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Chapter 509: Policy Incentives

Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations

“Borrowing money?” Water Fairy was surprised.

No one had ever asked to borrow her money, nor had she ever lent her money.

When guilds like Peerless City, Blue Universe and Concealed Empty Hand were just starting out, their founders had asked for and received Water Fairy’s support.

However, it was unusual for Lu Li to ask to borrow money. So many others had competed to help fund Ruling Sword, but none of them succeeded.

Ruling Sword seemed to have taken a different path to most guilds and were not subject to the mercy of the capitalists.

Perhaps Lu Li wanted to borrow money for himself?

Water Fairy couldn’t help but think of Lu Li’s sister’s illness as the reason for this request.

This older brother seemed to care too much about his sister. Not only had he planned everything out, but he was also willing to give up his dignity to borrow some money. He was truly sacrificing himself.

Water Fairy was a little jealous that Lu Xin had a brother like that; she never had anyone like that.

“Think about it – I need to distribute the loot. The boss is about to die.” Lu Li wasn’t sure if Water Fairy would agree because of the long silence.

Lu Li had defeated the Boss, and the Lost Rigger Cove’s pirate captain Andrea Firebeard finally fell.

He had 350,000 HP and it had taken Ruling Sword more than an hour to defeat him..

Lu Li had been investing in the 100-man elite member group. However, they had been gaining so many players that he had also sent in the not yet officially formed second 100 elite member group.

A total of 70+ players died and a considerable portion had exceeded the Revive protection period so they unfortunately lost 10% of their EXP.

The Instance Dungeon Bosses had around 100,000 HP which was already quite a bit, especially for 10 players. Most level 30 Wild Bosses had more than 500,000 HP. Currently, the Boss with the highest HP that had been was the Rhino Boss Danath with 750,000HP.

In contrast, the pirate captain didn’t have much.

Instead, he had high lifesteal, which forced players to constantly avoid his skills. Even if they couldn’t hide, they couldn’t keep casting their skills either as they simply couldn’t afford to waste their resources.

All this meant that Ruling Sword’s victory was not easy.

However, the good thing was that Ruling Sword didn’t fail and managed to beat the Boss in one try.

Fighting Wild Bosses wasn’t like getting a First Clear, because you didn’t lose EXP in Instance Dungeons. The EXP from Wild Bosses was heartbreaking, and most players would give up after losing the first time.

System: Ruling Sword has successfully defeated Andre Firebeard, a level 42 Pirate Captain Leader Boss, under the leaders.h.i.+p of Lu Li.

Leader Boss referred to the captain’s large group of subordinates or the Snake King’s group of helpers. However, the difficulty of such a boss wasn’t standardized.

The Captain was quite weak without his underlings, but the Snake King was still very strong without them.

Before he allowed someone to loot the Boss, he heard the System make the same announcement again but this time to the World Channel.

System: Lost Rigger Cove in Tanaris’ Pirate Captain has been killed, but throughout his life he had left behind many treasure maps. Many of them are held by his vicious subordinates. Brave adventurers, take up arms and join the cause of finding the great treasures!

The second System prompt was beyond the expectations of Lu Li; he felt like he had been played.

This System prompt exposed the existence of the pirate captain’s treasure, but he thought that this was going to be the guild’s exclusive secret for a long time.

The monsters that blocked the coalition’s forces didn’t make a perfect defence.

As long as the players spent some time to work out a safe path, they would be able to reach treasures that were beyond their expectations.

“Dreamy, loot the boss.” Lu Li calmed himself and took the opportunity before him. The other players would still need some time before they could work it out.

Moreover, they had just defeated a Boss, so there was something to be happy about.

Remnant Dream ran over eagerly. Most members of the guild treated her as a little sister because of her small size and didn’t try to compete with her to loot the Boss.

There were 100-200 players who were clearing out the monsters that were resp.a.w.ning and looking forward to the items that the Boss was going to drop.

“Dark Gold!” Remnant Dream held up a big sword, her eyes sparkling. She was extremely excited with the equipment and didn’t even consider the fact that she couldn’t use it.

Lu Li glanced over and immediately made a decision about it.

“The first player in the guild to reach level 40 and is able to use this sword will be rewarded with it. I hope you will all keep working hard.” Before he had even finished speaking, the crowd of players were already clamoring.

The minimum attack of the sword was the highest attack of a level 30 Gold exquisite equip. It had instantly enchanted all of the melee players.

Moreover, the weapon was also quite beautifully designed. It had very fine-detailed and purple- lectric effect on the edge. It made the player look more like a hero and was ten times more likely to turn heads on the street.

Of course, the biggest reason for the clamoring was because it was going to be given away for free.

Such a piece of equipment would normally be directly given to one of the core players like Moonlight. Otherwise, the regular members would need really high contribution points, so most players just didn’t stand a chance.

Lu Li’s decision had subverted this rule.

The only condition for receiving this sword was to be the first to reach level 40. Everyone had the chance for it as long as they worked hard to level.

Most players didn’t even have a Gold item, yet they now had hopes of getting a Dark Gold item.

This also didn’t come at a loss to Lu Li. By using this piece of Warrior equipment as a reward, the Warriors in the guild would level incessantly and increase the overall strength of Ruling Sword.

“Gold Magic Staff. Can be used to summon a bear.” Remnant Dream was now good enough to immediately identify the best aspects of an equip.

With the Magic players waiting in antic.i.p.ation, Lu Li lifted the Magic Staff over his head and said, “Summons a level 40 Elite Bear for half an hour. 3 hour cool down. Also comes with 10% Critical Hit. This item… will be treated the same. All of you Magic Profession players, what are you waiting for?”

“Healing Cloak.” Remnant Dream handed the third item to Lu Li.

“March Rain, this is for you.” Lu Li didn’t even show it to the others and immediately gave it to March Rain. It was better for the Club’s equipment to be kept secret, so that it could play an unexpected role in battle.

But why didn’t Lu Li put this item up as a reward like before?

The Healers felt like they had been wronged; this differential treatment made players unhappy.

Lu Li raised his hand to stop the remarks and announced, “The first player of each profession to reach level 40 will receive a Gold equipment as a reward.”

All the emotion of that previous moment was immediately swept away.

This kind of commitment meant that the guild would need to pay out at least 10 pieces of Gold equipment. Everyone’s chances of winning suddenly got a lot larger.

Of course, the big sword and Magic Staff didn’t become inferior rewards because of this new offer. The big sword was a Dark Gold item and the Magic Staff that could summon a bear was also very rare.


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