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Chapter 1014: Rattlegore

Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations

This was a common occurrence in the game; it even happened in reality.

Not all efforts would result in a reward. Sometimes, if you choose to move in the wrong direction, you wouldn’t gain anything no matter how hard you tried.

This was the problem with Glory Capital’s Instance Dungeon attempts. In the stage where there were innumerable illusions, it wasn’t feasible to look for the real body. In fact, finding the real body wouldn’t even help that much. It was best to just clear out as many illusions as possible.

Additionally, Square Root 3 also pa.s.sed on some news.

There were some people keeping track of Ruling Sword’ progress from a guild called Promising Future. They weren’t particularly reputable, but they also weren’t completely unknown.

“This guild is also located in Imperial City, not far from Glory Capital,” Square Root 3 added.

“You mean…” Lu Li felt like this was quite absurd.

“Oh yeah, there’s a 7/10 chance that it is Glory Capital who is investigating us. I don’t know if they are trying to look at our live broadcasts, but it doesn’t seem to be working out for them,” Square Root 3 said, not doing much to conceal his glee.

“Three Bro, tell them!”


It wasn’t just Square Root 3, but the other players in this channel were also shocked.

Lu Li had actually taken the initiative to disclose information on his own side. They didn’t do a live broadcasting because they didn’t use a strategy group. As long as the fifteen guild members were silent about what they were doing, even Glory Capital couldn’t find anything.

“Why aren’t you giving it to them?”

Lu Li, who was sitting on the floor to rest, was smiling.

“Let them know that we have defeated the second Boss, and make them even more anxious. Scholomance is an Instance Dungeon that you can’t be anxious in. The more anxious you are, the more likely are things to go wrong.

“You’re evil,” Square Root 3 sighed with relief before going to ‘leak’ his guild’s information.

Given how he normally operated, this information would also be sold for no small amount of money.

“Glory Capital seems pretty weak.” Her Tears couldn’t believe that all this was true.

He wasn’t considered a new player as he had played through the age of Sorrowless. In these last few years, he had watched Glory Capital revive itself from the dead before finally reaching the peak as the number one guild.

However, all this had happened so fast and under his watch that he thought he understood Glory Capital.

“Weak? No, Glory Capital isn’t weak at all. They are much stronger than you think,” Lu Li sighed before shaking his head.

“I still feel like they don’t even have the power to retaliate,” Her Tears said as he brandished the weapon in his hands menacingly while puffing up his chest.

“You should compare your weakest attribute against the strongest attribute of others. Sorrowless has been at the top for too long,” Wandering replied to Lu Li.

“I think it basically comes down to this. Instance Dungeons are what we are best at; Glory Capital has never beat us at this. It is unwise for them to take a gamble like this,” Azure Sea Breeze commented.

“But if the fight was in the wild with the same number of players where both Lu Li and Sorrowless were commanding, Lu Li would lose,” Moonlight, who had been silent this whole time, chimed in.

PVP was what Moonlight was best at, so the authority of his words was hard to question.

Lu Li thought about this point of view for a while before saying, “If there was a fight the wild, I think I would lose quite badly. Our players aren’t as good as their elite players. If he tried to fight us for a Wild Boss, we probably wouldn’t win, but he chose to fight us in doing this Instance Dungeon.”

If this was a 100-player Instance Dungeon, then Lu Li would definitely lose.

It was unclear whether Ruling Sword could even gather 40 players to form an Instance Dungeon party with.

However, in a small 15-player Instance Dungeon like Scholomance, Lu Li was bound to defeat everyone.

“Hey, are you done talking? I am going to loot the body,” Remnant Dream announced. She had been squatting in front of the Boss, staring at Jandis Barov’s body like it was a delicious meal.

Dreadmist Mantle, Dark Gold Shoulderpads – these were a T0 equipment for Warlocks.

The probability of Shoulderpad drops was not high, even with the First Clear and at Nightmare difficulty.

Now ,there was a problem – there were two Warlocks on this team. One often worked hard to keep a portal open to transport everyone, while also being an alchemist master – Sesame Rice Ball. The other was a little girl who was a professional player in the club. In theory, priority would be given the player who was going to fight in compet.i.tions.

But who was this equipment to be given to?

Remnant Dream obviously didn’t want to make a decision like that, so she just threw the item at Lu Li.

Now that it was in his hands, Lu Li decided to just let them roll or bid for it with their points.

Kitty Likes Meat wasn’t to be underestimated. She had gained a lot of points because of the matches she had played. Sesame Rice Ball had also been following Lu Li into Instance Dungeons for some time and also had plenty of points.

“Give it to Riceball,” Kitty Likes Meat said cheerfully.

“Okay, I will give it to you when you need it for compet.i.tions,” Sesame Rice Ball offered. He didn’t hide his joy as he really wanted this item. He had acquired a piece in Stratholme and another from someone in the guild. If he counted this piece before him, he would have collected three already.

Since they had resolved it among themselves, Lu Li decided to let them do as they pleased.

Wraithplate Treads, Dark Gold Plate Armor Shoes – these were considered to be a powerful equip and were taken by Her Tears. He had previously seen Sesame Rice Ball give Remnant Dream a small bag of gold coins for his item and decided to do the same.

The remaining two pieces of equipment were Gold, and no one needed them.

In addition to another Synthetic Stone and a Strengthening Stone, Jandis Barov also dropped a Warlock Skill book. This time, Kitty Likes Meat took it as skills couldn’t be shared.

The rare material that was dropped was Ghost Fog Essence. It was exactly the material needed to make Ghost Fog Shoulderpads.

Ghost Fog Essence wasn’t that valuable, but it was still quite rare. The items that had been dropped from this Boss seemed to have mostly been for the Warlocks.

In the next room, they were able to acquire the second deed – Deed to the Tarren Mill.

They also quickly ran into the third Boss – Rattlegore.

Rattlegore had no name, and could barely even be called ‘alive’. They were just dead spirits that instinctively tried to kill.

A long time ago, Andorhal had a Necromancer. He had experimented with a creature’s soul and bones to create a creation that would obey his will. However, he continually failed to do this, even well into his advanced years.

Eventually, the old Mage became impatient, and snuck into the cemetery to use human bones.

Later, he felt like the bones he took out of the graves lacked spiritual energy. This eventually drove him mad enough to strip off flesh and blood from the living.

One day, all this was revealed, and people discovered the evils of this Mage. Dalaran sent two strong Mages to deal with this matter. It was said that one of them was Jandis Barov, who met the head of the Barov family at this time.

People thought that Rattlegore had been wiped out in Andorhal, but Gandling had revived this manic and deformed monster.

Now, Rattlegore was sent by Gandling to stop invaders. The Darkmaster had also made Rattlegore even more ferocious, greedy to take the flesh and blood of its enemies.


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