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Chapter 664: Moving On

Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations

The Azeroth war only affected a few large cities, as well as a number of the smaller towns. These small towns were usually where most of the gameplay happened, so most players spent their time there.

If an outpost was within the radius of a town, that town would be wealthier and have access to more materials, regardless of what faction or race that outpost was. Thelsama was located on along the resource-rich, lake-side Loch Modan.

There were fisheries, mines and foragers, with the people of Khaz’Goroth providing logistic support to the Ironforge with their hard work and craftsmans.h.i.+p.

There was no doubt that Thelsama’s warehouse would be filled with endless wealth.

Lu Li could become rich on the ore and equipment alone, and there was no one stopping him from taking it.

He inhaled slowly and sat cross-legged, waiting quietly.

Lu Li was generally well-restrained; he wouldn’t let himself do something just because it seemed like a good idea. He wasn’t desperate to raise money for his sister anymore either.

In a case like this where there would be no going back, he had absolutely no reason to take any risks.

He had no idea what was in the warehouse and whether it could even be stolen. He also didn’t know how much he could even carry, or how he would sell the items. It was likely that before he could steal enough, he would be caught by the Dwarves.

As a member of the Alliance, the Ironforge Dwarves had always lived in a low-key way, going as far as to reside in a completely underground castle.

However, their strength wasn’t to be underestimated. Regardless of their relations.h.i.+p with the Humans and Elves, if there was an issue, no group would support Lu Li. Not only would there be trouble for Lu Li, but also for his guild as well.

After waiting a few minutes, Elon came back with a group of others.

These Dwarves had agreed to light a single house on fire, but it had spread so fast that they had to spend more time than they thought to put it out.

“The key is here and the spy is over there,” Lu Li said as he pointed to the body of the Ironforge Dwarf who he had killed.

“d.a.m.ned Dwarf.”

Elon, who was also a Dwarf, didn’t think twice about scolding the body and kicking it. He took the key to the warehouse doors from Lu Li’s hands.

“Now, I intend to reward you handsomely!”

“Thank you for your generosity,” Lu Li said as he stood up and bowed. “I really admire the Dwarves’ skill and have gained many Forging tools and equips from my long adventure. Some of them have been made by a result of your teachings. See, this is one of them.”

Lu Li took out Cresso’s Hammer.

Cresso’s Hammer (Special): Strength +20, Forging Speed +30%, Forging Success Rate +20%, Order +1, Lu Li Exclusive, Durability 100/100.

The strategy didn’t mention something like this, but Lu Li personally felt that if he could get closer to the Dwarf, his requests were more likely to succeed. This was the case with any NPC.

“Cresso’s Hammer…” Elon muttered, recognizing the hammer in a glance.

Gabriel Cresso, the one who had given Lu Li this hammer, said that his grandfather had learned many skills from the Ironforge. Even the masters in the Ironforge thought that he was an excellent blacksmith.

“Yes, I’m glad you know of it.” Lu Li was relieved.

“Is Cresso still okay?” the Dwarf asked as he stroked his black beard, reminiscing about his old days of learning at the Ironforge.

That clever human had always learned faster than anyone else.

“He died,” Lu Li said pitifully.

“He’s dead?” Elon didn’t seem to be able to accept the news, but after a while, he woefully said, “Oh yes, human lives are always painfully short. I really regret not visiting him in the Western Wilderness earlier.”

“He died in a war and his son died in a war. His grandson is my friend,” Lu Li explained, then paused before saying, “He gave me this hammer before going to the frontlines. I don’t know what’s happened to him.”

“This d.a.m.ned war, d.a.m.n it!”

This was a very sad topic.

Elon clearly not only knew of the Old Cresso, but had probably also studied together under the same master.

“My condolences. May the dead rest and the living keep moving on,” Lu Li comforted.

“Thank you, Elf. Take care of yourself. I hope you can keep improving on your Forging.”

The excitement of catching the Iron Dwarf had now receded and Elon’s was upset. This truly was a sad situation; Lu Li couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.

Now that he had gotten this far into the quest, it was likely that Elon would have given him a letter of recommendation to Ironforge to learn more advanced Forging techniques if he had better charisma.

However, it didn’t look like Elon was going to do that at all.

Lu Li had no choice but to brace himself and say, “I’ve recently had some troubles and I hoped you could give me some advice, Mr Elon. In the hopes of furthering my Forging, I am willing to give up my reward.”

“Of course. What would you like to learn?” This time, Elon wasn’t making it difficult for Lu Li.

The moment he heard that he would give up his reward he had become enthusiastic about it. If anyone ever said that Dwarves weren’t sly, he would knock their teeth in. Lu Li was internally annoyed, but he respectfully said, “I am currently conducting research in strengthening equipment, but unfortunately, I keep failing. I believe that the great Khaz’Goroth must have the solution.”

For the Dwarves, complimenting Khaz’Goroth was better than complimenting them for anything else.

The Forger Khaz’Goroth was an ancient t.i.tan and a member of the Pantheon. He and Eonar created Eartheans (the Dwarves and the Rockjaws) and the Mountain Giants.

After the Eartheans became the Dwarves, they were regarded as wors.h.i.+ppers.

“Strengthening Equipment…” Elon had a very calm look, with perhaps a hint of contempt. He didn’t think that an Elf would have Forging Skills, but when he heard Lu Li talk about Strengthening Equipment, he was a little surprised.

However, he had made a promise and Lu Li even mentioned their Forging G.o.d, so he could hardly back out now.

“When I was in Moon Shadow Valley, I met a Dwarf named Qum. He talked to me about Strengthening Equipment and told me that only a skilled master could reduce the probability of failure. Mr Elon, could you teach me how to reduce that probability? The beautiful little stones are a masterpiece of Khaz’Goroth’s creation and I really don’t like hearing the sound of them breaking.”

Lu Li didn’t think before telling Elon about Qum, but it wasn’t like he was going to confront him.


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