome Tang army swept out from the horizon, its banners flapping in the wind.

“King of Foreign Lands!”

The thronging crowd at the gates erupted with cheers, far more enthusiastic than they would be at any festival.

“The army has returned!”

“The army has returned!”

As cheers filled the air, fireworks rocketed upward. All the members of the crowd rushed up to the soldiers, their faces red with excitement.

The heroes were triumphant, and they had returned.

In the cold wave, everyone had spent day and night worrying over the outcome of the Youzhou war.

w.a.n.g Chong and the empire’s soldiers had once more saved the Great Tang, saved the Central Plains.

“I’m finally back.”

As he looked upon the familiar capital, w.a.n.g Chong emotionally sighed.


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