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Chapter 1004: Siege

Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations

They had killed the Berserker in such a short amount of time that neither Lu Li nor Water Fairy lost much HP.

Even if the damage of the individual players in that group was low, the numbers could have rapidly added up.

Fortunately, they were top level Thieves and had crucial escape skills like Gale Steps. More importantly, they had high movement speed, which made it impossible for an average player to catch them.

Regardless of who they were, they could only watch as the two Thieves made their escape.

“Where are our people? Get them to block those players off. They won’t get away so easily; we’ll chase them on our mounts,” the leader of the pursuers said as he stared at the body of the Black Armored Warrior. Those players that were originally being pursued had now also joined the pursuers.

The moment the Jet Glider had dropped, the first player who picked it up immediately used it.

However, this didn’t matter as they were immediately met with a barrage of attacks the moment they fell back onto the ground. They would be killed on the spot, and the item would fall.

The second player who picked it up also died a few moments later. After that, the item continually changed hands until a strong guild intervened. However, it was still difficult to escape this pursuing force of players.

After Lu Li had acquired the item, he knew why the Black Berserker didn’t just return to the city.

A condition of the Zodiac Beast drop was that the player holding the item couldn’t use their Hearthstone for two hours after picking up the item. They couldn’t enter any safe areas and couldn’t even use their mounts to escape.

However, the most outrageous thing was that a Thief couldn’t use Stealth!

This meant that he could only wait until he was completely surrounded by other pursuing players.

“We just have to persevere a little longer; my players are almost here,” Water Fairy said as she followed behind Lu Li. She hadn’t summoned her mount either, and was obviously planning to stay and protect Lu Li.

He could just give this item to Water Fairy and then leave her to it.

The pursuers quickly approached and some players laughed as they shouted at them. Chasing after their prey gave them a sense of superiority.

“Don’t run – your two legs won’t be able to outrun the four legs of our mounts.”

“This is really troublesome,” Lu Li frowned.

“Sorry for dragging you into this situation.”

Water Fairy was a little embarra.s.sed. She had asked Lu Li for help without thinking; this kind of dependence was quite out of character for her. In fact, her original plan was just to wait until her own party had arrived.

“I will have to use my movement speed buffs. Be careful,” Lu Li said. He used his movement skills and quickly changed directions, forcing a player to run into some bushes.

The pursuers that were leading the chase were riding in the front, but their movement wasn’t very flexible. By the time they had ridden their horses into the woods, they could only see Lu Li’s shadow as he left them behind.

The woods were thick with bushes and vines.

Horses couldn’t gallop here properly and they quickly lost sight of Lu Li.

In fact, Lu Li had already been rus.h.i.+ng ahead for quite some time in leopard form. In addition to not being able to use his mount, he also couldn’t use his Crow Transformation.

This section of woods wasn’t very big, and Lu Li quickly came out the other side.


The moment he ran out, he couldn’t help but swear because there was already a group of players there waiting for him. Lu Li immediately reacted and stopped himself from going any further.

However, what surprised him was that this group of players didn’t immediately attack him.

“Have you seen a Thief in these woods?” a Dwarf sitting on a mechanical bird asked arrogantly.

Lu Li looked around and to show that he didn’t know who they were talking about before shaking his head and saying, “I didn’t see anyone. I am just here to train my Herbalism. Is it okay if I leave?”

He was currently in leopard form, which most players wouldn’t a.s.sociate with a Thief.

“Go,” the Dwarf players snorted, indicating for him to leave.

Lu Li didn’t care about the other player’s att.i.tude. Instead, he just shook his head as he chose a direction to leave in.


Just as Lu Li was about to leave the area, someone suddenly stopped him.

Lu Li smiled bitterly; there wasn’t much he could do here. If he couldn’t go into Stealth, there was almost no possibility of escape. After all, this wasn’t the type of game where he could take secret shortcuts to lose his pursuers.

There were dozens of players around him; they could easily kill him within seconds.

Fortunately, if he died, he would only drop the Jet Glider and not anything else. The only bothersome thing was that he would still lose some EXP. After getting to level 50, farming was becoming more difficult and so dying also became more stressful.

“Boss, the item might be on him. Who knows if he didn’t go in there to meet with the Thief?” It turned out that there were some smart players among them.

“What should do then?”

“We should kill him and them we will know for sure.”

“And if it’s not him?”

“Then he was just unlucky. Why did he come directly within our firing line?”

Lu Li almost laughed at these players. It wasn’t that he couldn’t haggle with them – he just didn’t want to waste time during this period where he could be farming Dumplings. But now, he was on the chopping block, waiting to be slaughtered.

“Are you from Knight’s Glory?” Lu Li asked.

“Yes, I’m from a big guild, and the club of that guild too,” the Dwarf said proudly. The other players looked at him with envy and respect.

This was understandable; Lu Li was among the ordinary players in his last life.

Regardless of the size of the club, they would be able to produce compet.i.tive players. Just registering a club already showed that a guild had the required financial resources.

In the eyes of an ordinary player, a guild’s club was home to the top players in the game.

“Don’t you have a president that tells you not to offend players that you shouldn’t offend?” Lu Li was using his words to stall for him, and also to find the right moment to escape.

He was absolutely not going to sit still. Even if he died, he was still going to make them work for it.

“Are you talking about yourself? Brothers, kill him.”

The Dwarf was so angry that he gestured for his companions to kill Lu Li regardless of whether he was innocent or not.

In fact, the major guilds would often be the bullies in the game. It seemed like Knight’s Glory was no different.

These new guilds were always keen to pick a fight. If this was a truly well-established guild, they would always want to place themselves on a moral high ground. They wouldn’t do anything without a good reason to.

Lu Li was helpless. He was currently still in Leopard form but if he had to fight, he would have to return to his Thief form.

In that case, his ident.i.ty would be exposed.

Just because his ident.i.ty was revealed, it didn’t mean that he would escape this robbery. Once these players knew that they had surrounded Lu Li, they would definitely become even more excited. The prestige of killing the number one player in the game was even more alluring than obtaining the exquisite item.


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