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Chapter 998: Broken

Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations

“Boss, we can’t fight this.”

World’s Best Friend had barely escaped from death and came running to Lu Li with tears streaming down his face.

The situation was truly too chaotic; it was as though every single guild and organisation was here. Heartrazor was only a level 45 Wild Boss, so it couldn’t be that popular.

“It’s crazy, it’s crazy…”

After barely escaping from the full blast of an ability, Lu Li was only left with a sliver of HP. The Ruling Sword squads had already been forced away from the Boss, so its aggro was lost to another guild.

The leader of the Knights Squad of Ruling Sword, Drifting Rain, had received new information.

“Ah…More guilds have appeared. Even the people from Glory Capital are here.”

“That’s not good. We’ll retreat,” Lu Li said as he announced this into the guild chat channel.

“No, I want to keep fighting. Purple Lunar Paradise killed me. I need to take revenge,” Fat Monkey said restlessly.

He did say that he wanted revenge, so why did it seem like he was overly excited about it?

“You’ve already killed so many of their people. They only killed you once. Why are you going for revenge?” Wandering asked, then added, “Well, I don’t care. I’ll leave first. Don’t come complaining when you get killed again and again.”

This was true on the battlefield – the organised squads, or the squads fighting the Boss, would be targets for everyone else.

Ruling Sword decided to disperse and retreat. A large majority of the guild had retreated, while there were still some players who were filled with adrenaline and could not calm down.

Lu Li killed a player and looted his equipment. After looting, he found more and more items.

“What the h.e.l.l? Why are we even fighting the Boss? Just loot the equipment!” he thought to himself.

He was the pinnacle player in Dawn, the big Boss of Ruling Sword, the idol of many players. He was the last person who would be expected to do such a thing.

In the beginning of all this chaos, he had killed players then looted their equipment. However, he found that this did not yield the best return nor was it the most efficient method. Instead, he thought that he might as well just go around and loot equipment. He looted everything, as long as it could be sold for a reasonable amount.

“Fat Monkey, don’t fight anymore. Hurry here and help me deliver the equipment back!” Lu Li yelled.

He could have called anyone to come help him, but he wanted to get Fat Monkey to try and calm him down.

“Wow, Boss, how many did you kill?” Fat Monkey cried.

Lu Li handed him a large bag of equipment with 40 to 50 items in total. Even if each killed person had dropped one equip, at least 50 would have died. When considering the drop rate of equipment, it would make more sense for one equip to drop for every two or three people killed.

“Just have a look around you. There are so many people are killing each other, but no one is bothering to pick the drops up.”

As Lu Li pointed around the chaotic battlefield, he also had to dodge an arrow.

“You should keep going,” Fat Monkey said with a slight hint of distaste.

Lu Li was a Thief, which was why he could survive in the midst of all this chaos.

However, he was also a world-renowned and respected commander. If news had gotten out to the public that he was doing such a thing, he would lose his respect from the people.

Lu Li chuckled and rushed back into the battlefield.

“He’s looted one of our comrades’ equipment!”

After someone yelled this, many players decided to attack Lu Li simultaneously.

Lu Li felt that they were overreacting. After all, it was only one equip. He then proceeded to hide behind a rock in the forest area in of Thousand Needles. Although he had high-level equipment, he could not tank ten skills at once.

After exiting Stealth and checking his surroundings, he then quickly s.h.i.+fted to a more secure position to check the equipment.

No wonder these people were furious. He had looted a level 50 Dark Gold Mage equip with excellent properties. It was probably better than the one that Lonesome Flower had.

As of this moment, this piece of equipment would have Lonesome Flower grovelling just to get his hands on it.

This group of people were determined to get it back.

Lu Li didn’t know how they would have gotten their hands on something like this. They had simply just received a quest for help, and then the person holding it had died due to the chaos. It was extremely unfortunate that someone had looted it right in front of their eyes as well.

Lu Li had no intentions of returning it. After all, he had entered this battle in preparation that he could die and lose his items as well.

The Dark Gold equipment was Ice-related, so Lu Li planned to save it for Lonesome Flower.

Lu Li began to wander around the battlefield to loot more items, but he was beginning to get noticed.

This could not be helped; he wasn’t the only one that was going around looting. However, there weren’t many people with Lu Li’s broad range of skills that could be used to escape. Therefore, people had begun to realise that there was someone who was extremely proficient at doing this sort of thing.

Shortly after this, the clanging sound of metal clas.h.i.+ng rang out.

Lu Li just managed to block a strike from a Berserker’s Great Axe. He realised that he was much too engrossed in looting the equipment and had not realised that he was already revealed by Flare.

Furthermore, it was a group of Hunters, which meant that they could constantly use the skill in a rotation.

Were they looking for trouble?

Lu Li was speechless. He wanted to keep his ident.i.ty hidden, so he could not use any of his more flashy and powerful skills to escape.

Of course, he would still use them if it was a life-or-death situation.

“Oh? You’re not too bad. Let’s fight a fair battle of 1-on-1.”

The Berserker began to play with his axe and shot a condescending look towards Lu Li.

“Ah…Met with a crazy person.”

This player wanted to fight with all of this ensuing chaos. If this wasn’t a sign of madness, what was? Lu Li began to point to his surroundings and began to chuckle, “In this chaos? I don’t see how that’s fair at all.”

The Hunters hadn’t stopped their barrage of Flares, so Lu Li could not use his Stealth.

“You treating me like a kid? How is it fair if you can go invisible and run from me?” The Berserker did not feel that the situation as of that moment was in anyway unfair to either of them.

“What happens if I win?” Lu Li gave up on trying to escape. Instead, he wanted to find out whether this Berserker was someone who just wanted to look good by fighting, or if he was someone like Moonlight who was a PVP freak.

In the world of gaming, this was normal. The unpredictability of situations like these were exhilarating for players.

“If you win, then I’ll give you two pieces of equipment. They’re confirmed to be prestigious ones. You don’t need to risk your life to pick up equipment if you win.”

The Berserker had used benefits to lure Lu Li’s interests, so he was not a stupid player.

He displayed the items in the Area Chat, so anyone could see them.

The properties were fairly decent; both pieces were Gold Grade. Had Lu Li been a normal player with decent skills and mechanics, he would have taken up the offer.


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