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Chapter 1354: Scheming Against Ji Andu!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


As the soul eagle lunged down, Blood Eye arrived on the scene. He raised his hand, and a dense wave of black flame hurtled toward that azure-robed figure in the darkness.

This figure was identical to the one the soul eagle had spotted during the day.

But a moment later, in an explosion of Stellar Energy, that azure-robed figure was obliterated, showering the area with bits and pieces that were soon consumed by the black flames.

A decoy!

Blood Eye’s pupils constricted and he instantly paled. Although the black flames were powerful and able to burn anything, they were not so powerful that they could instantly burn a living person to nothing.

Blood Eye instantly realized that he had taken the bait.

“d.a.m.n it!”

Blood Eye recalled a certain rumor, and his heart exploded with rage. It was said that the old scoundrel from Sindhu had given their target an object that could allow him to notice them beforehand. There was no question that this was exactly what had occurred.

They had all been played!

“Milord, we’ve discovered the target on the southwestern part of the mountain!” a black-clothed subordinate suddenly said.

“Let’s go! Today, no matter what, we have to kill him and obtain the objective!” Blood Eye fiercely said. With the three commanders holding down the base of the mountain, that brat would find it difficult to escape even if he suddenly sprouted wings. As long as he remained on the mountain, he would never escape their grasp.

Just as Blood Eye was about to lead his men elsewhere…


“Monsters of the evil path, where do you think you’re going?!” an elderly voice br.i.m.m.i.n.g with killing intent roared, and before they could react, a vast torrent of energy came pouring down the mountain.

Blood Eye grimaced and immediately turned around, thrusting out a palm. Two steely tides of energy collided, but Blood Eye remained steadfast, a rock standing tall in the middle of a dreadful river. However, before Blood Eye could counter, he heard a chorus of screams. Ten-some men in black were swept away by this energy like autumn leaves on the breeze.

“You members of the evil path dare to act so unbridled in the territory of the Righteous Alliance! This old man will spare none of you!”

In the darkness stood an old man with white hair and muscular arms, his entire body exuding an astonishing aura.

Zhong Lizi!

This was a guest elder of the Righteous Alliance, and the Sect Master of the Origin Yang Sect. Zhong Lizi had been a good friend of the Righteous Alliance Lord for several decades and was one of the strongest elders of the Righteous Alliance, on par with Sikong Yuanjia.

“Hmph! The rest of you go!”

Blood Eye made a gesture behind him while he remained to keep a watch on Zhong Lizi.

Plush! A sound like a sharp blade cutting through flesh could be heard, and then a sharp bone more than two feet long protruded from Blood Eye’s spine, followed by a second, a third… In the blink of an eye, a sharp bone had protruded out of every part of Blood Eye’s back. And his aura also experienced a heaven-shaking transformation, becoming much more dangerous, br.i.m.m.i.n.g with ruthlessness, cruelty, and chaos.


Zhong Lizi’s pupils constricted and his face twisted.

Zhong Lizi had seen many things in his decades living in the world of sects, and he understood countless martial arts like the back of his hand. But he had never heard of an art like this that could transform one’s body and multiply one’s strength several times. This was no longer in the scope of ordinary martial arts.

“Devil! You’re all devils!”

A look of extreme shock appeared in Zhong Lizi’s eyes, but also intense killing intent. No matter who they were, their conduct tonight alone was enough to sign their death sentences.

“Kekeke, how can ordinary folk know the methods of the celestials? Ant, let me end your life!”

Blood Eye’s long hair dropped down and began to dance and tremble. Strange laughter came out of his mouth as he stared at Zhong Lizi, his body erupting with an intense and almost tangible killing intent.

In a burst of Stellar Energy, Blood Eye shot toward Zhong Lizi.

Boom! Boom!

In a flash, the two of them were moving around like lightning bolts as they fiercely battled. The other men in black, however, swiftly made their way to the southwest. But after barely setting out, that man in black who had first notified Blood Eye suddenly stopped and grimaced.

The organization of men in black had a special technique: as long as they had an article of clothing or something that the target used every day, they could detect the target’s aura within a certain range. But just a moment ago, while they still sensed their target in the southwest, they had also detected their target’s aura in the southeast and northeast.

Although they didn’t know exactly what he was doing, there was no question that their target was playing with them.

“You guys go to the northeast and southeast!”

The man in black turned around and gave an order before leading off a part of the group toward the southwest. The remaining men in black split in two, separately heading toward the southeast and northeast.

More and more Righteous Alliance experts were appearing on the slopes, and all the elders and Protectors were lunging into the fray to battle with the men in black, each side inflicting losses on the other.

Although they had been caught off guard and more than half their forces had been afflicted by the Celestial Powder, there were still nearly one thousand disciples of the Righteous Alliance on this mountain. Even though the men in black had used poison, they had only been able to sprinkle poison over one side, not the entire mountain.

And it wasn’t like the experts of the Righteous Alliance were unable to fight against these men in black.

“Hurry! What are you b.a.s.t.a.r.ds doing?!”

In the southeast, Ji Andu was standing on a rock and issuing order after order, commanding the Righteous Alliance experts to attack the men in black. With everyone gathered here, Ji Andu did not dare to run off this time.

Ji Andu had also abruptly received the news. When he was still trying to understand what was going on, the Righteous Alliance was already under attack.

“d.a.m.n it! Just what’s going on here? Is there actually a faction in this world that the Righteous Alliance doesn’t know about?!”

Ji Andu was stunned and confused. But no matter how many people the Righteous Alliance lost, Ji Andu really didn’t care. In any case, those dying were not his own subordinates. As long as he could escape at any time, nothing else was important.

The mountain is in chaos. I wonder if that brat is dead yet! Ji Andu suddenly thought of that ‘Young Master Qingyang’.

Although he didn’t have enough evidence, Ji Andu had never believed that this was the real Young Master Qingyang. From the moment he first met him, that youth had given him a strange feeling. Of course, the most important factor was that Ji Andu loathed seeing other people around Song Youran, and he was certainly not pleased to see people opposing him.

Ji Andu could not deny the hostility he felt toward that Young Master Qingyang.


As Ji Andu was thinking, a cold light suddenly flashed from his eyes. Although he hadn’t seen anything, he was already sensing an intense danger. Boom! Suddenly, a figure dressed in black clothes shot out of the darkness, the sword in his hand slashing at Ji Andu.

“Not good!”

Ji Andu’s heart chilled and his face paled. With no time to think, Ji Andu shot backward, his Stellar Energy erupting from his body as he threw a fist at his attacker.

Boom! Fist clashed with sword, but a moment later, Ji Andu was left dumbstruck. That seemingly vicious strike collided with his fist, but there was no weight behind it. Ji Andu’s fist continued forward, exploding the a.s.sa.s.sin into nothing.


Ji Andu was a paranoid person who had even managed to bring down the infamous Demonic Emperor Zhang Wenfu, but even he was left confused by this inexplicable sight. Even someone as shrewd as him could not understand what was going on.

But Ji Andu’s confusion did not last for long. A moment later, he understood what had happened.

“Over there!”

“Kill him!” a deep voice called out, and then ten-some men in black appeared nearby, b.e.s.t.i.a.l roars coming from their mouths.


Before Ji Andu could react, a pitch-black flame suffused with frightening energy rumbled toward him.

Ji Andu lunged to the side, barely avoiding the black flame. As he felt that dreadful energy brushing past him, he felt his hair stand on end, and deep fear appeared in his eyes.

This was the most dangerous flame Ji Andu had encountered in his entire life.

“Kill him!” that deep and raspy voice once more called out.

Ten-some dreadful energies locked onto Ji Andu. Ji Andu paled and he almost stopped breathing. He had faced many dangerous situations before, but none had ever struck so much fear into his heart.


Without hesitation, Ji Andu stomped down his right foot and flung himself backward, hastily retreating to the rear.

These men in black were simply too powerful. Ji Andu sensed that if he had not escaped then, he would have been killed.

However, Ji Andu had underestimated the reaction speed of these men. Boom! Countless bolts of energy slammed into the area Ji Andu had been standing mere moments ago, unleashing a cloud of dust.

Soon after, a powerful half–Lu Wu man in black hurtled forward, getting behind Ji Andu and sending out a thick arm to block his retreat. With a single strike, he shattered Ji Andu’s Stellar Energy barrier and threw a palm against his chest.


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